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21 Mar 2021 08:16:54
Fellow posters, do you think it's time for Klopp to drop Wijnaldum in favour of Jones? He has been poor since the contract talks broke down. We certainly have no chance of winning the CL or getting top 4 if we keep persisting with both Thiago and Wijnaldum in the lineup as they offer zero protection to the defence.

Let's hope we play Thiago, Henderson (once fit) and Fabinho with Jones as the rotation option.

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21 Mar 2021 08:38:31
one of the most reliable and consistent performers this year. gives you a solid performance week in week out. others blow hot and cold all season.

21 Mar 2021 08:48:53
A solid and consistent 4 out of 10 performance for the past 3/ 4 months. Gino has been reliably anonymous most games.
Having said that, he slots in our midfield better than Thiago right now.

21 Mar 2021 08:49:38
That’s exactly what Jones has done as well Faith. Understandable, because it’s his first real season but like the rest of the squad very much up and down. Thiago has been the good the bad and the downright ugly. His game can’t adapt I see no reason Thiago deserves his place when Hendo is back. I would rather play the front 4 with Fabs and Hendo. Klopp will stick with Gini though IMO which at the moment is better than the Thiago option.

21 Mar 2021 08:56:07
Gini has been dreadful this season. Jones has looked better by far every time he's been on the pitch. Even Keita has looked better in recent weeks and that is saying something. He'll probably show up in the Champions league because he's auditioning.

21 Mar 2021 09:10:54
Does Klopp actually know what he’s doing? Lot of question marks from fans over his selection of Gini, Thiago and Phillips.

21 Mar 2021 09:17:04
Gini will give you one good performance followed by ten wearing the same invisible cloak Origi has. It’s time for him to move on and we should do the same. With Fab back in midfield I would go for Fab, Thiago and Jones. Once Hendo is back it would be Fab, Hendo and Thiago but it can rotate to allow for Jones to be integrated into the side.

21 Mar 2021 09:59:30
Not exactly true is it MK? Bit of a standard overhype exaggeration on your behalf there.
The only reason or rational I would have not to play Gini is the fact that he will likely leave in the summer and I'd prefer to play someone who will be at the club next season i. e where Jones would make sense. However you could call that biting your nose off so you don't make that call. There are plans to move a couple of players on e. g Keita or Ox, or very simply the man who picks the team and that is Mr Klopp believes Gini is currently the best person in that position with the options he currently has available. Whether you agree or not it is what it is.

21 Mar 2021 10:04:41
Gini is effective at what he does. He keeps the ball, looks to give the pass to somebody that’s in a better position than him or pass the ball to a player that can have a greater impact on the attack. But the way he’s done it this season has been too slow. So our attacks have slowed down (of course Gini holding the ball for longer isn’t the only attacking issue we have) . He’s still doing the same things just slower.
As for his defensive work, he looks like he doesn’t want to get hurt when going into challenges. Which for me is an issue.
But his actual performance level hasn’t massively dropped off. Gini like the whole team has dropped a level so far this season.

Think Gini with hendo and fab in midfield is still our best midfield. You also have to consider that when Thiago plays, there’s more defensive responsibilities places in Gini because Thiago isn’t the greatest in that department. So playing with hendo and fab will allow him a little bit more freedom to play the ball faster.

I think Gini will end up leaving at the end of the season probably to Inter. But he’s served the club very well during his time and he’ll be sorely missed.

21 Mar 2021 10:08:24
That’s all very well and good but Thiago and Jones don’t know how to press so it disrupts the whole team.
I’d rather play Gini and Milly until Hendo is back the Gini and Hendo.
Having Hendo or Milly alongside him won’t allow him to take it easy in games as they’ll be barking at him.

21 Mar 2021 10:28:15
Gini might find himself down the pecking order now certain players are coming back to fitness.
Our first pick midfield 3 is fab, hendo and Thiago all day long.
Once Hendo is back then he’s back in the team, Jones will be floating around the first team plus you’ve got the likes of Milner as a backup.
We will see what Keita brings once he’s up and running but Gini for me is already gone, I can only imagine he’s played so many minutes this season because he’s managed to stay fit, mostly by putting in half a shift each game.

21 Mar 2021 10:40:42
Klopp has had a poor season so far Jk. Far too many bad decisions this year. Klopp has to do better as do the players if we want to end the season well.

21 Mar 2021 10:44:33
Jones has more goals, more assists, works harder defensively and is more progressive in possession. It's not an over hype if it's true. Jones is ready to be playing regularly in my opinion. When people say it about Foden it's okay, but not when it's a Liverpool player? Gini has been average at best this season. He's had a handful of good games.

21 Mar 2021 10:52:46
JK23, fans have the benefit of hindsight. Nobody questioned Fabinho at centre back to start. Nobody questioned not using Phillips early on in the season. It's clear now that Klopp made an error in not using Phillips to allow Hendo and Fabinho in their correct positions earlier. It's clear after the January form we had, that the deal for Kabak should've been signed and sealed so it could be delivered on January 1st.

It's so easy to say what should've been done after the event but getting it right in advance is something Klopp and Edwards did for 4 years before this season so we should still back them to right the wrongs. Klopp knows what he's doing far more than most. He's in the top 10 managers in world football. I don't think anybody would argue that even after this season. We're still in the Champions league quarter finals and within touch of the top 4, after all. For a lot of clubs this would be a great season! We're just a bit spoilt. Bad year by the standards set in the last 2 years, but it's all relative.

21 Mar 2021 11:30:13
It’s like everything in life MK, when it’s all going well you rightly get the plaudits but when it’s going wrong you have to take the criticism and improve. Klopp is the best man for the job but this season he has been poor in many’s areas. Losing 5 in a row at home is shocking by anyone’s standards. The defeats all filled the same pattern and Klopp couldn’t stop it.

Jones has been no where near as good as you are saying. He is only getting the praise because of his age. Hendo has had a better season but has been a mile off last season’s form. Jones is an attacking midfielder what has he got? 2 goals 2 assists hardly ground breaking.

21 Mar 2021 12:01:57
I wouldn’t say Klopp is the best manager in the world but he’s in the top one.
(Paraphrasing Brian Clough)

21 Mar 2021 12:06:02
I’m not saying he’s not been poor in games and this summer is probably the right time for him to move on, but the hate Gini gets on here is mind-boggling on times.

He’s had some disappointing performances in the second third of the season, but he’s been pretty much the only reliable midfielder fitness-wise and I personally thought he was decent the first third of the season.

Over his tenure, he’s not been a consistently world-class centre midfielder, but I don’t think anyone is claiming he has been? He’s scored some absolutely massive goals for this club, including 3 goals in champions league semi-finals that helped us get through in both.

Every time I’ve seen him live at Anfield, his work rate amazes me. He may be frustrating on the ball at times because he seems to play within himself, but he’s been reliable and big part of our recent success. Jones looks a really good prospect and I’m excited about his future. But to just say he’s better than Gini is totally short-sighted in my opinion.

Yes he’s not in great form, yes it’s probably the right time this summer to let him go, but let’s not just slag him off because he’s not a fans favourite. I for one will wish him all the best for his future wherever it lies and thank him for being a big part of our successful few seasons.

21 Mar 2021 12:30:26
I am with you SMplfc, Gini is the only one who has had to play all season. In many ways his season has mirrored Robertson’s. Gini for me has areas in his game that could me much approved on but in the big games coming up Klopp will pick him. I think it’s time he left but who else in the midfield can stay fit for a whole campaign?

21 Mar 2021 13:50:02
Some would have people believe that Gini has been a passenger or in hiding for the last 3 seasons despite us winning a CL, Premier league and world club cup with him in there. It’s also said that we cannot win games without Hendo and Mane and Salah cannot score unless Bobby is in the team creating space. It’s easy to move the goalposts to suite an agenda.

21 Mar 2021 14:18:52
100% JK. can't wait for Thiago to get a full midfield around him to show his "true" potential 🙂😉.

21 Mar 2021 16:31:38
It’s not a good look when you can only perform when everyone is fit and we are winning games all the time.

21 Mar 2021 20:07:17
MKS, I fully agree with the whole hindsight stuff. Everybody is a genius after the fact so I don’t pay attention to people acting like geniuses after all the facts have been known. It is a waste of my time. It is what pundits do hence, I never care what they say and IMO, no one should.

I remember people on here saying we would walk the league after we signed Jota and Thiago and now the very same people are saying Thiago should not have been signed. See what I mean? If you had that opinion at the beginning then stick to it come he’ll or high water.

21 Mar 2021 20:09:50
Mark, we all know the reasons why Thiago is struggling and it has nothing to do with him needing to be effective when the whole team is fit and winning. You made that one up on your own.

21 Mar 2021 22:42:38
Well he certainly isn’t effective now that is something we can agree on. Even with Fabs back it’s made zero difference.



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