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31 Mar 2021 11:05:29
Hi Ed001,

What's your opinion on Ryan Fredericks?

Would he make a good back up for TAA should Neco go on loan?

{Ed001's Note - god know. Headless chicken who just runs very fast. Good technique but his crossing is poor. I wouldn't take him on a free if he wasn't being paid a salary.}

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31 Mar 2021 11:29:22
I am a Fulham season ticket holder (so I can watch regular live football in London - still a liverpool fan though! ) and have watched Fredericks many many times while he was a fulham player.

He has unbelievable pace and would always knock the ball past a player and beat them to it. He would then have all the space and time in the world to find a player but 9/ 10 times he would either kick the ball out or just completely fluff the cross and ruin the chance. It became so expected that fans wouldn't even get that upset when he messed up his cross, we would just ironically cheer!

I would honestly rather Neco or Gomez as our backups.

Red Sandman.

{Ed001's Note - cheers Sandy.}

31 Mar 2021 11:42:13
If we sign Konate and send Williams on loan, he could cover RB if needed, as could Fabs. I'd rather keep Neco though and give him a few games as rotation, sub and/ or cups.

31 Mar 2021 11:42:13
If we sign Konate and send Williams on loan, he could cover RB if needed, as could Fabs. I'd rather keep Neco though and give him a few games as rotation, sub and/ or cups.

31 Mar 2021 11:56:03
Fabs needs to stay in midfield think that has shown to be obvious now. Keep Neco for cover.

31 Mar 2021 12:51:31
I don't understand? What's Neco done wrong. Seeing a lot of posts about sending him on loan etc.

He was MOTM for Wales the other night playing left wing back. Poor kid had one bad game in the Community Shield and hasn't had anywhere near enough respect since.

Everyone raves about Saka at Arsenal, but when we drew 0-0 with Arsenal in the cup, Williams had him in his pocket all game. Williams set up Jones's winning goal against Ajax too. He's not really had a competitive match for us where you'd say he played bad. Sure he's looked inexperienced but that tends to happen when you are (wait for it) inexperienced.

He's very good for a 19 year old. A player who can play RB, LB, RWB, LWB, RM, LM, RW and LW. A player who will eventually count as Homegrown and club developed. Been at the club since he was 6 years old. Christ, these are the kind of players Sir Alex built Man United's consistency on. Phil Neville, Wes Brown, John O'Shea and Nicky Butt were never world class but they were versatile and dependable squad players who knew what it meant to be a Man Utd player. Unless it is bothering Neco that he'll only make 15-20 appearances a season, it shouldn't bother us.

31 Mar 2021 14:20:19
Brilliant post MK.

31 Mar 2021 14:32:40
Well said MK. couldn't agree more. People tend to forget that he is a young lad and has plenty of potential left in him. Just remember how many people were tearing into Trent when he had that stinker against Martial and Utd all those years ago, and now look at what he has turned into.

Red Sandman.

31 Mar 2021 15:09:03
Good post MK. I think Liverpool has something like 92 million fans on social media platforms so I doubt 10-20 fans on here calling for Neco to go on loan will have any baring on his career. Plus even if 92 mill were calling for him to go on loan it would only be 1 opinion that matters and that’s Klopps. But that’s the beauty of Football all us unqualified people get to have a say. Imagine being stood in a garage telling the mechanic how to do his job whilst he works on your car. That’s why sport is so great because regardless of how clueless we are we still get an opinion but all opinions are good. Imagine a world of football where we all agreed on the same thing.

31 Mar 2021 15:18:28
Neco deserves more chances to show what he's got but the times he has played he's looked a bit green to me. he's full of industry and enthusiasm but lacking in defensive nous and end product. he's certainly full of potential but, despite being a full international, i think a loan would give him the experience he's lacking atm. Not quite LFC standard just yet but plenty of time to prove his worth.

31 Mar 2021 15:42:17
MKS, Neco is the scapegoat du jour depending on what side of bed his detractors wake up on.

31 Mar 2021 16:22:56
Good post, MKS. I really don't understand where the criticism for Neco comes from. He's a very talented kid that has a really talented kid in front of him who happens to be the best right back in the world. Not sure what more he could do.

I'll echo that sentiment for Kostas too. He's been unlucky with the timing of his injury as well as the injury crisis at CB which has meant Klopp has felt unable to rotate at fullback even when he was available for selection.

The only criticism we can level at any of our players this season is the effort made at Villa defeat, the attitude in the second half of the West Brom game and at a stretch, being disappointed at the quality of the finishing of our forwards.

{Ed001's Note - I think you are all getting the wrong end of the stick. It is not about criticising the lad, it is about getting him more experience playing regularly that most are talking about possibly sending him out on loan.}

31 Mar 2021 17:58:33
I think a lot of the people wanting him to go out on loan are saying it with the hope of someone being brought in at rightback which would more or less be the end of Neco's Lfc career though Ed! i just think some fans think we can afford two top players in every position like City, we can't and these kids that come through and are even good enough to be squad players for us are absolute gold-dust.

31 Mar 2021 18:57:40
Brilliant post Adam mate👍.

01 Apr 2021 09:30:02
@Adam, from my point of view, I rate him highly, for all of the reasons you have identified and mainly versatility coupled with age and club trained status.

I would only be in favour of loaning him out to keep him happy and get him experience. He may prefer that to sitting on the bench. However, if he was happy with 10-15 games next season, mainly in the cups and rotation for TAA when he was tired, I'd be more than happy to keep him.

01 Apr 2021 10:44:30
I can agree with that, JH. Some fans just want rid of some of our players (loan for Neco and out the door for Kostas, for ex. ) so they can fawn over some shiny new toy to replace them. And then when that does not happen (cos I think they know it won't), they can come back with the whole "FSG don't want to spend" or "Why can't we do like City" knowing full well we can't. Weird argument, really.

{Ed001's Note - I really don't think that is what people want with regards to Neco. They just want the lad to have a chance to play regularly and gain experience. No one has mentioned a right-back they would like to buy to replace him that I have seen.}

01 Apr 2021 11:55:21
Ed001, just on this site in the last 2 days i've seen Wilf Singo, Connor Bradley and in the original post on this thread, Ryan Fredericks.

There's also been a fair few posts saying Konate or Gomez can replace him as back up to the right back role.

Seen a lot of stuff across multiple social media and news platforms that suggest he's a player many want replaced too. It just seems a bit strange to me that out of nowhere in the international break it's become flavour of the week to loan him out or replace him. I was just wondering if something had happened that i'd missed but it seems to just be totally random.

{Ed001's Note - most of them are saying as cover while he goes out on loan, not to replace him. Again you are getting your knickers in a twist over nothing. As for social media, who gives a toss what a few morons on there have to say?}

01 Apr 2021 12:04:09
Maybe mate. I'm not particularly bothered if people think he needs to be replaced or simply loaned out. But i do strongly disagree with either of those options. Replacing him is unnecessary and loans rarely work out. A majority never play for their parent clubs again.

{Ed001's Note - I am with you mate, but I just don't think it is worth getting worked up over. The lad is a teenager learning the game and doing well enough imo.}



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