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15 Apr 2021 14:01:13
Ed1 where do you see Jones best position long term, in a midfield 3 or a forward 3?

{Ed001's Note - midfield, though it might need to be altered to get the most out of him as I think he is more of a number 10 behind a striker at his best.}

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15 Apr 2021 14:15:07
I think he could do pretty well in a traditional LW role in a 4-2-3-1 if required. Klopp seems to be pretty keen on using that formation anyways.

15 Apr 2021 15:14:34
I think LW or Lm this is where he played for the youth teams. Can’t see him as a 10 but he might develop into that. I hope he steps up again next season, we really need him to.

15 Apr 2021 14:10:07
I'm with Ed on this. I think a 4-2-3-1 gets the best out of him. Either on the left of the 3 or in the centre behind a No.9 seems to be most suited to his skillset. His late runs into the box are Lampard-esque.

15 Apr 2021 15:39:08
Cm all day for me the heartbeat of a side.

15 Apr 2021 18:55:10
Ed 001. What is your opinion of Curtis and do you see a future for him. I rate him and want things to work out. If he was at Norwich people would be saying he is worth 20m plus because he is English etc.
Value your opinion.

{Ed001's Note - I think he is excellent, possibly the one bright spot in the season. He has been pretty much our best central midfielder and I would like to see him given more time next season to push on.}

15 Apr 2021 19:15:51
CM or AM for Curtis Jones, for me. I've seen him roam around on both the right and the left, and he's been equally good; with the press, with link up play forward and even the occasional curler attempt into the corner of the net. I prefer wingers with a little more blistering speed.

15 Apr 2021 19:53:43
He's done exceptionally well. He should be very proud of himself.

15 Apr 2021 20:18:05
I think we are going a bit overboard he hasn’t really done much yet. If he played for a different team posters would be saying he needs more assists more goals more influence on games. People have compared him to other English players who play in similar positions. If he is as good as them he will have to get 20 combined goals and assists next season.

{Ed001's Note - stats like that are nonsense. David Silva rarely got assists, but he was better than any player Jones has been compared to and played a similar role to the one we are suggesting. So no, to be as good as them he doesn't need to pad stats, he needs to play well.}

15 Apr 2021 20:24:11
Would love to one day see a midfield three combo of Curtis on the left, TAA on the right and another scouser as DM.

15 Apr 2021 20:33:00
He has played 25 games in pl and cl this season and has 2 goals and 2 assists. We have a team full of players who don’t contribute at the top end of the pitch. Silva played a different role and his team was full of players who get goals, ours isn’t. If Jones played for any other team he would not get this credit. He is 20 years old and a big talent but next season he must step up, Klopp doesn’t trust him fully atm.

{Ed001's Note - Silva was the same in Spain. It was not because of the role or the players around him. Jones just needs to perform, he has been playing deeper than Silva, so is in fact less likely to score goals or provide assists. You can't say a player has to get more assists anyway, they are such a moronic stat and totally unrelated to a player's ability. They are purely related to the ability of another player who is getting the ball next. The way our strikers have played this season, it is a miracle anyone has an assist.}

15 Apr 2021 20:43:18
The way our strikers have played this season it’s a miracle anyone has an assist 🤣.
Your now wrong.

{Ed001's Note - it must be so frustrating to put the ball in and watch them hit it straight at the goalkeeper time and time again this season. If that is their level you can understand it, but you know they are better than that so it must make you fume inside. Especially when you are missing out on win bonuses so often!} Become a Patron!

15 Apr 2021 20:55:53
Markp08, i can't speak for others, but I was not comparing him to Lampard. In fact the trait i picked out is the only comparison i could make between the two. People who say Trent crosses like Beckham aren't comparing him to Beckham as a player, they're conparing one aspect of their games. I'd rather he is the first Curtis Jones than the next {insert name}.

15 Apr 2021 21:17:45
It’s an odd thing these days that most promising young English midfielders are AMs.
They don’t want to do the hard yards, get their shorts dirty, put tackles in anymore.
I think there really has been a sea-change in our football culture in that regard.
That may or may not be a good thing.
I see Jones very much belonging to that group as well.
I sense he doesn’t relish what Klopp’s asks of his midfield, that’s just my feeling.
He’s a good player with a lot of promise but I do wish we had another young Henderson or Gerrard on our books though.

15 Apr 2021 21:22:06
That was supposed to say Not.
Evening MK. I understand your point, I used to enjoy watching Cutis in the U23s he was so much better than the rest. Man against boys, massive season for him and us coming up, I really hope he kicks on. Fabs, Hendo and Jones I think could it could be top class.

15 Apr 2021 21:50:09
Ed I think he has improved vastly as the season as gone one thing I have seen him improve on through the season is not taking an extra touch when not needed. That is one thing I think Neco Williams needs to improve on and only game time helps these young players. Unless Jones is going to get a good amount of game time next season I hope he gets a loan where he will same for Williams. But I hope Jones takes Gini place in the squad and would love a defensive midfielder to come in to give Fabinho a rest rather than Henderson dropping back there think we have missed him so badly in the middle of the park and I think from the WBA game when he dropped back that is where are season went so badly wrong.

{Ed001's Note - that's something I agree with you on, we need someone to cover/push Fabinho most of all.}

15 Apr 2021 23:28:20
I have to disagree juicer, nothing from watching Jones has given me the impression he doesn't want to put in the hard yards, or not get his shorts dirty. In fact that's one difference with being in our midfield to some other top sides and why the goal and assists stats are not relevant. Our midfielders, especially where Jones plays in that 8 role has massive defensive responsibilities in my opinion. Both with high intensity pressing and intelligence as well as covering for full backs, you regularly see him in the full back positions helping Trent or robbo depending on what side he's on I think.

15 Apr 2021 22:54:08
We won the league and Hendo was player of the year when he played most of the season in the holding role. Fabs was out for 4 months or so last season.

{Ed001's Note - agree on that, but Hendo is even better when he plays ahead of that, so why not bring in someone so he can focus on playing his best role?}

16 Apr 2021 02:13:36
Someone like Berge possibly Ed? I believe he can also do a box to box role as well so he could possibly cover Gini's replacement as well as cover for Fabinho.

{Ed001's Note - I am not convinced by him. He is ok, decent Prem level player, but I don't think he is quite good enough to step up. Mentally I mean, he doesn't seem to have the football intelligence. The ideal would be Ndidi.}

16 Apr 2021 07:10:46
Ndidi unfortunately won't come to LFC to be a rotation player Ed001.
I think getting a cdm who can also play in other positions like full back and CB would be ideal. Malang Sarr would have made sense last summer or we go and get Kamara from Marseille.

{Ed001's Note - I know mate, but if you buy a player of that quality you find a way to get him in the team regularly anyway.

I really wanted us to get Sarr last summer, would have made perfect sense but I can't see it happening now. Kamara would be a good one as he can cover DM as well. What about trying to prize Saliba from Arsenal? I believe he can play right-back as well.}

16 Apr 2021 08:18:03
I've never seen Saliba play. I remember before his move to arsenal he was on one of top 10 central defender articles so I was looking forward to watching him. Considering I trust your judgement it's odd why arteta has shut him out completely.

{Ed001's Note - the French league ended when everything went into lockdown, so he went there without having played any football for months. Arteta basically took a quick look and decided against him, rather than giving him some time to find his feet again. Big mistake.} Become a Patron!

16 Apr 2021 09:29:15
I like the look of Jones but I think we need to allow him time to develop and not over hype him. Anyone remember the Scouse Cafu. Jones is only 20 but there are quite a few players younger, same age or slightly older who are all also being hyped up by the media or their own fans.

16 Apr 2021 09:59:36
I'm hoping Curtis may field in a younger, more energetic and technically gifted midfield that can add more goals and we move on up the table next season.

16 Apr 2021 12:24:37
Jones is class, i'd have him in front of Gini all day long, he deserves the chance to play, he obviously has spells where he goes missing for a game or two but he is still young, when he shows up he gives us something more than the others.

16 Apr 2021 11:19:10
Ed, Bisouma is the answer here, IMO. The mere us no role in CM he cannot play as I have watched him play the DM (against us at Anfield this season), AM and Box to Bix in the past with good pace and a rocket on him. The guy is special. We’re he to join, I believe he could solve any CM problem we have as he is literally a Swiss Army Knife type midfielder.

Also, I agree with what you said about how you are surprised at how anyone has gotten assists this season with the way our strikers have fluffed their lines this season. I give you a good example. Bobbie laid a ball on a plate for Salah vs Arsenal and he missed. Mane lays it in a plate for Bobbie at Sheffield Utd and he missed. Mane lays ins on a plate for Sakah vs Madrid and he missed. How many times have our boys put the ball on a platter and teammates have fluffed their lines?

I believe poor finishing almost as much as injuries have killed us this season. Just see the Madrid game on Wed. It is a microcosm of our season right there.

{Ed001's Note - Bissouma I would love us to sign.}

16 Apr 2021 13:26:09
Curse you Ed001 you had to say it🤦‍♂️.

{Ed001's Note - I know, but as we have yet to show interest I can't put the kibosh on it!}

16 Apr 2021 17:08:14
Hopefully we will mate.



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