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07 Apr 2021 00:07:21
Looks like Trent may have booked himself a summer holiday at home this year. TBF he was hung out to dry by Keita not helping him out in the first half but TAA didn't cover himself in glory either. Looks like Madrid singled him out as a weakness early on.

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07 Apr 2021 08:40:14
OP, if our press was not as useless and disjointed as it was last night, TAA is not hung out to dray. I do agree that the second goal was a shambles from him. I think he just did not know where he was unfortunately.

07 Apr 2021 08:49:20
He got skinned three times by vinicius he's a dreadful defender buy brilliant everywhere else I can't see why people think he's a rb when he's clearly b2b.

{Ed001's Note - Vinicius has the skills to skin any defender, but you seem to have missed the times his defensive nous and working back saved us from conceding certain goals in your desperation to slag off an excellent young player.}

07 Apr 2021 09:02:57
Trent saved the side several times in the second half but in the first half he was turned inside out, hence the mistake he got flustered.

{Ed001's Note - I think he slipped as well, he clearly had the wrong studs in the first half and was struggling to stop or make turns. It was a bad header anyway, going the wrong way, so it probably wouldn't have mattered if he didn't slip. But watch when he rushes to close down Vinicius the first time and Vinicius just goes past him because he can't stop, like he is running in socks on a vinyl floor. Jota was the same. The pitch was dry and the studs were obviously not digging in.

What bothers me is that no one on the staff takes account of these things, because this is not the first time a pitch has caused us issues to adapt. How has no one noticed in the warm up that the players footwear is wrong? Why have the tactical instructions not been adapted to help cope with pitches? These are minor issues that can make a major impact, and we have been inconvenienced by them a number of times, why has the club not sat down and looked at it? This is something the match analysts should be pointing out post-match. They should be seeing this and presenting possible solutions to ensure it doesn't happen again.}

07 Apr 2021 09:09:03
Trent had two moments in the game where i feel he was poor. First was when he shanked a cross field pass out for a throw in. Second was when Mendy beat him by the corner flag too easily. Neither cost us. Although Vinicius should've done better with the header so Trent did get away with one. It was a weak challenge.

What i cannot understand is how anybody who has played the game can blame him for their 2nd goal. It was pretty much entirely Keita's fault. Kroos was 2 yards from him and Keita not only watched him play the pass, but made an active effort not to even block the passing lane. He literally pulled up as if he was scared of it hitting him.

Now in that situation when you have a player of Kroos' ability on the ball, the defence are damned. Trent actually spotted the danger and dropped with his runner. He had to head the through ball because his man Vinicius was tearing through behind him. The whole problem started with Keita. After that poor pressing though Robertson needed to react quicker to go back with Asensio who ended up scoring, and Kabak/ Phillips were both caught ball watching and had barely even started running back before it was in the net.

How anybody can blame Trent there is beyond me. He is literally the only man who reacted to the danger and he would need a tekecopuc beck to head it in any other direction. What should he have done? Left it to Vinicius? He was hung out to dry by Keita and nobody else reacted to the danger and even got near to the ball.

Jota was the same for the first goal by the way. Kroos was about 4 yards away and had his head up looking for runners. Beyond me why a normally industrious player like Jota made no effort to close him down.

Klopp tells the defence to hold a high line. The way we counter a ball in behind us supposed to be with the front 6 pressing the opposition. Last night they let Modric and Kroos dictate the tempo. Wijnaldum and Keita were as bad as any player i've ever seen in a Liverpool shirt last night. They made no effort to engage Modric or Kroos when they had time, and i don't even recall either of them playing an incisive pass all night. Milner and Thiago must've been wondering what on earth they did wrong against Arsenal to warrant being dropped for those two clowns.

I hope that is the end of Keita's Liverpool career, and thank god it's nearly the end of Wijnaldum's. The one thing you cannot excuse is a lack of effort. To be over run by an opposition midfield whose combined age was over 100 years old, is just embarrassing. At least Thiago and Fabinho got about them and snapped into a few tackles with some actual conviction. Gini shouldn't be anywhere near that captains armband. He disgraced it last night.

07 Apr 2021 09:43:24
Couldn't agree more MK, when does Klopp ever take off a man in the first half? that's surely Naby gone now and Gini was woeful for me, I don't take with all this looking tired malarkey either, other clubs are playing well who have had as much football as us.
We started with virtually zero creativity in a game where they had lost both CB's and had an ageing midfield, it was a complete lost opportunity from start to finish.
As for Trent, I feel a bit sorry for the lad If I'm honest, he had no cover whatsoever and was expected to then affect the game going forward? how? Keita was so invisible it was madness, that's as well as Gini jumping out of at least 4 meaningful tackles in the first half alone.
We all know that Nat and Kabak have done well up to press in a bad time for us and yes they were exposed a bit last night but I don't really see how we can hang those two out to dry either, they both made some good last ditch tackles and just the same as Trent were not helped by the midfield being non existent, I won't be impressed myself if Fab ends up at CB again.
Klopp's been weird this season, it's like he's got the jigsaw but for the life of him can't see the pieces right under his nose, we currently have a handful of players who we know just do not fit so why not play the best/ strongest team from now till the end of the season and see what gives, all this changing players has damaged us at times and with minimal games left I don't see what serious harm it would do.
As for Shaqs wig, least said the better lol!

07 Apr 2021 10:18:35
It was a very poor header from TTA; there's no other way of describing it. You can't blame Keita- as bad as he was- for TTA's header.



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