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19 Apr 2021 00:35:02
With the Statement by clubs, it's clear that it has nothing to do anything with our domestic league. It's all abt european football and reforming it.

{Ed002's Note - You may want to read the FA and Premier League statement.}

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19 Apr 2021 00:58:13
Their statements hardly matters or stands coz this is not a "breakaway" from domestic league. Infact it has completely nothing to do with FA or Premier league. It's all about European football UEFA. They massively got wrong this one.

19 Apr 2021 01:02:27
It is against the rules they agreed to as uefa and fa member clubs, so it is a breach, it is an elitist closed shop, it goes against everything football has been built on, it is a cash grab whose design will hurt other competitions and clubs, it is against the ethos of the supporters continent wide, it is wrong for football supporters and a betrayal of all those excluded.

19 Apr 2021 01:22:15
How will it hurt other competition? They will even give 10B which will be distributed all levels of football outside european league. Each Club will have 3.10B for infastructure which will create more jobs if used properly. FA and UEFA are completely different bodies when it comes to football. Neither FA or Premier league have any reason or even can challenge in Courts what's happening outside their domestic league, neither they're crazy to kick the top 6 and destroy the hand which keeps on feeding them coz can't see laliga kicking Real or Barcelona lol.

19 Apr 2021 03:45:32
Closed competition without consequences for the golden 15 with that sort of cash incentive will lead those clubs to inevitably prioritizing this new "competition" over any domestic ones even if they were somehow allowed to be involved by their F. A. s . The F. A. and U. E. F. A. have issued statements supporting each others stances and there won't be a court in Europe that will back the turncoats. And if you think that the money they will use to buy their way back will ever wash the filth of this episode off their hands then you don't know football supporters . Grassroots will be abused as ever if not neglected as usual, and unless you've got confirmed inside knowledge about the figures involved don't bother quoting a throwaway statement from a bunch of snakes in suits . Real and Barcelona are as dirty as the rest, but my concern is Liverpool. We've got to be better than this.

19 Apr 2021 04:51:46
There's no option for LFC, move on with times or perish simple as that. If UEFA can't find Solutions in coming days ESL goes through then LFC have very little Choice. Coz other 14 teams won't care and we will loose everything.

19 Apr 2021 05:22:27
Liverpool fc was founded over a century ago, through plague, famine, war, death and Margaret Thatcher it has thrived, to think this club would "perish" is laughable, uefa isn't perfect but this isn't just against some bureaucrats rules . This is against fans, it's against the concept of fairness of competition which is the heart and soul of progress, you talk as if those teams are our enemies, they are our family! They are our history! that's just how it is . If you can't grasp that then follow John Henry into his special boys club, but if you make that choice do the rest of us a favour and don't come back, I wish you well.

19 Apr 2021 06:33:44
Talking absolute rubbish Kopforever. I hope the club folds over this.

19 Apr 2021 07:21:42
We’re not going to perish. We were posting record profits the last few years. But no amount is enough for these greedy owners.
Under these proposals, winning the super league will be all important and the premier league will be an afterthought like the F. A. Cup is now and will be used simply for reserves and to blood youngsters while keeping the first team fit for Europe. If we are going to be in the Super League forever, regardless of where we finish in either league, then why would we bust a gut in the Prem?

19 Apr 2021 08:07:49
Those records, players, money will go, it seems you've no idea what you're talking abt . if ESL goes through then players, sponsors, fame everything will go with ESL is simple as that.

19 Apr 2021 14:11:16
Why do I no idea Other than your say so? you've just contradicted everything you said about it not affecting other clubs and competitions and shown how ignorant and selfish your ideology is, this club can do better than deal with greedy, manipulative, idiotic and short sighted influences and as you keep repeating is as simple as that.



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