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16 Apr 2021 22:48:43
I'm not getting in on all this sell him and buy him crap ( what do I know) but every ball we've hit for the last 3 years as ended up in the back of the net. But all of a sudden we need a striker? Not just a striker a "out and out striker" is that what we called a goal hanger as kids?

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17 Apr 2021 08:03:01
I think its pretty obvious what people mean. They just mean a natural centre forward. Firmino is unorthodox because he started out as a defensive midfielder. Salah and Mane started as wide midfielders before they become inverted forwards.

When people say an "out and out striker" they mean a player who gets into the penalty area for nearly every cross. They mean a player who is in the shoulder of the last defender constantly looking to run in behind. Torres, Owen, Sturridge etc.

Like you i'm not really sure who we should buy. Maybe Klopp doesn't want a striker? I have a definitive list of players i want shot of mind you!

17 Apr 2021 08:30:38
I’m surprised people aren’t pointing out that we were top goal scorers in the league in dec like they did throughout Jan to paper over the cracks. Like the last 4 months haven’t happened.

This is a scenario if we don’t sell any of our forwards or recruit any then next season come Jan we would likely be missing Mane and Salah for 4-6 weeks and be relying on Bobby, Jota, Origi and Minamino. Apart from the season we won the league our form under Klopp has always been a bit dodgy in January but I think if this is the case knowing this far ahead we would only have ourselves to blame if we find ourselves in that situation next season.

I really do hope we move a few players on and we recruit in the summer. Players have been fantastic over 2 seasons but you’re only as good as your last. Quite a few have underperformed this season. But worse than that for me some have brought absolutely nothing to the party at all.

17 Apr 2021 08:54:23
The problem is that if Salah doesn’t score then as a rule this season, we don’t score, Mane is done, he’s on his way down, that’s pretty evident and Firmino is even less productive in front of goal than he usually is and we don’t score goals from midfield, so the answer has to be a striker who can actually score. Simply hoping this fixes itself is not going to work.

17 Apr 2021 09:15:06
The way Salah was taking 2-3 touches in the box, out and out striker would never do that. We've always complained despite our front 3 being top scorers they always missed more chances then scored. Now teams have started defending more deeper against us, our front thre especially mane (4 months) fermino (last two seasons) have completely lost their form, too much burden on Salah to score our goals neither our midfield cheaps in with some goals. Don't forget how important Origi goals were during our title winning season those have dried up too.

17 Apr 2021 09:56:12
Out and out striker like who? Like timo werner? Like who!
Stop this guys there are no guarantees and we have the best front three and salah has been top scorer in the league most times and still is.
Its just been 4 bad months and every one has those. We are just experiencing it collectively as a team unfortunately when almost everyone has gone off or having a bad game every one or two games.
Even harry kane isn't guaranteed to score for liverpool!
We also have elliot back next season and all the injured players back.
Just move keita matip origi get a quality centre back from that money and we are good next season.

17 Apr 2021 10:13:22
6 times. Unfortunately it was a similar rule for last season as well except it was if Salah or Mane didn’t score we would struggle. Vvd was our 4th top scorer and Trent joint 5th in the league.

Jota has taken the pressure off a little this season but then he missed over 3 months. The fact Jota has more goals than Mane and Bobby this season despite playing less than half the minutes paints the picture.

17 Apr 2021 10:58:42
Werner was never out and out striker, u need to check he's position where he played before moving to Chelsea. Out and out striker like Aguero, lewandowski etc. Nothing is guaranteed in this life including our breath, that doesn't mean we should stop living. I'm sure if u search the difference between inverted striker and out and out striker you'll get your Answer.

17 Apr 2021 11:00:15
Akira, Timo Werner is not an out and out striker so that was a bad example. He always plays better on the left of a front 3.

The reason i'm not sure we need a striker is because our front 3 are all seemingly lacking trust in their team mates as much as they lack confidence in front of goal. Therefore they're constantly dropping deeper to try and make things happen. They didn't need to do that when we had Henderson, Fabinho and Wijnaldum (before he gave up as a Liverpool player) behind them.

17 Apr 2021 12:48:03
haha love it, we need an out and out striker like aguero and lewandowski hehe any other examples we might want to strive for? lol.

17 Apr 2021 13:30:10
I’m not sure that we have the best front three at all, the evidence this season would suggest that claim is unsustainable.

What is true is that time has caught up with Mane and Firmino, but whereas I can see Firmino dropping back and being an effective centre midfielder, I just don’t think he’s effective in the number 9 role anymore and it’s also evident that Mane is getting to the point where he’s nearly over hill, he can’t beat a player for pace, loses the ball when he takes an opponent on and is hopeless in front of goal.

Jota can clearly take Mane’s place, so we do need someone to lead the line, as our current set up appears far too easy to defend against and given there’s no goals in the rest of the line up beyond the front players, some change is needed. The likes of Haaland and Mbappe are never going to play for us, that is obvious and we shouldn’t waste time discussing them, but Isak, Kalajdzic, Daka are attainable and all are good footballers who can lead the line, but also be intelligent to suit Klopp’s system.

To simply think that if we keep doing the same things with the same personnel next season in the hope it might click would appear to fulfil Einstein’s definition of insanity, repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying the same thing, but expecting different results.

17 Apr 2021 14:04:09
Faithinworks that was just a small example what does out and out striker means compare to inverted ones. I'm sure like jota, Robo, our scout can unearth if needed one it doesn't have to be big name like, erling Håland etc who's 1st instinct is to smash the ball behind the net instead of taking on players and keep dancing on the box if possible to even take on opposition keeper then score.



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