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07 Mar 2021 16:15:22
What's going on with my team? Ed's do you think somethings up behind the scenes? The front 3 seem like strangers who don't pass to each other. Something must be up with Klopp, understandably his mum passed away and was poorly before and that get mess with you mentally, but personally I think it may be to do with Buvac leaving. We looked more dynamic and was Klopps right hand man, we were at our peak when he left and even though we won the league and CL, the drop off was noticeable.

{Ed002's Note - It has been a while since Buvac left and the players won't be pining for him. It is simply a bad run, there have been injuries which make a big difference and confidence has taken a knock.}

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07 Mar 2021 16:33:51
I absolutely agree with Ed001, despite the poor showings.
This type of thing has actually happened before, numerous times in our ‘golden age’.
Shankly’s beloved 60s side, full of hard men and never-say-die types suffered it twice. In 63/ 64 they won the league and finished 7th the following year. Then champions again and back to 5th in 66/ 67.
Even Bob Paisley’s side full of hardened winners - 79/ 80 champions and 80/ 81 down to 5th. Although they did win the European Cup that year.
So, it happens, even to the very best and tough-nosed professionals.
Get off their backs now, and especially Klopp’s.
It happened to Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley, so he’s in the finest company.

07 Mar 2021 16:34:12
And doesn't help when your playing so bad and the manager sits and does nothing til the 63rd minute, and not a 2nd sub til the 77th minute. He's paid a f#€king fortune to sort this rubbish out, we made Fulham look like Barcelona at times today, yes Fulham. It's utterly embarrassing watching that.

07 Mar 2021 16:52:38
Not half as embarrassing as that post port red! What happened to YNWA?

07 Mar 2021 17:08:31
Juicer you could be right mate but it could also be another clutching at straws excuse we use. I can’t remember watching performances this bad and I cannot put my finger on what has happened to us since Wba at home. I’ve been critical of Bobby and others critical of Thiago. Nowhere played today and we were just as bad. I cannot wait for this season to be over (league campaign) and hopefully get Klopp the squad he desires ready for next season. Klopp has my backing 100% but regardless of what is said the players look to be playing without a care in the world. Breaks my heart.

07 Mar 2021 17:09:36
Scouse John not having a go mate but would like to hear your personal thoughts on today and 2021 performances.

07 Mar 2021 17:10:12
red you realize that LIverpool won the champions league and the premier league with Klopp as the manager without Buvac, right?

07 Mar 2021 17:19:27
That was yet another disgraceful performance. We don't look like scoring in a million years.

07 Mar 2021 17:21:03
Stick with them through the bad times and the good times will come back YNWA c'mon the reds.

07 Mar 2021 17:42:28
Klopp is in an environment where every one is paid a f#€king fortune, as you eloquently put it. Absolutely irrelevant.

07 Mar 2021 17:48:47
Irish Rover. why don't you actually talk and debate instead of usual snide comments.

07 Mar 2021 18:03:08
I am talking and debating. What Klopp earns is absolutely irrelevant in reference to how the team are performing.

Would you like to post something that states otherwise?

07 Mar 2021 18:13:47
Everyone was asking him to switch it up, which he did but it didn't work.

Confidence is shot and we can't score to save our lives at the minute.

Hes clearly priotised the CL and who can blame him for that. If we progress it'll be the quarters and anything can happen.

I'll back klopp to the moon and back, he has took us from top four battlers to the pinnacle of the title.

Yes its bad now but I trust hell fix it. But the players need to take some of the heat as well. Personally I feel they know we have no injuries and fans and can use that as a buffer for their performance.

There is absoloute no excuse not to score in as many games as we have. And I'm not sure what klopp can do about that its the players on the pitch that need to put away their chances.

07 Mar 2021 18:23:32
Looking at it before the game I would still say it’s easier to get top 4 than to win the CL. Just ask the teams who have tried winning the CL how hard it actually is. We have a tricky Leipzig game to come and then we would surely have to beat 2-3 of the following Barca, Bayern, City, Chelsea, real, PSG etc to win it. As much as I’d love to see us win the CL this season it’s a massive long shot. But you only miss the shots you don’t take I suppose. Just wish we took more shots on the actual pitch in the league.

07 Mar 2021 18:46:55
I would agree with that JK. Trying to win the CL with our team firing and fit is still a big ask. I was surprised that we beat RBL 2-0, albeit with 2 mistakes. I can easily see it being overturned this week. We are that bad at the moment.

07 Mar 2021 19:03:19
Didnt switch it up though. switched down. That team selection looked weak and it was. I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Unless we win champions league and there is zero chance of that, we will definitely not be playing in the champions league next season. I'd rather not play Europa either. Season of just the prem to concentrate on would be what we need. How have we gone from last season to this. That being said, as Tris said, it is only a game of football and there are more important things happening in the world right now. Get to the end of the season and regroup, change a few things and reassess our playing style. Klopp has earned the right to be the person to do that. Think back to all the good times lads, only last season. don't write klopp off that easily please. Season written off for sure. YNWA.

07 Mar 2021 19:44:11
First of all, there are loads of points to play for so we can definitely still be playing CL football. I'm actually, given our run that we aren't further behind and I also believe in not giving up. I would be pretty certain that Klopp and the players will be the same.
Liverpool also don't have the luxury of just binning the Europa League. It still brings in revenue which the club can ill afford to turn their nose up at. I know its not everyone's cup of tea but then we don't have to run a very expensive football club with superstar wages etc.

07 Mar 2021 20:10:43
Looking like they have already given up at this stage. Just not sure how or where this improvement is coming from. There appears to be no ideas at the moment. This has been coming tbf. We've looked poor for a long time. Ever since we took our foot off the gas after winning the league. The football has been piss poor imo. Let's hope it changes.

07 Mar 2021 20:48:06
I fully agree, IR. It is what it is.

07 Mar 2021 21:27:16
Im all for the plenty of points to play for thing usually but the point missing is we do NOT look like winning another game anytime soon, Id love it if we just clicked snd got back to normal but we've been expecting it for weeks now, I dunno it just looks like a lot of hard work for us to just click back into place and i don't know if its in them right now.

07 Mar 2021 23:21:26
Embarrassing scouse John? What's embarrassing is one of the best managers in the world excepting that drivel and doing nothing to change it. What's embarrassing is the effort and intensity those players put in today, we were outplayed and out fought by Fulham, not City not Chelsea, FULHAM. To sit and watch that and not change anything til that point is abs ridiculous. I'm not a klopp out but I'm also not a fu#€ING idiot who accepts that crap.
They get all the plaudits fir what they've achieved, and rightly so. But now we're on the worst home run in our history and I'll call it as I see it as I do when things are going great. What's embarrassing is your comment and the fact you accept that rubbish.



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