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21 Apr 2021 08:06:37
John W Henry has just released a public video apology on LFC YouTube channel.

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21 Apr 2021 08:12:32
It’s good to see him front up and apologise without hiding behind the club.

I don’t think he has any idea the damage he’s done though.

21 Apr 2021 08:21:56
Just wathed this. I don't think he had a choice to do anything but apologise but I don't think it's going to wash with anyone!

{Ed001's Note - too little, too late. Clearly thrown out due to the backlash after their withdrawal message did not acknowledge the fans. Pathetic attempt to weasel out of any kind of protests. Though Henry did get one thing right - he is to blame.}

21 Apr 2021 08:23:58
It is clear that an error was made and they saw the depth of that error over the last 48 hours. We fans should rightly watch closely over the coming weeks and months to see how the club and particularly the leadership of the club moves forward.

That said, I also believe that what FSG has done over the last 10 years for our club has been tremendous. From where we were, nearly out of business under the Texas goons, to developing Anfield and addressing a 30 years drought by winning the Premier League and Champs League the year before, has been wonderful and I have loved the ride. Are they perfect, no. Have mistakes been made, yes. But, they also have delivered on many levels.

I wish for nothing more than fans back at Anfield and for LFC to fairly compete. Let us now come together and move forward.


21 Apr 2021 08:40:07
It’s baffling how it came to this. Why did he not gauge fan opinion before committing to anything? Fans forums are the norm these days and it would’ve been clear that it’s a non starter and the fans would’ve given him kudos for getting us involved in the decision.
The stupidity from all clubs involved is ridiculous.

21 Apr 2021 08:58:27
Conslfc I could only give you one thumbs up, saved me making a hash of trying to say the same thing . These nutty Americans with their ideas of world domination.

21 Apr 2021 08:38:41
Saw yesterday it's not easy for them as they've been brought up in different culture, that's how things work in America

Now let's move on . he has taken full responsibility rather then blame a "CEO" etc.

21 Apr 2021 08:45:34
Spot on Ed01 and Conslfc. I fully agree with you both. I just saw his apology clip on Youtube and frankly, I a impressed. Normally, billionaires from the States NEVER apologize nor take full personal responsibility for their actions. They often hide behind well-crafted "apologies" created by lawyers and attorneys and PR people. I don't think that happened here.

JWH took personal responsibility for this fiasco and the keyword for me was "I". "I am to blame". "I am sole responsible". "I let you down" and so on. Regardless of whatever was done wrong, I will always appreciate someone apologizing by taking full responsibility for his/ her actions. The next thing for FSG now is how to pick up the pieces and this is where the REAL work begins for them. Trust is broken now and it takes forever to get that back. Good luck to them.

{Ed001's Note - if he thinks he is to blame then fall on your sword. I am not impressed. He is doing nothing but hiding out there in the US and paying lip service to taking the blame. He will still be planning another attempt to destroy the game. Snake.} Become a Patron!

21 Apr 2021 11:18:22
Ed01 but we know he won't fall on his sword and walk away so no point asking for something we know we won't get. Ed Woodward may have resigned at Utd (prolly saw this as an out cos he was prolly trying to leave anyway, IMO) BUT the Glazers ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Same for FSG.

Since he won't resign or won't sell up, we have to put pressure on FSG to put things right as they pick up the pieces. I do find something odd in his apology. JWH said the ESL would never go thru without the fans wanting it. I mean, has FSG not learned a damn thing with the ticketing issues years back, the tapping up with VVD and others, the Furlough fiasco and the Operation Big Foot? Sometimes, I don't understand these billionaires or let me correct that, I do understand them cos they all live in a bubble hence, their reality is completely devoid of context and rational. Just money, money, money.

{Ed001's Note - if the pressure is kept on the govt to bring in legislation to put 51% in the hands of fans, then he won't want to stay, nor will FSG imo.} Become a Patron!



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