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10 Mar 2021 07:16:11
Bobby Firmino still only 29. If he were to be sold, where would he go? Who would be the suitors for such a niche player and realistically how much would we get? If his value isn't that high are we better of keeping? A better sub than we have at the minute?

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10 Mar 2021 07:34:42
Think he will stay. If there is a potential buyer, the price will be around 25 million euros max. We are better of keeping him for another season as a replacement would cost way more. Means either Mane or Salah would need to be sold if the club is intending on making major changes to our forward line (needs to happen sooner rather than later) .
Ideally we sell Mane for 75 million and sign a younger LW and a forward using the money.

{Ed077's Note - who would you bring in with that money from Mane sale IB? realistically}

10 Mar 2021 08:25:46
Eds77 the front line need freshening up and I know we have jota but it still needs younger players coming in. Am sure in this big wide world a club like Liverpool can find a player who can score more than 6 in 27 like bobby. We also need to replace origi who offers zero every time he plays.

{Ed077's Note - the issue with your frontline is that all of them are of similar age. Maybe it would be wise to sell Origi and Mane (or Salah), replace them in the first 11 with Jota and sign someone like Ismaila Sarr or Raphinha or someone like them to cover the wings and a younger striker to rotate and gradually replace Bobby?}

10 Mar 2021 08:50:45
IB and Longthing76, BUT can that striker do all the other things that Bobbie does? That is the real question except you think Klopp should change the whole system to fit this new player you are talking about. Scoring goals as a CF is not that important in a Klopp system cos if it was, Bobbie would have been sold years ago. Should we get people in to help him take the load off cos he plays too many games? Sure, I'm all for that BUT Klopp may not want to replace Bobbie like for like cos of the other stuff he brings to the table.

Also, remember that when Bobbie plays well, Liverpool play well cos when the whole team presses and squeezes the oppo., he has the support from midfield hence, does not need to drop as deep as he is doing now. That is not happening hence, one of the main reasons he is struggling, IMO.

Gab Jesus scores goals for City (also misses way too many) YET he is nowhere near the quality of Bobbie as a footballer or even as a CF cos he is Bobbie's deputy in the Brazil team. Just my opinion.

{Ed077's Note - Klopp has enjoyed success with Lewandowski and Aubameyang leading the line for his teams so I am sure if LFC signed one Klopp can fit them in; Klopp isnt a one trick pony.}

10 Mar 2021 08:54:36
Maybe the answer is to push Firmino back into midfield, sans Ray Kennedy? Firmino apparently started his career as a defensive midfielder and he’s certainly got the skill set to play in midfield. As for Sarr, I’m far from convinced that he’s worth spunking a huge transfer fee on, his end product is inconsistent and he’s hardly set the world alight in the championship, plus the Watford owner literally hates our owners, so I can’t see any kind of deal materialising.

{Ed077's Note - Sarr was just a name off the top of my heed but LFC and Klopp have shown interest in him in the past.}

10 Mar 2021 09:04:12
I think before we try replace anyone we wait and see what jota does now till the end of the season to ensure it wasn't just momentum at the start of the season and if he proves good enough to replace one of our front 3 then we consider some change

Factors will be where does he play his best football and who does he play it better than

Harvey Elliot and Minamino are on loan we need to track there progress and decide if another loan (Elliot) or sale of minamino is needed or are they good enough to be in the squad and if so will klopp actually use them

There in a 3 week break after this match for us so I'm hoping we get some form back after that and get a better indication of what and who we need to change.

10 Mar 2021 09:17:02
All the things Bobby does? One fancy flick per match and miss about ten sitters with his two left feet? I don't get the Bobby love. Two years ago when we were fresh yes but now no he's bang average at best.

10 Mar 2021 09:22:53
Fair point Ed. I hope we’ll have moved on from Sarr.

{Ed077's Note - Maybe a Raphinha or Neto or even Saka?}

10 Mar 2021 10:10:03
Personally Ed077, i would sell Mane, Origi, Taki and Shaq (hopefully get 100 mil for the 4 combined) and use the money to buy a ST (Andre Silva maybe) and a LW (Neto, Luis Diaz, Thuram, Ocampos) while giving Elliot a chance as well. Bobby can stay as a creative player rather than as a forward before being moved on in 2022.

10 Mar 2021 10:15:45
Salah is our most valuable asset. If we sold Salah and brought in Raphina, Neto or Saka as a replacement then I would be bitterly disappointed. All talented individuals but not prolific in terms of goals. I would love Haaland but highly unlikely and what Ed1 said below means it could be risky. Then again and correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t Mane meant to be difficult prior to joining but since he arrived has given us no issues. Mbappe is a non starter for a number of reasons, one being the glaring obvious and that’s transfer fee and not to mentioned breaking the wage structure.

Ed77, you’re right in stating they are all similar age and value will start to drop considerably in a few years. I would happily escort Origi out the door but Mane it would hurt to see leave but maybe it’s for the greater good to generate funds to plan for the future.

10 Mar 2021 10:29:03
Maybe Jota can already replace Salahs goals?

{Ed077's Note - thats a big ask for anyone. Hasnt Salah been the top scorer in the league twice in 3 seasons and again top of the scoring charts this season? Just 1 player might not be enough to replace the number of goals Salah has scored season in season out.}

10 Mar 2021 10:46:40
I wouldn't trust Firmino in midfield. Too slow and lightweight.

10 Mar 2021 11:25:33
Mane would fetch 90 million + surely? His sale alone would fund moves for Raphina and Daka.
Origi, Shaq, Wilson sales would pay for Bissouma.
Matip, Keita/ Ox, plus gini’s wage cover part of a new CB.
Then I’d want us to dip into our pockets and get another CB.
2 CB’s (DCC, Botman, Schurrs, Konate, Kounde)
1 CM (maybe 2) (Bissouma + De Paul, Barella, Neuhaus)
1 winger (Raphina)
1 striker (Daka)

{Ed002's Note - Raphinha (RW) Leeds are expecting offers in the summer and want Michael Olise or Emiliano Buendia to replace him should a significant offer be accepted. I am not aware of any approach or declaration of interest from Liverpool at this time but the suspicion is that Manchester United have discussed him whilst enquiring after another player with his agent.

Patson Daka (S) the player signed a new contract at RBS last season when he was assured of the chance to replace Haaland - a chance he has taken very well under Jesse Marsch. RBL could be interested in taking him in the future but the timing is not right now as RBS have no intention of selling. He is a player who would depart for AFCON which puts many clubs off. His agent and his assistant (Freddie Kanoute) have offered him around without the permission of RBS - this will be driven by the far higher wages offered elsewhere and certainly Lomdon-based clubs have been approached including Crystal Palace who have previously made an offer for him and Spurs. I suspect West Ham and Arsenal will also have been approached.}

10 Mar 2021 12:03:10
Honestly don’t get the clamour to sell Salah over Mane. Salah is a 20 a season player, they’re not easy to replace and it’s hardly like there are goals in the rest of the team. Mane should be the player sacrificed, end of story, he’s not been at it this year and yet Salah is still scoring in a struggling side.

{Ed0666's Note - to be fair Salah does take the pens as well so that’s really helpful but I’m with you mane is the one we need to cash in on as I’m not sure he wants to be here anymore.

10 Mar 2021 12:59:38
Ed666, I would rather sell Mane than Salah. When you say you don’t think he wants to be here anymore, what makes you say that? Has he informed the club, rumblings, agent is actively seeking a move?

{Ed0666's Note - it’s no secret that Madrid have come in for mane once if not twice while he’s been a Liverpool player and the player wanted the move but Liverpool rejected it. I know he was pissed at the time but buckled down and produced scintillating performances thereafter. But in my opinion he’s not the mane he was and it’s evident in his demeanor. You’re telling me the guy is trying hard this season? I know players are generally are exerting less energy purposely as to not get injured but I exert more energy in the shower than mane does on the pitch. His body language is chalk and Cheese to what it was last season. Don’t get me wrong on his day he’s unplayable but when he’s like this average full backs can deal with him. This is gonna sound controversial but I don’t think him and salah can work in tandem anymore. So many of their passes to each other are woeful they cannot seem to put each other in for a goal scoring chance which wasn’t the case two or so seasons ago, they were finding each other with unnerving regularity which certainly isn’t the case now. Jota may not be mane quality but at least he puts in a shift and scores goals. I know I’m gonna get lambasted for this reply but I’m currently at a yoga resort and people are telling me to live my truth everyday so blame the hippies if you don’t like my unadulterated transparency. Oh while I’m at it Gini, shaq and Keita can do one aswell because if you talk about no effort their top of the list also.

10 Mar 2021 14:39:59
I agree with everything you say there eds666.

{Ed0666's Note - if only you were female and a Meghan fox lookalike I’d marry you Longthing! But judging by you’re username you’re far from what I desire

10 Mar 2021 14:59:51
Peteprice, if that is all you see when Bobbie plays then, you are watching him with your eyes wide shut.

10 Mar 2021 15:32:22
I actually agree with everything you said ed666 to the very last word.

{Ed0666's Note - two posters agreeing with me on the same day? Is this a wind up? Can I marry you aswell Alonso??



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