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04 Mar 2021 22:29:24
Ed077. I just want to say. I was right.

{Ed077's Note - Congratulations. A round of applause for you.}

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05 Mar 2021 01:16:55
Embarrassing post that 6 times. I get that some are weak minded so always speak of impending doom just so that if we lose it doesn’t hurt them as much because they can always say ‘I was right’ but to actually post it is a new low.
Personally I would never predict a Liverpool loss. Never. Not because I think we won’t ever lose but because I always want us to win and look at the positives.
Does that make me look foolish if we lose? Possibly but I’d rather that than be a coward and always predict a loss just to protect my feeble ego.
If you always expect the worst you can never be disappointed. Great way to live your life that 6 times I’ll leave that one with you.

05 Mar 2021 01:36:10

05 Mar 2021 02:19:45
Theres not many character traits worse than ‘i told you so’. If we had won would you be on here apologising. I doubt it.

05 Mar 2021 06:43:21
Beckers, I told you the like of 6Times and his crew of spineless cowards (they know who they are) are only interested in being right regardless of scenario, right? The guy literally came on here to gloat about being right that we would lose to Chelsea and now he has. Embarrassing and pathetic, really. If hoping for the worst is how some live their lives as you said then, self pity and expecting the worst will b their lot in life.

So 6Times, you were right. So what prize did you win for rooting against the team you “claim” to love? How much has our loss (es) gotten you at the bookies then? I hope it was worth it. Oh n btw, gloating about being right that your team loses doesn’t make you a genius. The opposite is the case. It makes you a coward who would rather wallow in your own self pity than gather the courage to support your own team at its worst moments. If you have no expectations for yourself then yeah, expect nothing.

05 Mar 2021 07:01:03
And how does this help 6 times.

05 Mar 2021 07:40:13
Some of you people need to get off your high horses, I think most people can see we’re having a very bad run so if someone predicts we’re going to lose so be it. When I saw Fabinho was in defence I didn’t even watch the game as I new we’d lose. I can take losing if we actually try but it’s like we’re not even trying which is getting me down.

05 Mar 2021 08:08:31
I never forget the face on Rio Ferdinand and Gary Salt and vineker when we wiped the floor with Messi and co at home, so 6times prepare your face to suck a lemon, and join all he other doubting Thomases.

05 Mar 2021 08:37:17
Pegleg, take your own advice, broadband your post does not even address the issues people have with 6Times and his cowardly gloating so fist off, know wat the topic is before you comment.

Secondly, no one is saying we were great. In fact, I thought Klopp is hugely responsible for the loss cos his decision making and team selection and subs were all terrible.

That said, I would NEVER in a million years root for my own club to lose a game just so I can come gloat about it. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. Yet that is what 6Times did and not for the first time. Sorry but that will never b okay in my eyes. I would rather people think that Klopp should b sacked cos at least we can debate that topic. There is NO debate here.

You root against us then, you are a spineless coward who has NO expectations for our club hence the question, why the heck are you even here, anyway? You would be wise to recognise the difference.

05 Mar 2021 09:30:23
It’s a self defence mechanism I do get it. I have friends who are exactly the same. Always moaning, always criticising, always talking up the next loss.
It’s just so that if we lose the fall isn’t so hard and they can say I told you so to protect their ego.
It shows a weak minded coward which is ironic as that’s exactly what he’s asking Klopp and the team not to be.
We all need to pull together and show defiance in defeat. Other fans and pundits are loving what’s happening and spouting their senseless nonsense all over the press and social media let’s not allow ourselves to do the same.
Pull yourself together, show some backbone and support your team.



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