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07 Mar 2021 16:41:05
I know everyone expects Gerrard to be our next manager but what do people think about going for Xabi Alonso instead? Do you think he would be on the owners shortlist.

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07 Mar 2021 17:10:11
Doesn't matter who comes in. A bad run and the "fans" will be on their back too. Sing "you'll never walk alone" so where is the support for Klopp then?

07 Mar 2021 17:11:04
I'd rather have Klopp as manager.

{Ed001's Note - same here stone.}

07 Mar 2021 17:22:58
Klopp in. Keep klopp. People have short memories that's for sure.

I'm right behind Jurgen. Fingers crossed eh.

07 Mar 2021 17:25:43
No chance. Klopp will get us out of this.

07 Mar 2021 17:30:16
I’d rather we just kept Klopp and refresh some of the squad.

07 Mar 2021 17:38:19
Anyone who remotely thinks that Klopp should be sacked need their heads tested. Its laughable.

07 Mar 2021 17:45:31
I don't want SG as manager.

07 Mar 2021 17:55:15
Klopp is the man to turn this around. He has given me some of the best nights supporting this club. But he is not above criticism and should shoulder some responsibility for what is happening. The players need to take responsibility as well because quite frankly it has been nothing short of abysmal. With the injuries no one expected us to win the league and no one is expecting us to play like Barcelona in their prime but we should be beating teams like Fulham with the current crop of players. At the very least we expect effort and pride but the players look like they’re feeling sorry for themselves. Where are the leaders? . Players to stand up and say their should be effort and pride as the bare minimum. There were no leaders on the pitch today. Urgency only occurred in the last 5 minutes that urgency should have come from the moment the second half kicked off. Also I’m at a loss of words to explain how nearly every single player has lost the capability to do the basics over such a long period. Absolutely speechless, dejected, hurt and can’t see where a win is going to come from.

07 Mar 2021 18:00:31
There’s no way I want Gerrard to be manager. It’s got fail written all over it. Klopp deserves the chance to sort this out, he’s literally earned that. He’s not got the luxury of being bankrolled

07 Mar 2021 18:04:08
I’ve been saying for a fair few months now that we need to freshen the squad up.
2 midfielders a CB and a forward are a minimum in my opinion.
I hope klopp can turn it round and I think he will but this season a write off.

07 Mar 2021 18:05:41
Keep Klopp. Bad run in a Bad Year. Still believe he’s the best Man for the job. Throwing names around as a replacement at this stage is not helpful. Be careful what you wish for.

07 Mar 2021 18:29:23
Obviously most of us want to stick with klopp but changes need to be made, whether that’s with some aspects of the coaching staff or just simply a rebuild of the squad, Is anyone’s guess but this cannot happen again next season. It’s bad enough we’ve missed out on top 4 once now after the impact of a C.V., two seasons out would set the club back years and would certainly spell the end of klopp. I just hope he manages to get us back to some level of decency next season because this season has gone to complete rubbish. The CL will soon follow for anyone that’s wondering, we might get past RBL but we will play a solid outfit next that won’t open their legs for us and we’ll be out. My thinking is that a squad rebuild is the only way klopp will manage to get us back to being a solid top 4 outfit competing for stuff, getting rid of the players that simply aren’t good enough and or don’t want to be here and bringing in 4-5 players that’s are expected to be in the first team. The problem with that is, that’s almost impossible after C.V. and missing out on top 4 so my concern is that it’s denying the inevitable with klopp, I really hope I’m wrong but the elements involved aren’t favourable for him to turn things around. I wouldn’t be surprised if klopp leaves at the end of this season (not sacked but walks) if things continue in a similar vain to now.

I just hope the same people I’ve seen here making excuses and burying their heads in the sands being apologists for certain people have now woken up. It wasn’t moaning all along then.

07 Mar 2021 18:54:48
Keep Klopp no question but he needs to get things going sooner rather than later. I think with most of us he has more than enough credit in the bank but it is concerning how he seems to be clueless as to how to arrest this slide.
When in a slump play your best players in their best positions and go back to basics.

07 Mar 2021 19:15:54
In terms of players that should move on:
One or 2 of keita Milner ox (I like Millie but his legs have completely gone now, player coach role maybe? )
One of the front 3 (Mane or Salah for me, play Bobby as no. 10)

Haaland/ Latauro Martinez (we’re desperate for a goal scorer)

Yes it’d cost a lot of money and the effects of CV will allow probably for 3 good signings in summer. But for me they’re the ones I’d want us to be signing.

GK - Alisson, Kelleher, Grabara/ Pitaluga (spelling)
RB - Trent, Neco
CB - VVD, Gomez, Kounde, Davies, Phillips
LB - Robbo, Tsimikas
CDM - Fabinho, Zakaria
CM - Hendo, Bissouma, Thiago, Jones, Ox/ Keita, Firmino (no. 10 + striker), Milner (player coach)
Wingers - Mane/ Salah, Jota, Raphina, Elliott
Strikers - Haaland/ Martinez, Taki, Glatzel.

Squad of 28 players. Phillips, Davies, Milner, Glatzel, Taki, Neco, Tsimikas, Elliott would be players that wouldn’t get lots of game time but offer great alternative options to rotate and give game time to in the cup competitions so would still get a healthy amount of game time.

Of course the likelihood is we’ll sign Bissouma, Daka, DCC. Which would add 3 good players (bar Bissouma being an upgrade on Gini) would be good players to come in as back ups.

Klopp will turn it around but the end of season break can’t come soon enough for this groups of players. Klopp needs a break and some proper time to grieve, same with Ali.
Just hope we can fire on all cylinders next season.

07 Mar 2021 19:45:23
I don’t think anyone sensible over the age of 21 wants Gerrard as manager.

07 Mar 2021 20:10:29
Here here Mikey.

07 Mar 2021 20:45:50
OP, who is “everyone” that expects Gerard to be manager?

07 Mar 2021 20:55:04
Can we spend £250m on players not a chance.
Two in at best or 3 if one of the front 3 leave.



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