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06 Apr 2021 12:30:13
This TAA criticism seems crazy to me. Gareth Southgate has made himself look like a complete idiot by not picking Trent when he is clearly the best RB, if not the best FB, in world football. As much as I like Gary Neville as a co-commentator . he has made himself look stupid as well by backing Southgate over the ridiculous decision. What do these "experts" even see?

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06 Apr 2021 12:49:49
Trent and LFC are the winners let’s move on!

06 Apr 2021 13:06:36
Trent was playing poorly / average earlier in the season like a lot of our players and now needs to play well until the end of the season to get back into Southgates plans. Are we saying he is untouchable and should be picked no matter what. Maybe this knockback is what will make him stronger. I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Looks like Southgate did us a massive favour and allowed him a rest and to reset. Brilliant as far as I'm concerned.

06 Apr 2021 13:12:06
Two weeks rest and it’s clearly fired up TAA. If Southgate doesn’t think he’s good enough then he’s a fool.

06 Apr 2021 13:16:59
Neville said he’d have Walker in over Trent and Phillips in over Henderson. When it comes to English football i am actually gobsmacked at how little the England manager, english pundits and a lot of the football watching public seem to understand about the game. Leaving out Liverpool players on the basis of ‘form’ in favour of taking other players like Maguire, Dier and Pickford who have been dreadful all season long.

Who would you rather start at a tournament? On the one hand, you have champions league winning captain, one of the best midfielders in the world, as well as the best crosser and all round playmaker england have had since beckham.

On the other, you have a past his best and extremely error prone powerhouse full back (i’d still take walker ahead of any of the other right backs) and a guy who’s been playing quite well for a mid table club, and nothing more. How can someone with the knowledge and experience Neville has possibly come to a conclusion like that?

I don’t even particularly care about England and whatever drama Southgate regularly conjures up, but the stupidity and ignorance of this affair is so mind boggling that it’s actually wrecking my head. The only conclusion i can come to is that Southgate is just doing it for attention, to try and look clever, and based on past incidents i’d say that is a fair assessment. He truly is an elite tier cretin who shouldn’t ever be allowed to manage a football team at any level, never mind the England set up. Some of the other people weighing in with their opinions on the matter are no better.

06 Apr 2021 13:41:23
why do people care, Trent is scouse not english. Its englands loss if southgate is inpet.

Southgate loves the attention from the media he would of done this so there is more spotlight on him as he would have to "explain his decision" to the masses, he's a media hungry wh*re who is more interested in having sound bites than leading his country to any kind of win in a tournament.

Thank god im scottish and don't have to worry about who steve clark leaves out.

06 Apr 2021 13:50:05
Bang on, Warmachine. By the end of the season Trent will hopefully make it impossible for Southgate to leave him out. If he is omitted all the better for LFC.

06 Apr 2021 13:53:42
It's difficult to see how Southgate had any credibility whatsoever. he has done nothing for England except maintain them in their state of mediocrity. His only trophies are two League Cups as a player but absolutely nothing as a manager.

06 Apr 2021 13:57:44
Playing full back is quite a thankless task in football. In recent years players like Carlos, Cafu, Cole etc and even more recently Robbo and Trent have glorified it a lot more through goals, assists and attacking plays. Like a goalkeeper in a sense people only remember the time a full back is beaten. In a game a full back (any fullback) might come up against those winger say 10 times. And if the full back gets the better of the winger say be it a interception, tackle or even ushering the ball out then that is mostly forgotten about over the 2 times that the winger has gotten the better of the full back. A full back could literally pocket a winger for 89 mins but if that winger then goes past him and scores or assists a goal then all the talk is of how well the winger did. The other 89 mins of action is forgotten about.

06 Apr 2021 14:01:58
Gary Neville has to be the most arrogant and obnoxious biased pundit going, why anybody listens to anything he says is beyond me.

06 Apr 2021 14:04:36
AW, I fully agree with you. Look if Southgate does not want to take Hendo nor Trent then by all means, have at it. What gets my goat is the double standards, under-handed and insidious tactics being used by him and his mouthpieces in the media.

Check it out. Southgate said that he did not invite TAA cos he has not been at his levels of the past couple of seasons. Then at the same time, he picks Lingard who has not played well for Utd in near 18 months just cos he had two/ three good games with WH. Then, he picks Dier who has been Dier-bolical all season long with the cherry on top being his wretched perf. vs Zagreb in the EL. He then picks Trippier who has been banned for majority of the season and has only played about 5 games since Jan. You see where I am going with this? The double standards and cowardice is deafening.

And to crown it all, Southgate intimates that he does not know if TAA would make the squad in the future or something like that. THAT is what got this whole media witch hunt going about whether TAA deserved to be in the squad for the Euros. It was NOT even a question before hand. Then, that spread to Hendo when Southgate again, said he was not sure if Hendo would make it due to injury. Now the feeding frenzy has begun in the media. I mean, who talks like this regarding player selection in public?

If Southgate did not want to take Hendo nor TAA then say it and defend your position with valid arguments. IMO, He CAN'T say it cos he knows he CAN'T defend it so he does the media spin and let the stuff play out in public so he does not have to deal with it. IMO, he did this to target and tarnish TAA's reputation so the public esp. rival fans turns on him, which they have. IMO, he does not fancy TAA or even Hendo and cool, I'm fine with that BUT don't judge him on the standards you set and judge others on a much lower bar or use cowardly and insidious tactics to do so. The guy is a coward and inherently spineless to add to the fact that he is a pee poor manager. Jsut my take.

06 Apr 2021 14:44:45
It's clear to see Southgate is safety 1st (defensive) kind of a manager. Even if TAA is picked he'll never trust him.

{Ed014's Note - to be honest who in their right mind would want to play for a nothing manager like Southgate, he is shite, bang average player and no better as a manager.

Wasting the talent at his disposal

06 Apr 2021 14:48:57
Regardless of if he picks hendo or trent southgate has already shown over his time as being England manager that there has been no progression.

{Ed014's Note - because he’s crap, end of.

06 Apr 2021 14:50:28
Of course I want to see trent succeed and do well for England, but he's not been at his best this season and looked in need of a rest at time. Not the worst decision to leave him out and let him come back stronger toward the end of the season and further in the future cause we all know the lad has a big future ahead of him with lfc and England.

06 Apr 2021 15:14:11
I hope Trent and hendo come out and say they withdraw from selection.

06 Apr 2021 15:57:37
Bmena-red, that may be true BUT why is Southgate picking Dier who has been awful all season and Lingard who has barely played this season YET got picked just cos he played 2/ 3 good games lately at WH?

06 Apr 2021 17:29:00
Picking Eric dier over henderson in the past was nothing short of a disgrace. And if Southgate can't see trent as being one of the best. if not the best in the world already he's a absolute tit. Kyle walker? Seriously? If trent can't defend. what's the excuse for playing that muppet.

06 Apr 2021 17:34:24
That's fair enough oilred, I'm acc northern Irish so haven't paid much attention to the trent/ England debate but Dier has been shocking this season.

Come to think of it Reece James and wan-Bissaka haven't impressed me much this season either.

06 Apr 2021 17:54:15
That’s just it Bmena. James, Wan Bissaka, Trippier and Walker are simply not anywhere near the quality of Trent and even when Trent is playing poorly he’s still just as effective as they are at their best if not more effective.
Southgate is an absolute joke and this debacle just proves that once again.

06 Apr 2021 18:21:17
I’m english and stopped following England years ago. Personally I can’t see why anyone would want to play for Southgate, they’re wasting their time and will never progress in any competition. I understand Trent may not feel the same but England’s loss is our gain.

06 Apr 2021 18:22:54
I lost interest in him when he picked kane over hendo for the armband!

06 Apr 2021 19:31:52
Success for England in a major tournament is making it out the group stages.

Why would anyone want to bother any more?

06 Apr 2021 15:25:13
ED014, tell us how you really feel, lol.

Kopforever, if that is what Southgate wants and thinks regarding TAA then he should just come out and say he does not fancy Trent and defend his stance with conviction. He knows that he can't so he uses one standard to exclude TAA, and another standard to include a Lingard who has been poor all season bar 3 weeks ago and picks him. Then, he resorts to this media circus which has done nothing but made things worse. That's my beef in all this.

{Ed014's Note - sorry mate I really shouldn’t sit on the fence! 😂

06 Apr 2021 22:37:40
Well TAA proved himself to be the world's best RB tonight!



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