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09 Mar 2021 20:56:51
Ed001, who do you think will realistically be our summer targets? I'd love Haaaaaaarland, Bissouma and a decent centre half. Not sure if they - especially Haaaaaaarland - would be interested with potentially no CL footy.

{Ed001's Note - Haaland is someone I would avoid at all costs. Apart from his choice of agent making it clear what his priorities are, he is becoming a bit difficult. I have no idea who our targets will be but I would think Klopp's still got friends at Dortmund letting him know about Haaland.}

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10 Mar 2021 06:04:35
Ed001 Would it be possible to elaborate on how he is becoming more difficult please?

{Ed001's Note - he has turned into a bit of a diva, thinks he is already the greatest thing in the world. I am not sure how I can explain it, he has just become difficult to deal with. He is not exactly making friends of those around him who have to work with him. He has become a 'celeb' rather than a footballer and has the attitude to match.}

10 Mar 2021 06:12:55
Ed001 cheers for the reply 👍.

{Ed001's Note - sorry it is difficult to explain something like this without getting people into trouble for saying stuff they shouldn't have. Think of it this way, if you had someone like Milner or Henderson shooting a new ad for something, the crew would go away afterwards talking about what nice guys they were and how friendly etc they were. If it was Haaland, the crew would be talking about what a sulky brat he is, how much hard work it was and how demanding he is. That is why it is no surprise Dortmund want to sell in the summer.}

10 Mar 2021 06:25:56
Ed001 no totally understand and was more than happy with the answer mate. I kind of assumed it was possibly along those lines especially with his choice of agent.

{Ed001's Note - you know any player choosing Mino is only interested in money. Thanks mate.} Become a Patron!

10 Mar 2021 06:28:40
And when you mention he’s a sulky brat has anyone ever seen Haaland and Greta Thunberg in the same room. They could possibly be the same person 👀. One for the conspiracy page that.

{Ed001's Note - Ed033 will be busy researching that for the next few months now.}

10 Mar 2021 06:37:04
That’s a real shame if that is the case. I’ve made my thoughts on Haaland clear on this page, I think he’s just an incredible player. But to already become a difficult to deal with even at that age is worrying.

10 Mar 2021 07:10:35
Will the club go for Bissouma Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - doubt it.}

10 Mar 2021 08:04:29
Is that not something indicative of young players being told they’re destined for great things and on big money? I’ve met many prem players in my life and I can count on one hand the amount who weren’t a bit of an arsehole. I was warned about one or two Man Utd player when I worked with them. That said surely that surliness and brashness is part of what makes them a great player? I’ve never met a successful person who’s “made it” by being nice.

{Ed001's Note - no it is not. Plenty of successful people are nice people.}

10 Mar 2021 08:19:21
Haaland isn’t going to happen for a multitude of reasons, but to hear that he’s turned into a big time Charlie isn’t surprising given who his agent is. Besides which, I can’t look at Haaland for too long as he is one freaky looking SOB. It’s like his dad copped off with that eighties kids TV puppet Gilbert the Alien (google it, they literally look the same) . There are plenty of other really good young forwards out there with similar skill sets who are scoring at good rates, Alexander Isak for example, 12 in 19 in La Liga is a very good ratio, he’s also 6’4”, quick, nimble with a good all round game and doesn’t come with the aggro of dealing with Raoli.

10 Mar 2021 08:46:34
You only had to see his reaction after scoring a PENALTY when he ran up to the goalkeeper and laughed in his face. That sort of attitude is not wanted by any player scoring any goal and is worthy of a yellow card at least.

10 Mar 2021 08:54:07
I was shocked he would be doing a film for an ad more than anything
He is 1 ugly mf makes Ian dowie look like clooney
You can see his attitude on the pitch starting to get out of hand Ed001 I watch bd quite a bit and have noticed his attitude to his team mates when it doesn't go his way.

{Ed001's Note - I was trying to make an explanation of what I meant by difficult rather than suggesting he was actually making an advert mate. I am sure he probably does but I don't know anyone yet who has dealt with him in that arena.} Become a Patron!

10 Mar 2021 08:57:12
I never thought for a second that Haaland or Mbappe were going to happen BUT with what the Ed has said about his seemingly wretched attitude and want to be Diva-status then, thank heavens it won't happen.

And with Raiola as his agent, I am very confident that Klopp won't even come anywhere near him cos he had verbal fisticuffs with him when he was trying to get rid of Balotelli from Liverpool and I am not sure Klopp wants to deal with that true piece of work again anytime soon.

As said on this thread, there are plenty of good players out there that we can get. I would recommend a player like Leander Trossard of Brighton. Sharp, quick, skillful, very good close control in tight spaces and most of all, two footed. What do you think of him, Ed01?

{Ed001's Note - his shooting is awful though, 99% of the time he smacks it into the stand. I wouldn't be looking at him personally.}

10 Mar 2021 09:21:56
Not sure if I'm allowed to post links? However, here's the list of current clients of Raiola (as per Transfermarkt) .

Unfortunately, as well as Haaland, there's also Myron Boadu - who was mentioned either on here or on the Echo site a few days back.

I really, really hope the club doesn't have to deal with Raiola again.

{Ed077's Note - you can but remove the https:// part}

10 Mar 2021 10:03:43
Ed001 - note on the Bissouma piece you doubt we will go for him, shame as he looks a definite upgrade on the current Wijnaldum we are seeing in there. Do you think we will still bring in a centre midfielder and if not Bissouma any inkling on who?

{Ed001's Note - probably not this summer, but as things are likely to be more like normality next season, I am not sure we need another central midfielder. Not now Jones has pushed on and made himself an option.}

10 Mar 2021 11:28:02
Saw Isak was mentioned in a previous post have you done a player review on him Ed? If not please could you add him to the list? As he looks to improving nicely at the moment and having a great season so far. Thank you.

{Ed001's Note - could you not have gone and looked yourself? There is a search box on there and I have tons of articles I can't get written because of people constantly asking these kind of things rather than using the search boxes. There is a profile on him there, though it is from a year ago now.}

10 Mar 2021 11:42:13
Cheers Ed- it does look like if we have Henderson Fabinho Thiago all fit they will be the main 3 then Ox hopefully finds form and fitness with Keita and also Jones pushing on further. Where do you think the focus will be this summer, think everything feels like a freshen up on the forward line but not too sure who would come in and hit the ground running, to replace Mane or Firmino. Obviously a centre back is the other area, hopefully we can get Virgil back to fitness and form and that’ll help whoever it is to settle.

{Ed001's Note - left-back as well to rotate/cover/push Robbo.}

10 Mar 2021 11:53:20
I think we do need another central midfielder Ed, Milner isn’t up to it anymore, Keita never has been and never will be up to it and Wijnaldum is as good as gone anyway. And given how lightweight and awful we’ve been without Henderson and Fabinho it certainly is evident that our current remaining options aren’t really good enough.

10 Mar 2021 11:57:34
Watching the Porto vs juv last night and when Marko Grujic came on he look more than capable of playing in our midfield next season.

10 Mar 2021 12:08:25
Apologies Ed I didn’t think to do that. Thank you.

10 Mar 2021 12:29:03
Aha, here you go:

Thanks Ed077, I owe (n) you one ;-)



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