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21 Apr 2021 11:38:43
I feel its funny how some LFC "fans" are now open to forgiving FSG for this latest blunder.

There has been many postives in their ownership over the years, but how much of this has been down to them or down to the managment team (I. E Klopp)

FSG have done good things but will always be remembered for the bad things too, and this one was a step to far.

The apology is nonsense, this isn't "FAN POWER" this is purely down to the threats from the governing bodys and LFC and MUTD misrepresenting the project to other teams.

The fans could revolt all they wanted they would just sell the tickets to corporates and probably make even more money.

This was about increasing the level of income to these already rich people, this wasnt going to lead to the Mbappes of the world signing, it was purely to line their pockets prior to selling.

FSG have to go, and there is no time like the present in order to do it.

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21 Apr 2021 11:46:50
I agree Klopp, this was the latest in many gaffs. The first couple mistakes can be overlooked, but gaff after gaff after gaff. One is an accident, two is a trend and to me they have to go. How that happens, I have no idea, but to me the little trust that was left, is gone.

21 Apr 2021 11:51:41
I don't think it's case of forgiving them, it's just a case of being wary of who are these alternative owners that everyone seems convinced are waiting in the wings to pay the money FSG will want for us?

21 Apr 2021 11:53:59
Yes let's get rid of FSG. We could end up with really good owners like Hicks and Gillette.

21 Apr 2021 12:25:22
Who do u want to replace FSG with, an Arab billionaire (no we don't want you be like Man city), Russian mafia ( we don't want to be Chelsea) but we want to spend 300 million on players every window and compete with the likes of City, Utd, Madrid, Barca, Psg.

21 Apr 2021 12:27:44
Or we could end up with owners who actually will do the right thing. Hicks and gilellet get a lot of stick for just running out of money and then falling out with each other.

21 Apr 2021 12:30:19
Completely agree Klopp. FSG need to go and I’m quite adamant on that. The apology was like getting caught cheating on your other half. Only apologising because you got caught or in their case because the idea of the Super League didn’t go according to plan. If other clubs pressed ahead with this breakaway we would have as well and there would be no apology or pulling out. Only snag is finding an owner with the resources to buy us at the current valuation, who don’t have a merky past and has the clubs best interests at the forefront. Easier said than done hey.

21 Apr 2021 12:47:25
"Owners who will actually do the right thing". That's the root of all issues and definitely where all the problems start. How can anyone successfully argue that the right thing for the owners is also the right thing for the supporters? It rarely is. The motivations for both are usually diametrically opposed. And it's a very fine line trying to find common ground. Therefore, who gets to decide any and all course of action? The owners who put their own money up? Or the supporters who are loyal visitors on weekends? To most the answer is obvious, but it's not how everyone thinks or behaves.

21 Apr 2021 13:44:07
Spot on, Crazy horse316. "Owners who will do the right thing". According to who? What would be the right thing that all the fans would agree with? Spend 300m every window? If FSG were to go then, what type of owners would we want?

FSG is going nowhere except there is a buyer and till that happens, we are stuck with them so what we need to do now, is to mount a lot of pressure on them to get things right and remain vigilant and keep an eye on them. That is the part we can control as fans. All the other stuff except of course, you have the cash to buy them out, is all futile rhetoric that will go nowhere.

{Ed001's Note - well then let's just let the ****s ruin our reputation and destroy our club shall we? I can't believe anyone can defend the scumbags right now. This apathetic crap is why nothing will happen because apologists like you will just sit on your hands waiting for someone else to pay the money. Scousers have never stood by and let things happen. We have always fought for what is right, no matter how much time it takes.}

21 Apr 2021 13:48:37
Finding an owner with a good moral compass that wants what is best for fans will NEVER happen. The people that have the sort of money to invest are business men/ women, super rich dodgy Russians and Saudi princes, they have those amounts of money because they are shrewd and selfish, they make decision that have their portfolios best invests at heart.

21 Apr 2021 13:04:40
There are plenty of owners out there doing the right thing for the clubs they own. Trying to take the football away from the fans and shafting us after years of commitment isn’t the right thing to do but fsg clearly think it was. To say they did this for the fans is utter bs. Why did Bayern and the German clubs say to get lost as the people running them are doing the right thing!

21 Apr 2021 16:09:05
Also are all arabs and russians dodgy? seems to be the thinking of most on here.

{Ed0666's Note - exactly just typifies the crazy world we live in that xenophobia is the primary thought from some when we think about folks from other countries



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