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05 Mar 2021 18:46:59
Seen a few posts saying if we sell x, y and z we can then get this player or that player. Now Klopp has said this week there will be no big rebuild in the summer. But does that mean a rebuild of the 1st 11 or of the squad in general. And was that statement made knowing that financially Liverpool are really struggling.

Sell to buy will be the only option that is obvious. The current financial situation of the club is a worrying one so it is logical you have to generate income to use it in the transfer market.

But if you break it down we will reduce squad numbers using that method as you will have to sell more than you buy to improve quality . Take Keita for instance, he cost around 60 million. But with his injury record and the current financial climate all clubs find themselves in, we will not get any where near that if he were to be sold. So will the owners go, no way are we selling for less than X amount and be forced to keep him or will they accept the loss.

I would say if we looked to sell Keita, Sahqiri, Ox (I would be happy for him to stay though) and Origi to start with I would be surprised if we got 80 million for the four of them taking in to account injury records and impact when playing etc. Add in to that Gini will leave for free, Milner may leave as well, Matip could be moved on for a small fee due to his injury issues and I just do not see Williams as good enough a CB to stay at the club. Also I just cannot see both Kabak and Davies being here next season, and I would think 18 million for Kabak will be a non starter. So with those players (theoretically) going the squad would look like GK Alison/ Kelleher/ Adrian CB VvD/ Gomez/ Davies/ Philips RB TAA/ Williams LB Robbo/ Tsimkas CM/ DCM Hendo/ Fabhino/ Thiago/ Jones fowards Mane/ Bobby/ Mo/ Jota, Minimano (if Klopp wants him) . I think we can add Elliot to that as well. So Defence is not so bad (although that can change rapidly so one quality signing may be added at CB to compete with VvD and Gomez) . Attack will have options but midfield will be lacking as up to 5 players who play there could leave.

So with money generated we would need three midfielders, one who will perhaps start, all of whom realistically would need to be better than Ox, Naby, Shaq etc and perhaps another quality CB. And with that assumed 80 million or so you will need to buy wisely.

All totally theoretical as it may be the case Klopp wants to keep most the squad and go again with them next season or it could be he knows he simply will not get the players he wants to replace departures with what he will have to spend. It will be a tricky summer ahead. No big rebuild is a worrying comment and it is clear Naby, Matip, Shaq, Gini, Milner, Origi possibly Ox may well be the ones that will leave for various reasons, but that is a lot of names for no big rebuild. And there is the X factor of not knowing what the board will accept if they are up for sale. Ox and Naby cost 97 million between them. We won't get that for all 7 of those names mentioned in this market recovering from C. V. I just wonder what the plans are as we are now in March and the summer is not far away so they must have been made already, I would not be shocked if they said we will let Gini, Milner, Matip and Origi leave for example but say Ox and Naby stay put as we paid a lot and want that back or they stay. And of course when what now seems inevitable does happen and we miss CL qualification next season will we have to replace one of our star names as well. Money is tight and with no apparent rebuild planned we may be having the same conversations about the squad next season.

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05 Mar 2021 20:00:30
No need for a rebuild. Just need to get the players back from injury and make a few tweaks to the squad and have a decent preseason to work on the issues.

05 Mar 2021 20:54:01
We won’t even get £50m for the 4 you mentioned in the beginning of the post.

05 Mar 2021 21:21:40
I don’t think a big rebuild is necessary a slow transition yes. Think it started with mini an jota last year and the CB that we wanted but couldn’t get. Jones seems to be being groomed for midfield and not forgetting Elliot.

05 Mar 2021 21:22:26
I read somewhere that the worst effects of the CV C.V. on the clubs' books will be in the current season, 2020/ 2021. Which will come out next year. So I expect a holding pattern on any major moves until then. I doubt FSG will authorize any major purchases (unless it's a "buy now and pay later" deal like Jota) and Michael Edwards is not exactly known for selling players cheaply either (how do you see deals for the top players, including ours, going for above the 100 million mark in this kind of environment?

So it's all basically Klopp's problem and headache to solve.

05 Mar 2021 21:39:54
don't need a rebuild, but do need a refreshing in my view. nothing drastic just a few pieces here and there to supplement and give rest to the regular starting 11. Kind of like what was done with Jota to help keep the front three fresh. Didn't work out as planned because of injury, but in my view that's the right direction. Hopefully, the back line gets healthy and Phillips can save us some money by being the one to supplement either that or get a proper partner for VVD and put Matip in that role.

05 Mar 2021 21:47:33
I'm not sure Mikey, you want to go in to next season with Keita, Ox, Sahqiri, Origi and Matip who are constantly injured and do not offer much when they play. With Milner who will be 35 or 36, with only VvD and Gomez as first choice CBs who will not be any where near back to thier best and still recovering from serious inuries. I think it is asking for trouble not trying to sell and replace 5 or 6 of that squad that are injury prone or just do not offer a real alternate to the absolutley knackered 13 or 14 players that are constantly being used now. And if you are selling 5 or 6 to buy in 3 better players that is a rebuild of the squad if you ask me, not necessarily the 1st 11 but the squad . Not to mention if what Salahs agent posted is a fore shadowing today we may have a big sum to spend if he goes.

05 Mar 2021 23:10:31
Why do we need to get the money back that we spent on keita and Ox? If we need to get rid, then just do it and use the funds to replace them if we need to replace them. Actually I would keep Ox.

05 Mar 2021 23:42:01
Markop8 Wont get 50m for the first 4 mentioned? Are you sure, them alone will draw around the 80m mark!

{Ed077's Note - maybe in your Fifa career mode. You will struggle to find a buyer for Keita if he never gets in the field for any decent amount of minutes. Ox and Shaqiri are quite susceptible to missing games through injury too.

06 Mar 2021 00:01:30
Salah's agent has been touting his client around Europe for years now. If say Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus or Bayern Munich said they have the funds to pay the wages he would demand and the transfer fee he would command he would be off in a heartbeat and don’t think he would think twice. As for the others, all of those names mentioned above need to be moved on to raise much needed funds. I would be happy with a midfielder in Bissouma, a defender in Koundé (unlikely), Konaté or Ben White. An attacking midfielder whoever that is. Someone able to weigh in with their fair share of goals, similar to Bruno Fernandes in that sense. Lastly if Salah were to depart we would obviously need to replace him. Replacing his numbers would be difficult, verging on impossible. But as I have said before I would throw the kitchen sink at trying to bring in Haaland.

06 Mar 2021 02:29:32
I trust edwards to work something. We have a real lit of players to sell. If he can do that and sign one top choice defender it will be a great window.

06 Mar 2021 02:48:12
Klopp is right - we have the right players to win again, we just need a motivated, balanced and firing team which depends a lot on having some stability and our CB pairing back. My worry still is the front 3 which is strong on paper but just not creating and linking like we used to. hopefully next season we can find the balance and energy though to get the side back on track. I’m still not sure why Klopp hasn’t shaken things up by playing one of Salah or Mane upfront and Firmino in at 10.

Forwards - Mane, Salah, Firmino, Jota, Elliot (expect to lose at least one of both of Shaq and Origi)

Midfield - Fabinho, Hendo, Thiago, Jones, Milner, Ox, Keita (expect to lose Gini) . although ideally I’d like us to replace Gini and Keita with a Bruno Fernandes type player to bring more goals/ attacking intent from midfield

Defence - Robbo, Trent, VVD, Gomez, Matip, Kabak, Philips, Davies, Tsimikas, Neco. although ideally if Kabak doesn’t prove himself in the coming months we’d sell Matip and bring in a top CB. Matip and Gomez have been too injury prone to play in the same side together

GK - Alisson, Keleher

Just couple of key signings and VVD/ Gomez/ Elliott returning would be a huge difference to this squad.

06 Mar 2021 04:02:05
Oh and I almost forgot Minamino - which given our recent problems in scoring goals makes the decision to loan him out look increasingly bizarre! We really should have freshened things up in attack by now, and yet somehow we’ve been even more reluctant to rotate forwards than before.

06 Mar 2021 07:14:51
We don't need a rebuild but we do need to start selling the excessive number of fringe players and loaned out players so we can get in 2-3 quality players to push our first teamers to do better. If there is no European football for us next season:
Wilson, Grujic, Shaq - 12 million each
Awoniyi, Ojo, Matip - 5-6 million each
Grabara, Millar, Karius - Take a bag of chips if we can get that for them
Either Ox or Keita - 15-18 million
Maybe one of the front 3 (preferably Mane for 70-75 million as won't get much for Bobby anyways and Salah is too important to us)

Bremer/ Caleta-Car/ Kabak (if he improves) - 20 million
Neuhaus/ Bissouma - 30 million
Thuram/ Neto/ Raphinha (only if Mane goes)

Integrate Taki, Elliot in the squad (will add more creativity) and give the likes of Tsimikas, Neco, Ben Davies more games to show hat they can do preferably in the cups.

{Ed077's Note - if only things were that easy and simple IB.

06 Mar 2021 08:40:44
There's a lot of expected of Harvey Elliot next season. He's still very young even if he won't cost anything.
He's not going to win us the League or get us top four; the same goes for Minamino.
The front four need to be fit and firing again or Klopp needs to bring someone in to do it.
Best leave it to him and his team.

06 Mar 2021 08:47:08
alison Keheler gabbara

TAA N. Williams
VVD Davies/ Philips
Robbo Tsimi / New LB

Hendo Fab Thiago Milner Jones New CM
One of OX/ Keita
Salah Firmini Bobby Jota minamono Elliot

I think we need to buy 3 players only

Sell or leave

Matip Kablak Tsimi R. Williams Philips/ Davies

Gini Grucic Wilson Shaq one of Ox/ Keita


06 Mar 2021 09:17:31
No big rebuild is required as that guarantees nothing. Just ask Chelsea. When all our boys are fit, we have a cracking 15 players to work with. We just have to get a CB, 2 mids, and another forward if necessary to bolster the first 11 rotation and then use whatever money we get for the likes of Origi, Shaq, Ox and Matip (would bon Keita too but that may not work out) to get 3 good squad players who can step in when called upon. That’s it for me.

06 Mar 2021 09:53:38
The biggest thing we are overlooking is our biggest defeat of the season and recent times we actually had 2 proper centre backs (our first choice back 4) in defence and fab in midfield. Yes Allison, Hendo and Mane were missing but Jota was in for Mane and we should still never have been stuffed by 7 (could have been far worse) . I cannot wait for Vvd and Gomez to return but I don’t see them returning solving the fact we have scored 1 league goal at Anfield in 2021 which was a penalty. We seem to think that our attackers are reluctant to go forward and score because they don’t trust the defence. But we went forward and scored lots of goals in the past before we had Vvd and we had Karius or Mig in defence. Mane and Salah have scored in abundance here with little assists or goals from our midfield and lots of assists from Trent and Robbo. Both inv has changed. Our midfield is extremely weakened but if anything Jones offers more goals and assists and Trent and Robbo are still putting 20+ crosses into the box a game. Does a forward player really concern Himself with who is in defence when he is trying to score goals? For me Klopp has a big problem to solve and I have every faith in him that he can solve it. Sadly though that doesn’t mean he will solve it.

06 Mar 2021 07:58:23
Ed007, I think a lot of teams will bite if we place the realistic valuations I have mentioned for the fringe players. A new CB, CM and another forward are not unrealistic if the club moves on most of the fringe players mentioned.

{Ed077's Note - IB this is not a normal market, cash flow is very low for a lot of teams. Just as an example, all the Ligue 1 clubs are struggling to survive this season let alone have money to spend on new players, except PSG. Also don't forget the wages these players are on. Very few clubs pay the sort of wages that top clubs pay, even to their fringe players. You need to have clubs willing to buy your fringe players to get any decent amount for them.



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