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07 Apr 2021 10:51:23
A lot of what I think has already been discussed here. However, I do have a few other questions.

1) Where is the fight? I can't remember the last time we played, to use Klopp's word, "angry". Has the collective hunger gone?

2) Why are most teams running harder, faster and look physically stronger than us these days? Klopp's teams if anything are usually physically superior to the opposition.

3) What did we do to prepare for this game to deliver that approach last night and similar approaches that have littered our season (some have been with Henderson and Virgil in the team too btw) .

4) Have we overcoached our forwards? They have regressed into children in terms of decision making.

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07 Apr 2021 11:25:01
I totally agree with you on your points especially the running and fitness. we scored so many late goals last season because we were the fitter side and kept going for 95 mins or so. i am hoping its all the injury's and a strange season that is causing this but not so sure.
the press doesn't seem to work without Bobby quite as well.
As old as Milner is he does give drive, energy and forward thinking.
and is an example to others.
we go again!

07 Apr 2021 11:55:18
The answer to each of your 4 points is exactly the same. The issue is that for the last 3 seasons basically 12 or 13 players have performed week in week out with no rest and are shattered. Take Mane for example. In the summer after our champs league victory he was away with Senegal. If I remember correctly 2 weeks after the tournament finished he was on the bench for the first home game against Norwich. If you add that at least 4 of the regulars have tested +ve for C.V. and factor in the injuries, it is not surprising that we are not playing with the high tempo and"hunger"that you allude to.
Trent Robbo Gini, Bobby, Mo and sadio need a break from football for a while. Obviously that is not possible at the moment
As for last night if you add in that Nat and kabak are not up to the level required against top quality European teams you have last nights performance.

07 Apr 2021 12:10:28
With regards to us as an attacking force.

In our last 20 matches we have scored precisely 4 goals in the opening 45 minutes and 1 of those was against Villa youth team and another 2 in first half injury time.

In our last 6 games shots on target in the first half have been one, one, five, two, zero, zero with the 2nd leg against Leipzig being the standout of 5 on target.

I've been a big defender of Mane but last night he was very poor again and i think he needs taking out of the firing line for a few games at least. The issue is Bobby has been just as poor so is it a case of replacing one out of form forward for another. Origi has proven to bring nothing to the party this season so its not like we have anyone else who can step in. For me Bobby will play instead of Mane but Bobby was a major factor as well in the stats above so i wouldn't expect the goals to start flowing if he does come in for Mane.

07 Apr 2021 12:12:16
The injuries have taken a toll on everyone, I think that’s the main issue, players are absolutely knackered, even the ones who havnt been injured have not had a rest and you can see it taking a toll, look at Robbo for example, he was immense at the beginning of the season and you can see now he is suffering for it because nobody has been able to give him the rest he needs, you can see the same in pretty much everyone.
Also having no CBs has knocked the whole team as well, we don’t have the confidence to make risky presses or go all out attack because the team doesn’t have the confidence to do so knowing VVD isn’t there to mop up any mistakes. Plus a good dollop of bad luck hasn’t helped either.
Seasons pretty much a write off, we can still turn around the Madrid tie and still make top 4 and doing either would be a massive achievement all things considered this year.
The players still give everything they have though and that’s the main thing, it’s just they have a lot less to give at the minute.

07 Apr 2021 14:17:11
Not meaning to be pedantic here but if the sole reason for Mane’s dramatic decline is fitness. Given we no have Jota, Salah, Firmino albeit his form has been no better, Shaq and Jones with a slight formation tweak a can all play instead. Would it not serve everyone to drop him for a few games? Not just blaming Mane because others form have all dropped but he looks a completely different player to the one we have become accustomed to. His touch is poor, clearly low on confidence which doesn’t help, lost a yard of pace, decision making is not there, constantly dithering on the ball and also it’s like he has lost his strength.

07 Apr 2021 17:46:26
I just wrote a post I’m with mikey on this! The team is spent its burn out!
No players good enough to fill the full backs or cbs or forwards positions!
It’s haunted us now!

07 Apr 2021 19:51:03
Jay and Mikey I think the team are mentally burnt out / exhausted as well, someone phrased it the other day as imagine trying to get to the top of a seemingly impossible mountain. And when finally getting to the top of it having given everything you have, you are told right go back down to the bottom and climb it again as a description of
Where our squad currently are. Yes loads of teams defend titles but I think it’s more the intensity we did it at. Almost 2 seasons with just 2 defeats in the league before lockdown.



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