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16 Mar 2021 20:36:38
This might well be against the run of the mill opinions on here so not expecting many to agree. But i actually think we are okay for quality depth in most positions except the attack. Warning, long post alert.

Keepers we have Alisson who will play every game when fit. Kelleher looks to have cemented his role as back up excluding his recent injury. Adrian and Karius will probably both leave but i'd rather just have our 3rd choice as someone like Pitaluga, Hughes, Jaros etc. Maybe go get another Lonergan type if needed but i'd rather not waste a squad space on a 35 year old social media presence.

Right back i'm happy. Trent is still the best in the world for me. Williams seems like he's willing to work hard when the chances come and you won't find many other full internationals happy to be behind Trent for every important game. Van den Berg has been doing well in this position at Preston too so he may be an option.

Centre back is a discussion where i will be controversial. We now have 8 centre backs listed as first team players. Virgil, Gomez, Matip, Phillips, Williams, Kabak, Davies and the returning Van den Berg. Yeah yeah, some are young and some are injury prone. Blah blah blah. We still have 8. Now maybe Kabak doesn't stay. Maybe we find somebody who wants Matip to keep their physio company. Maybe Davies was just a cheeky profit ploy. Maybe Williams, Sepp and Phillips all go on loan. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. We still have 8 right now! Then you see people crowing for guys like Konate who has missed 393 days injured since the start of last season. He makes Matip look robust. I strongly believe Kabak and Phillips will earn the right to stay so i don't expect any new faces here for next season. I'm not in the know, it's just an opinion. Kabak was of interest long before this loan and i don't think you will find a better 20 year old defender for €18m.

Left back is another area we need to possibly invest though. Tsimikas was clearly a mistake. Robbo looks dead at times and he is still left on the bench until the 88th minute. I can't see him staying another year. Owen Beck is the best left back in the academy but he's still only 18 so might be risky. In the current climate i'd seriously look to a loan for next season and then see if Beck's ready in 2022. Someone who'd jump at the opportunity like Enda Stevens at Sheffield Utd. Don't even be surprised if Ben Davies is the cover here next year. He's left footed and he's quick. The finances are still in pieces remember and Robbo is like a duracell bunny in a normal season anyway.

Midfield again, we're overly stocked if anything. Fabinho, Henderson, Thiago, Ox, Keita, Milner and Jones makes 7. So even with Gini gone we have enough midfielders to field 2 trio's and have a spare. Jones deserves a shot as a regular, surely? Why go out and blow money the club doesn't have on a guy like Bissouma? Makes no sense to me. Even less so when you consider Grujic has been out in the cold for so long he's turning into a Yeti.

Finally the forwards. Right now here is the area I think we're weakest. Yeah i said it. I look at City tonight and they have Aguero, Jesus, Torres and Sterling on the bench. They still have Foden, Mahrez and Silva on the pitch! Chelsea can bench Giroud, Mount, Abraham and Hudson-Odoi easily, and still have Werner, Pulisic and Havertz up front. Behind Salah, Mane, Jota and Firmino we have nothing that fills anybody wuth confidence. Shaq offers nothing, Origi only shows up in May, and Minamino can't hold down a place in a decimated Saints team. Harvey Elliott should come back and is a more than capable 6th choice. Similar to how Foden and Hudson-Odoi were eased into their respective teams, Elliott needs the same now. But we are at least one top forward short. The games changed. The best teams now are bringing on £50m forwards in the 70th minute to change the game. Not Shaq, Taki and Origi who we picked up from the middle of Lidl. They all need to be moved on and replaced with 1 top player. Quality over quantity. I don't know who. Daka seems to be rated highly so maybe he is a good choice but we need to be adding to what we already have up front. They're dead on their feet because Klopp has nobody he can rotate in without a drop off the equivalent of falling into the Grand Canyon. That's got to change if we are going to catch back up to City and Chelsea next year. The only thing holding Chelsea back was the poster boy they called a manager.

Say what you like about our injurues to defenders, but the only heavy defeats i remember were against Villa when we had our best back 4 anyway, and against City when Alisson morphed into Karius for 5 minutes. We've only let in 1 more league goal this season than Bayern Munich who are supposedly the best thing since sliced bread. We're where we are because we haven't scored enough goals. Goals win games. It's not rocket science. You can't win anything relying on 3 or 4 players to score you the 100 goals a season needed to fight on multiple fronts.

Anyway that killed half hour. Are the pubs open yet?

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16 Mar 2021 21:12:19
Only problem with Daka is the possibility that he may end up going to AFCON, and having Mane, Salah and Daka away at the same time would be a season killer, I think we should look at Isak at Sociedad, he’s big, quick, skilful and knows where the goal is, interestingly there’s rumours they’re interested in Origi so there could be a deal to be done.

16 Mar 2021 21:26:33
May have squad depth but it’s not good squad depth if u ask me!
Simple solution when not in the starting 11 (our strongest) out of the rest how many world get a start in the top 10 teams in the league?
We need players pushing other players to the limits for places!
Trent robbo vvd Gomez hendo Alison gini salah mane fabhino . I don’t see any players giving klopp a headache selection over those players so yeah squad depth but not good squad depth for where we want and need to be mk!
Just my opinion.

16 Mar 2021 22:40:31
6times, i actually don't know anything about Daka. If i was forced to give a name, I'd probably surprise a lot of people and say Todd Cantwell. He scored Premier League goals in a very weak Norwich team at 21/ 22 years of age. He reminds me of Jack Grealish and i think in the next couple of years it'll just click for him. He's literally just turned 23 and he's avoided the hype train so far. He's excellent at drifting in off the left into goal scoring positions, but he'll also get stuck in defensively and help out in the build up play.

Jay Dub, it's all about opinions mate. No problem at all. I don't think our squads become bad over night. I think we just burnt out our front 3 because the players entrusted to help them have badly let us down.

16 Mar 2021 23:57:25
MK, Cantwell sounds like an ideal replacement for Gini, as he was an attacking midfielder converted into a different type of player because of his hard work and technique.

17 Mar 2021 01:07:17
I think the reason we aren't playing tsimikas is not because he isn't good. its because of our form right now Andy is undroppable.

{Ed0666's Note - I think it maybe a bit of both Livebird.

17 Mar 2021 02:39:40
Cantwell isn’t good enough for Liverpool, M. K. He’s okay but this is Liverpool!

17 Mar 2021 04:14:14
Ed666 mate Andy is the best lb in world. we can't really have a guy in bench who will be at his level 😅😅😅if tsimikas is fighting for his place im fine with it😅.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not sure robbo is the best in the world he’s certainly near tho. Tsimikas is a peculiar buy but unfortunately he’s been beset by injuries and settling into a bee team/culture etc. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him leave in the summer.

17 Mar 2021 07:03:07
I would be happy if the club moved on Neco Williams. I just don't see him as a right back, now or in the future.

17 Mar 2021 09:24:30
8 CB's with 3 of them that will never be the same. 3 of them are way too young and the jury is still out on Kabak and God knows what will happen with Davies. So, we need a quality CB in the summer.
Same with midfield: Gini leaving, Hendo and Milner are getting older, Grujic, Wilson not good enough, OX and Keita are injury prone so we need another midfielder other than Jones to fill in the gaps when the rest are unavailable.
Attack: i agree that Shaq, Taki and Origi offer nothing and need to be sold and a quality attacker (doesnt have to be Mbappe and Haaland) has to be bought.

17 Mar 2021 11:26:23
Cantwell seems alright to me. Would not harm our squad if we had him in there. Seems to be a very busy type player, moves around a lot and gives a lot of energy and work rate. Who do we have that gives us that in offensive midfield? Shaqiri, Ox and Keita are not the answer.

17 Mar 2021 11:41:02
GK: Adrian and Karius will leave. On paper a loan move would be good for Kelleher, but he seems to have developed okay over the past year despite not playing regularly. And he's probably better than anyone we'd get in to act as cover while he's on loan. From a selfish LFC perspective, I'd keep him here to cover Alisson. From a selfish Irish perspective, I want him playing regularly. I trust the club to make the right decision in terms of his development either way.

Do we need an experienced GK as third choice? Ultimately, neither Lonergan or Mannigar started a competitive game for us, but we did use Adrian a couple of weeks ago even though he's now #3. I understand the logic of not wanting to waste a squad space, but with the number of injuries we had this season, I'm cautious.

CB: Virgil and Gomez should be kept. And then, imo, we need to go into next season with another 3 fit CBs on top of them to allow for longer recovery, difficulty rediscovering form etc. If Kabak plays well between now and the end of the season, I'd make his move permanent. I'd keep Phillips, at least for a season whilst Gomez and Virgil's recoveries are tested, and ideally sell Matip and Davies, and bring in another first choice CB. But that will depend on money, especially if we also make Kabak permanent, and may be beyond us.

If we can't bring in another first choice CB, we need to keep either Matip or Davies. Davies doesn't have Matip's injury record and helps towards HG, but I have no idea if he's actually good enough or not cos he hasn't played. Williams needs to be loaned out at Championship level to see can he learn how to read the game properly or be sold. I'm not counting van den Berg as anything other than a reserve at this moment in time.

LB: It's obvious that Robbo is not going to be able to play every game every season. No idea if Tsimikas is good enough and as Ed002 says, may leave anyway. If that is the case, we need a decent backup option for him. If said individual could also play CB, it'd help a lot with numbers in that position too.

CM: Thiago, Fabinho and Henderson are fine, albeit two of them will be over 30 next season. Jones is good enough to rotate with them. Wijnaldum is leaving and hasn't done enough to warrant a 'keep at all costs' attitude anyway. Keita will probably stay because the club could only sell him at a large loss at this point. Personally, I'd take that hit unless he steps it up big time between now and the end of the season, but I suspect the club won't. Milner's contract is until 2022 and unless someone else dangles first choice football in front of him, he'll still be here and probably will make 10 or 12 starts and some sub appearances. Even when fit, Ox hasn't looked quite right for at least 2 years and I think the reality is that he's not ever going to be what he was in his first season here again. I love the guy, but when's the last time he started a game? We should consider selling. Grujic should be sold.

If Keita does step it up, we'd have 5 good enough to be first choice plus Milner, who's only not first choice material by virtue of his age. And that'd be plenty of quality there. But we've been waiting on Keita to step up for 3 years. If he doesn't, it's an area to look at.

Forwards: Wilson will leave. Origi's chance to be an effective presence in the squad has passed. I think he does okay if played through the middle rather than on the left, but it's obvious we don't use a player like him in our system and therefore it's time to sell. He doesn't help things himself by being too passive either. Maybe his runs would be sharper if he played more often, but he won't. So move him on. Shaqiri can't play in our front three because he's gone too static with his movement. Wand of a left foot, but no good if he can't get in a position to use it. Move him on.

I don't know what to think of Minamino. Has a good game against Palace and then isn't picked again, scores 2 goals early on for Southampton and then becomes an irregular starter. I'd like to see him succeed, but like Aspas, he might just not be suited to the PL and if we could get a decent bit of money to put towards someone better then we should probably do that. As it is, whilst I've never thought having 5 or 6 £50m forwards is realistic, we had a spell when Jota was out where our bench options were Ox, Shaq and Origi and we do need better than that.

The other question is do we keep Elliot at the club next season, or give him another season as first choice somewhere else for development purposes.

tl;dr - Need a CB and a forward and likely a center mid. Possibly a left back and reserve keeper. Karius, Adrian, Grujic, Wilson, Origi, Wijnaldum, Shaqiri, at least one out of Davies and Matip, and possibly Ox, Minamino and Tsimikas to leave.

17 Mar 2021 12:03:39
Alisson, Kelleher, older keeper
Trent, Neco
VVD, Gomez, New CB, Phillips, Davies. (Kabak maybe stays)
Robbo, Tsimikas
Fabinho, New CDM (Kalvin Phillips? )
Hendo, New cm (Bissouma), Thiago, Jones, Keita, Milner
Salah, Elliott
Mane, Jota
Firmino, New striker (Daka? Would love Haaland/ Martinez)

Add either ox and taki to that and that is a solid team where there’s 2 for every position. Maybe a little light at full back but Robbo and Trent don’t really get injured so all good.

I can see one of mane Salah or firmino leaving in summer. In which case we’d need an adequate replacement.
Barnes/ Raphina if Mane/ Salah leaves.
Then Isak as a firmino replacement.

Think money will be tight but we need to add better quality depth so it’ll be a case of sell to buy and realistically we’ll add 3. CB, CM, Forward.

17 Mar 2021 12:21:10
MK great post. I actually believe the biggest problem is City’s finances. They should dominate for years and to be able to compete in the league every year is going to need a minor (in fact major) miracle. We simply cannot compete with a squad of such talent due to money.

I agree that our attack lacks goals but it has been mystifying how as soon as beat Palace 7-0 we went so badly off the boil (I think Klopp should have stuck with that team until they failed personally as sent wrong message to those involved) .

Fortunately Klopp is a miracle worker and I just hope that City have an off year next year and we are able to step up to that relentless level once our fans are back.

I still have this crazy idea that we will win the CL this year 😀.

17 Mar 2021 12:59:38
And the winner for the longest post in recent times is: Something Red. 🏆.

17 Mar 2021 13:27:34
I type my longer posts up in Notepad or MS Word and they actually don't look as long as they end up on the board.

Yeah, no one's going to read that much of a soliloquy, are they?

17 Mar 2021 13:53:40
I read it Something Red. Was a good post mate.

17 Mar 2021 14:51:25
Some good points raised. Tend to agree with Adam on the need for another decent forward player. We weren't playing well but had the likes of Salah and Jota burying the few chances created so we kept winning, when Jota got injured there was nobody to put in to help a misfiring front 3.

Midfield we are well enough stocked, Fab, Hendo, Thiago, Jones, Ox, Keita and Milner should suffice though if one are sold they would need replaced.

CB wise we are looking a lot better, but whether or not we keep Kabak is anybodys guess as Klopp has wanted a starter

Lb cover could be assessed only if Tsimikas leaves and Neco Williams can still cover Trent, or Milner too tbh.

17 Mar 2021 18:23:42
MK, I agree with many of you points however, how was Tsimikas a mistake? The guy has rarely played due to injuries and CV which has steuntjes his bedding in process, something we all know Klopp likes to do.

Also, Davies just got here so why do you think he should b sold except you believe in the pathetic conspiracy theory that he was signed for some other dumb reason than one related to actual football ones?

As for midfield options, I think the whole Cantwell boat has sailed. I would go for Sander Berghe from Sheffield Utd. Really love him as a player and we were interested in him before he came to the PL already.

17 Mar 2021 20:21:28
In fairness Oli, we do like a player from a relegated team so Sander Berge is a possibility.



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