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14 Apr 2021 22:51:51
Some will call it an overreaction from tonight's game but this is based over the course of the season. Actually, the signs of issues, bad form or whatever you want to call it were their the tail end of last season. Yes, the injuries have been nothing short of ridiculous and would derail most teams but something is off at the club. It's as if the fight has gone for what reason I don't know. Also so many players have been off form at the same time for so long which is strange in itself. Not just being off form for so long but for some it's how fast their dramatic decline for lack of a better word has occurred.

Of course VVD and Gomez coming back will be massive. VVD is the best defender in the world so he will instantly improve any side. But anyone who thinks it's going to be plain sailing when they come back into the team can think again. This team needs an overhaul this and just hope Klopp is ruthless enough to carry it out. No time for sentiment anymore as we have so many below par players at the club. We are also not flush with money so players will need moving on to generate funds.

Mane will be the first of the front three to be sold. Been a great servant for the club but factor in age, resale value, form, remaining years on his existing contract and the fact it's been said his head may have been turned then this summer seems the perfect time to move him on. It's also peculiar because there is no other way I can put in how his Pace, touch, decision making, strength and finishing all seem to have gone. Can he get back to his best, most probably but he will need to be a sacrificial lamb in order to freshen the team. Firmino can also go for me if we have the right type of player to bring in who would work well in between Jota and Salah. Ox, Shaq, Origi, Matip, Gini (contract ends), Keita, Matip (injury prone), Tsimikas (hasn't worked out), Wilson, Grujic, Ben Woodburn, Taki (appears unwanted) .

Integrate Elliot into the squad as he looks a special talent along with Jones. Bring in Konate, Boussoma and a quality striker, although finding a quality striker without bankrupting the club and possibly without Champions League football next season is easier said than done. I won't list any strikers as the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that I would want are unrealistic and a pipe dream but that's what our scouting team are there for.

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14 Apr 2021 23:05:58
Sorry matey too many beers to read that full post. I acc thought we showed some fight tonight but the lack if form showed overall. Our forwards lacking in confidence and cutting edge.

Big changes needed in the summer no doubt, firstly thing for me is to make sure we don't sign kabak. Phillips out shone him tonight and every game they have played.

14 Apr 2021 23:18:53
it boils down to not being able to score. how many chances were missed tonight?

14 Apr 2021 23:37:51
The chances were missed mostly by Salah stone, the only forward other than Jota who has stood up and been counted this season. He can’t do it all himself all of the time and is bound to have games like tonight, even though i thought his overall game was very good.

Mane’s touch looked better but he was utterly ineffectual. I have absolutely no idea what he offers at this point. I’m more inclined to blame those who couldn’t even create or get on the end of chances than those who actually managed to make some.

14 Apr 2021 23:39:05
No stone dude. Mane is off all different ways. Everything has gone or isn't currently there.

There isn't a part of his game that has remained and is redeeming his performances. I love him and don't forget what he has done and want the best for him but where his head is at now is bad.

15 Apr 2021 00:08:22
Today was clear we need out and out striker . the chances MO and Company had in Real madrid box was comical. Don't want to here again how fermino holds our attacking together blah blah. Enough is enough.

{Ed0666's Note - fair point

15 Apr 2021 01:24:33
Ever since athletico beat us teams were given a blueprint of how to nullify us, it hasn't worked for all teams but if a team is disciplined and organised we simply will not score against them. Teams know Bobby is not a proper number 9 and is no threat in and around the penalty area has a quality striker should be. Double up on mane and salah and our real threat is gone. For all the quality delivery robbo and trent provide we have nobody in the box to actually put it away. I've said it before has good as Bobby was, he doesn't start in a front line for most of the top 7 or 8 teams. He'd do well in Spain or Italy so that's where he should go with a pat on the back and a thank you.

As for sadio, he's decline this season is shocking. It may be long C.V. and if that's the case he should be given time to rest from now. He has offered nothing for too long, the way he was muscled off the ball today was disgraceful for someone we know to be such a strong player.

Gini needs to go I'm simply not sure why klopp plays him, he has one or two moments a game of quality and the rest if the time he dither on the ball and passes sideways or back.

A major overhaul just isn't going to happen as everyone is going to spending cautiously because of C.V. finances and to be honest who would want to fork out for the weak links in our team?

I just hope this fsg investment can find at least a few million going into transfers in the summer because our first 11 isn't the best anymore and our squad has a very real lack of quality. Klopp can't work miracles every season.

{Ed0666's Note - furthermore I don’t think kabak will be purchased permanently

15 Apr 2021 01:40:06
I would drop Mane against Leeds, and Gini.

{Ed0666's Note - yep

15 Apr 2021 04:11:54
Be honest though, who’s going to buy Mane or Firmino for any decent amount to fund better replacements.

{Ed0666's Note - you think mane and Bobby will
Go for buttons? They are still high echelon elite footballers they will have a host of clubs wanting their services at an attractive
Price for us (even in a pandemic)

15 Apr 2021 04:21:07
I think we broke atleti then gk errors cost us in that game. we even led in aggregate in that game at one point. today we just didn't finish. if we had we could easily have had 4-5.😭😭😭.

15 Apr 2021 04:27:46
Nice pass from Mane to set-up Salah for the glory but his mate let him down, again.

15 Apr 2021 07:17:33
He didn't miss on purpose. are you some sort of funny guy? Mane was invisible. at least salah gave his all and was brilliant apart from scoring. firmino missed 2 huge chances too and Wijnaldum missed the biggest chance of the night. but ofcourse as usual talking carp about Salah. honestly i hope Salah moves, he deserves so much better fans.

15 Apr 2021 07:27:37
Mane is the one that you’d reasonably sell out of that front three. Regardless of whether Salah missed a couple of chances last night or not, Salah is still a 20 goal a season player, which are not easy to replace and Manr’s decline and age make it sensible to sell now while he has some value in the market to allow us to bring in a goalscorer.

In terms of last night and creating chances, it doesn’t help that our midfield was workmanlike and devoid of ideas in possession, last night was only a good performance in context that the first leg was so awful, but make no mistake that was a poor performance against a weakened Madrid team. We didn’t really trouble Courtois once and barely threatened them.

15 Apr 2021 07:35:28
The team played well, just the finishing that let us down - can’t help but feel the crowd would have been the difference and if they’d conceded could have been in trouble, but reality is we just didn’t take our chances and everything else is ifs and buts.

15 Apr 2021 07:35:44
Poor finishing killed us in the Atleti and RM games at Anfield. It has nothing to do with any blue print of how teams play us or any of that mess. That is just old, tired rhetoric that is not even true. The Madrid media called Atleti’s victory “Gloria” or Miracle the day after the game so sorry, none of this stuff is even true.

Poor finishing was a problem even last season in the PL and many of us were screaming about it then but no one cared cos we were winning. Now, we are not winning so it is showing a bit more which is why Jota was brought in. Until that gets fixed, we will continue to struggle. As for Bobbie, I thought he was good yesterday and did what he was asked to do. The chances fell to the right guy in Mo but he couldn’t take them. Pity.

15 Apr 2021 07:41:30
Agree with 6 Times. Milner is at an age where he should be vaccinated and Wiji is gone in 3 months time. that's the worst midfield in entire Europe.

{Ed001's Note - talk about hyperbolic nonsense! That midfield was so bad that it outplayed Madrid's last night. The problem wasn't the midfield, it was forwards failing to score, but don't let that get in the way of your moronic abuse of Milner.}

15 Apr 2021 08:02:20
I don't think we outplayed real Madrid yesterday. They came to sit back and allowed us all the ball and time in the world. we couldn't get anywhere near their midfield in the first leg. In terms of Madrid, their midfielders are pensioners (the same age of Milner) . Though you do have a point about forwards failing to score. but, that doesn't help the fact that we don't have any real goal-getters from the middle of the park to ease the pressure of mane and salah. They have been carrying this team for the past 4 years.
There is no abuse towards Milner. He is a poor midfielder for me. lacks any genuine skill set. can run around all night and that's what he could at his best. there was no real need to play three non-scoring defensive-minded midfielders against a team that came only to sit back.
Just passing an opinion.

{Ed001's Note - you clearly have no idea if you think Milner and Wijnaldum are defensive-minded, quite the opposite and that is the biggest problem with Gini is that he has no idea about defending. As for Madrid, they sat back yes, but we created more than enough chances, that was not an issue, it was the finishing and only Milner brought a decent save out of the keeper, but you are singling him out for abuse. I don't know why I am bothering, everything you have said shows you understand football less than Ed666 understands thermodynamics. Defensive-minded midfielders? That has to be the most ridiculous thing ever said on here, and that takes some doing.}

15 Apr 2021 08:51:22
It wasn't we couldn't get anywhere near their midfield mate. it was we didn't. we just didn't out effort in that game which came to bite us. here's to hoping we will finish the season strongly. and keep as many players out if euros as possible. with rest. ynwa. up the reds.

15 Apr 2021 09:20:24
we might have a different understanding of offensive and defensive-minded players. Milner has got like one goal in two years and while Wiji gets close to 3 in one season. far from offensive IMO. Both are never going to score. that leaves us thinking about what their actual job is other than covering the full-backs or stopping a counter. No manager would ever bring in Milner or Wijnaldum when you need to score or improve an attack. The two midfielders would depart in the summer and I doubt they would ever trouble any half-decent opposition in the final third.
I agree thermodynamics is pretty tough to grasp :)

15 Apr 2021 09:54:35
Gini is quite clearly not a defensive midfielder. You only have to watch him play for his national side to see that. He has struggled sitting in front of the back 4 and plays his best football going forward. Milner is mr dependable on the pitch in any position you want. Neither of those players deserve disrespect.

15 Apr 2021 11:13:23
Thermodynamics lol. That takes me back to my HND in Product Design and Manufacture yawn yawn.

15 Apr 2021 12:07:17
Bobby is going for buttons as okay very few teams in Europe would actually want him for the way they play. Mane is not scoring 20 goals from the left and that is it.

15 Apr 2021 12:08:50
We were poor all over the pitch. I can't say there was one player that played well. Final ball was truly awful. Bobby in particular was so wasteful. We need some major changes in my opinion. Mane and Bobby to go, and clear out the dead wood. They seem to have lost the fight, its like watching Rocky Balboa against clubber laing the first time! Klopp seems to be devoid of ideas also and the changes he makes make little or no difference to the shape of the game. We got We deserved out of this season and that is nothing.

15 Apr 2021 12:08:30
I thought Millie did well tonight, he was everywhere as usual. What we could have done with a fully fit and firing Ox from a couple of years ago. We had nobody who wouldn't to have a shot from 20+ yards last night. Millie tried one and nearly scored.

It was just one of those nights when we needed our superstar forwards to be on form. In the past we may have even snuck through if one of them had been. Unfortunately all 3 were poor and let the team down with the inability to put the ball in the net.

I really had hoped for more from Bobby. Some of his link up play was so bad. We managed to break thru their block in the first half with Bobby attacking. Mo made a great run taking their whole defense away, leaving the middle wide open. Treat was steaming forward into the space. Bobby delays the pass. Delays. Delays. And then passes it straight to a recovering Madrid defender. It kinda summed up Bobby's performances for the past 12 months.

15 Apr 2021 15:11:36
Yes Macko. that was the one moment from Bobby that stood out last night. I'm just at a loss as to what needs changing. The same players who won everything can't go bad overnight. Is it tactics ed1? I love this team but it's like dating a girlfriend a second time and it's just not the same lol.

{Ed001's Note - lack of intensity is the biggest issue, which is probably what Klopp was looking for by leaving out Thiago, as he is not as energetic and so able to apply the gegenpress. However, without the crowd, it seems players are just unable to apply themselves properly, you could see how the intensity dipped after just a few minutes. They don't seem able to fire themselves up as they used to under current conditions. The big question is whether that is down to the lack of crowd or fatigue due to less fitness training and a heavier schedule than usual. To be honest it is probably a combination of all those factors meaning the players are lacking the energy and then there is no crowd to feed off for adrenalin to sustain them when it is not happening. Last season the crowd would build with the press, the players would feed off that and then the crowd would build further and so on. There is just none of that now.

Obviously it could also be a deliberate tactical ploy to press less, as Man City have chosen to do due to the amount of games, but you could see by Klopp's antics on the sidelines last night that he was demanding more intensity. So I don't think that was the case last night, though it probably has been in a number of games.}

15 Apr 2021 17:26:26
Thanks Ed and good points raised, let's hope there is a crowd back next season to cheer the lads on.



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