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05 Mar 2021 19:58:21
Why does Carragher come out with comments saying we need to go big on the transfer front. Surely he knows we are skint saying things that are obvious but won't happen. Is it just a case of wishful thinking from him?

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05 Mar 2021 20:27:14
It's called"Getting people to talk about me"

05 Mar 2021 21:08:01
Well, Carragher may be right and he may not be. But his comments are far more civil than the inflammatory tripe Michael Owen spewed out about Mane refusing to fall in the penalty box so that Salah doesn't get to score penalties. I can't understand how the man is allowed to openly voice such incendiary things on openly broadcasted television. The man owes everything he has and everything he has become to this club, and yet he has no thoughts about what his comments may cause in the dressing room. If 'football analysis" has gone down to such levels, I'm no longer going to watch these shows. And the man is so smug and so full himself that it's actually quite sickening.

05 Mar 2021 21:24:39
You’re so vain, Bazza!

05 Mar 2021 22:20:52
Can you hear that? that's Barry hitting the nail on the head!

05 Mar 2021 22:48:59
Pretty sure that M*chael *wen should be referred to as the personality vacuum.

06 Mar 2021 01:57:34
think he's just doing his job. plus it's not that different to what loads of fans are saying.

06 Mar 2021 02:26:20
We do need signings.
Front three will need replacing in next two years.
Miner hendo and gini are also in 30s so they will need replacement in 1-3 years too. Thiago is around 30 too.

Apart from jones and elliot i don't see anyone touching first team.

So yes in the next one two three years we require some major signings.

06 Mar 2021 02:31:05
I thought that was Carly Simon Z man😁.

06 Mar 2021 09:09:55
Carra is spreading propaganda and he is paid to do so. He is saying we should go big on signings knowing full well that we may not have the muscle to do that now during a C.V. (yeah as if he has any say in who we sign) . That way if we don’t go big on signings as he would like, he can then go on the offensive cos the club did not do what he wanted (keep in mind that he has NO say in these matters) .

He can do so cos well he played here hence can’t be accused of being biased (which is not true, btw) . Sometimes the best people the media uses to push a true or fake narrative, are it’s own ex players. Just ask Michael Owen or Danny Murphy.

06 Mar 2021 09:27:54
Easy with hindsight I know, but we should have went the extra mile and got one of the fancied young English LBs in last Summer?
I think 2 or 3 starters for the first XI and then it’s a bit of ducking and diving for squad depth changes perhaps.
No idea why Carra said about spending big.

06 Mar 2021 10:35:26
Because saying go big in the transfer market is an easy comment to make, without thinking?

07 Mar 2021 10:17:46
MR, your point would make sense IF honest and nuanced debates are what Sky pundits engage in. They don’t. They are engaging in entertainment and shock journalism which generates clicks. Therefore, propaganda.

Carra is paid to give opinions he may not even believe in hence YES, him saying that may not require him to think cos he is paid NOT to think. Also, I propose you go learn what propaganda and the subtle methods used to push it that you won’t even see it. Cares and Owen are great examples.



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