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20 Apr 2021 22:57:36
Liverpool have put out a statement saying they are no longer going ahead with it.

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20 Apr 2021 23:00:52
Now we just need to keep up the protests vocally and financially until fsg find a buyer and f off back to America. Easier said than done I know. Maybe ed2 has a couple billion in the caymans.

20 Apr 2021 23:04:24
Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

20 Apr 2021 23:19:05
We need top four now!
Sorry, Reds; if I don't laugh, I'll cry. I'm going to concentrate on Megan Fox instead.

20 Apr 2021 23:31:17
Rigsby, you're with Megan fox and you posting here. That's dedication.

21 Apr 2021 01:46:53
Although I agree that our urrent owners made a massive gaff with this ESL idea, and have made some mistakes since their ownership commenced, let's at least be respectful of the fact that they saved us from Hicks and Gillet and invested enough into the team and infrastructure to get us a team that for last 3 years has been unbelieveable, a manager many of us would walk over hot coals for and basically kept us from oblivion. Yes they have made a massive mistake and I think they have damaged t=not only our Brand but themselves, but not everything they have done has been bad. Yes they must go, but let us also remember the good they have done weighed against the bad of the last few days.

{Ed0666's Note - Some mistakes? Is this the zenith of understatements? They have totally messed up continuously putting capitalism before sentiment and that is there prerogative as non supporting businessmen but this time an apology won’t suffice. Bring on the next custodians.

21 Apr 2021 02:40:12
As I said, they must go, their collective actions dictate that their position as custodians of the club is untenable, but just to remember not everything is bad. Football has been for at least the last 30 years run as a business to those in the background, with little or no thought given to us the fans. However now they are have moved further into the spotlight and have now crossed that line between stay and go, Go and goodbye, some actions since their tenure began have been deplorable, and the last few days and prior when all this was dreamed up have been beyond the pale, but they still did invest and made us a better stronger team. That in no way excuses their current actions and of course some of the background actions that I persoanly and others was not aware of cannot and will not be defended, but I refuse to make them devils incarnate for being what they are, unscrupulous businessmen with no feeling or passion for our sport, but to say thank you for saving us from going out of existence and at least getting us the Pem titel and champs league on the way. Just because they have shown themselves for what they are, we do not have to stoop to their level, we can say thank you and goodbye and wait for new investors/ owners to try and restore our name to where it belongs. Be prepared though for us to end up weaker for a few years unless shiek megamillions buys us.

{Ed0666's Note - why would you think prospective owners would lack finances? I agree because of FSG we don’t have the lowly status that H&G left us in but that doesent mean we’re gonna be bought by paupers. And let me give you an analogy about the FSG tenure. If you’re partner buys you lots of presents and showers you with love but beats the crap out of you once in a while do you stay in that relationship? FSG have undeniably done some Uber positive things for the club and winning the champions league, premiership and bringing in Klopp have been the highlights but they have also done some unforgivable things. So do we still keep taking a beating or do we decide to decide Grinch?

21 Apr 2021 16:16:32
i did state in both posts that i feel they should go.



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