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06 Apr 2021 22:59:05
Ed001 what do you think about Jota playing upfront instead of Bobby. Am glad Jota is back to give Bobby a rest. but it's not something Bobby is renowned for but he gives us a physical presence as well as holding the ball up with his clever play.

{Ed001's Note - it should have been one of Mane or Salah dropping out imo. Though it has to be said Jota was abysmal last night, so maybe it was him who should have missed out and come on as a sub.}

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07 Apr 2021 07:04:46
Mane has been stinking the place out of it since before Christmas ed001 and still starts most games. Everyone can understand the reasoning behind Jota starting as he has been in good goal scoring form. Same with robbo, has been rubbish these past few months but still starts every game. Is tsimikis so bad that he can't come in. And don't get me started on gini the ghost.

{Ed001's Note - the difference is Robbo and Mane are still working hard, Jota stood and watched Kroos while he controlled the ball and looked around for a few seconds before playing the pass for the first goal. Wijnaldum and Keita the same, they were just watching players run off them into the space the full-backs had left. No attempt to do anything to stop the run or go with the runner, just stood around and watched. If those three had worked like Robbo and Mane, we wouldn't have struggled so badly, even if they still played badly. There is never an excuse for not working hard. Never.} Become a Patron!

07 Apr 2021 08:18:15
Wijnaldum should be nowhere near the captains armband, doesn't appear to have the stomach for it!

07 Apr 2021 08:38:38
Spot on. Do people now see why Bobbie plays all these big games in the CL away from home? People getting all twisted and only focusing on goals and all that, our system is much bigger than that. Had Bobbie been on the pitch, Kroos does not have the time to look up, point to Vinicius in which direction he should run and then ping it to him. Bobbie would have been on top of him or would have been earmarked to target him, which according to ED01's review of the Arsenal game, Bobbie targeted Partey and suffocated him.

07 Apr 2021 08:38:59
Mane though he can’t even do the basics at the moment, control, pass or shoot. He keeps falling over his own feet and if he fell in a barrel of t1ts he would come out sucking his thumb.

{Ed001's Note - but if Jota had put in the effort he and Salah made in closing down, they don't score their first goal....}

07 Apr 2021 08:59:01
I am not disagreeing the lack of effort can never be excused. Klopp sent the team out to press them and no one did it fully. Klopp must be devastated by the lack of effort.

{Ed001's Note - I am just saying, it is all very well jumping on Mane, but at least the lad is trying, he just isn't playing well, so deserves our support. The worry is that some players aren't. If you can't get up and put effort in for a game against Real Madrid in the Champions League, when can you?

I do wonder why Mane was picked, when woefully out of form, but Firmino was dropped after a decent game at the weekend. It was a very odd decision.} Become a Patron!

07 Apr 2021 09:22:46
I am jumping on them all. Bigger problems in the world so chins up.

07 Apr 2021 09:40:28
That game was screaming for Bobbie Firmino from minute one BUT I guess his detractors where jumping for joy that he was benched after he played well at the weekend. Jota scores goals yes BUT there is more to our system to our forwards than just scoring goals. Jota was poor in the press and effort BUT who cares about that cos he must be better than Bobbie cos he scores goals whereas the very things required yesterday, Bobbie is the best at. If anyone should have been dropped, it should have been Mane, IMO.

07 Apr 2021 09:46:36
If Bobby had played last night we would have won. You only have to look at the games he's played this season. Villa, WBA, Newcastle, Burnley, Southampton, Brighton, Man City, Leicester and Chelsea all got lucky against us despite Bobby playing.

07 Apr 2021 10:12:12
JK23, read the post again. Nowhere did I say we would have won had Bobbie played. I just said he would have been able to do the things the other players were too timid to do, which IMO, are just as essential as scoring goals in a Klopp system clearly. Learn to read the comments before you post your dry and sarcastic responses as that seems to be a theme lately.

07 Apr 2021 10:59:38
Oli you should read my post again. At no point did i mention you. You have jumped to that conclusion yourself. If anything i try not to engage with you on here as its hard to engage with someone who thinks they know best about everything and are never wrong.

07 Apr 2021 13:00:32
ed1 - just thinking about your comment about mane's effort. that is so true, he is out there putting a shift in at least. Do we even concede goals coming down our left flank?

{Ed001's Note - very rarely because he works back so well. Even when not playing well he does have a positive effect for the team, like Salah.}

07 Apr 2021 19:44:57
JK all of those teams you’ve mentioned say back against us so there’s not as much need to press from the front as we have most of the ball and they try to hit us on the break.
Against the better teams who play out from the back Bobby is essential and last night proved it. Kroos just dropped in and had the freedom of Spain to pick his spot time and time again.

08 Apr 2021 08:00:10
Becker’s so Bobby should only start the games then where teams don’t sit deep. So this season he would have started against City twice and Real. I suppose that shows how essential he actually is.



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