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21 Apr 2021 11:51:48
I'd like to play Devil's advocate here regarding the recent furor over the Super League.

Now, I don't particularly have an opinion on it one way or the other. I wasn't outraged a others were but also wasn't overly happy. Main point, this was handled totally incorrectly in my opinion and is also one of the reasons for the strong reaction from fans, was quite dramatic and shocking. Let us remember that talk of this Super League has been around for years, Ed002 has been discussing it for a very long time. I think everyone is well aware that football is no longer the ;working class' game and hasn't been for a very long time. I feel people need to get over this and accept football is big business with a lot of money to be made, and lost.
FSG have quite literally saved the club and given us the one thing that has eluded us fans for over 30 years, the PL. Are the perfect, absolutely not. I am not advocating them in any way but I think us fans need to remember what life was like before.
I would also like to point out that this Super League situation appeared to be a power play by a select few clubs to capitalise on their fan base and popularity and in the end make more money for the owners and the club. Was this not also the intention when the PL was formed, or when the European Cup became the CL? I would also like to ask fans why there was so much hatred towards these owners when the very organisations currently running football have been rife with corruption for years. Does anybody really believe UEFA or FIFA have the fans interests at heart, not if you look at the new CL format. It is about making money.
I haven't been to a game in years, purely because it is impossible unless you pay through your nose or know a season ticket holder. In LFC's case, what makes those fans so different from the greedy owners of FSG who pass down their season ticket through the family or pass it on to mates, claiming they're 'real fans' purely because they're grandad had a season ticket. If the Super League enabled LFC to capitalise and make money, thus enabling more people around the world to see them play live, is that a bad thing?
As Ed002 has mentioned many times, football is changing and it can no longer support tier upon tier of professional clubs. The question is, when the inevitable does happen, would us fans be happy for LFC to stand morally by and be left behind, or would they want the club to have a seat at the top table?

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21 Apr 2021 12:09:50
“FSG saved the club and given us the PL”.
This myth still pervades. Cringe.

21 Apr 2021 12:22:36
Lowel its a not a myth. The proof is out there, Moores did not spend anything on the club and made us a second tier club while the likes of Man utd, Arsenal, Chelsea were growing immensely. They then sold us to Gillet and Hicks for few extra millions which went into their personal pocket. They had brought Hodgson along with Koncesky and co and took us almost to liquidation. Fsg brought us Kloop, Vvd, Allison, Mane, Salah, Pl title. So be a bit grateful to them. They are not perfect but are much better that FA, UEFA, FIFA who are all rotten to the core. Be careful what u wish for as may be the next owner will be worse then these. And as all of the fans being the morele police, if u were given a better job with more money we will all jump on to it just like Carra and Neville did with Sky.

21 Apr 2021 12:34:30
Genuine question here as I am confused, LoweLFC, how is that a myth?

21 Apr 2021 12:37:58
What i will say is that the success Liverpool have achieved under these owners, the owners should be hero worshipped just like Klopp. Unfortunately with all the other things that have gone on before and now this fiasco, they are practically dispised but they have only themselves to blame for continuously shooting themselves in the foot.

I would want Liverpool in the new league Stuie as much as I would hate it! I would want Liverpool playing in a mickey mouse league. It would be nothing without the other 5 teams.

21 Apr 2021 12:53:44
Crazyhorse - Moores, Hicks and Gillett were terrible owners, something I am not disputing. No more need be said about any of them.
Crazyhorse and Zeddicus - FSG did not win us the PL, that was down to the unbelievable effort of Jurgen Klopp and the team. This is not comparable to a situation like at Man City and Chelsea where the input of the owners is or has been to such a degree that some of their titles could be attributed to ‘being bought by the owners”. FSG have not influenced the game anything like as much. Before Klopp came in and demonstrated his brilliance we were going absolutely nowhere under these same owners.
Fundamentally, FSG have shown they hold the fans of the game in nothing but contempt, and for that reason they are unfit to continue their stewardship of our club.

21 Apr 2021 13:18:58
Lowel please suggest us someone who can takeover from FSG and be the dream owner everyone is crying for. Secondly no one can take away what Kloop and the boys have achieved but the owners should be given some sort of credit for their vision and efforts to bring in Kloop, support him, provide him with 75 mil for VVD and 50mil for a goalkeeper.
I am definitely not saying that FSG is perfect but most of the owners will jump to this ESL decision if they would be making billions and take their business to the next level. The ESL will happen one day and the fans are blind with their concept that football is a fair and just game. There is nothing fair when City, Chelsea, PSG, Barcelona could spend 200mil on players and we are looking for players from Preston north end and still the fans wants us to win the PL And CL. do u think its fair we spend 2.5mil on 2 CB in total when we needed them and City spend 110mil on 2 CB.
Life is not fair but if we remain in the mix with the big boys on the pitch and off the pitch we ensure the LFC legacy alive. The LFC legacy has changed since the days of Shankley and if we won't evolve we will be the next Nottingham forest and not the closest rival for City, Utah or Chelsea.

21 Apr 2021 13:25:18
Lowelfc. Its not even worth engaging in you if you can't see what FSG have done for us. Who do you think hired klopp in the first place? Or is no credit given for that.

21 Apr 2021 13:37:23
LoweLFC, I just cannot agree with you. FSG have changed the whole culture at the club from top to bottom, they are the ones at the top that are responsible for the appointments below them, they put the right people in the right places to make success happen. They have made mistakes over the years but look at every other club in the league, they have made mistakes too but FSG are responsible for soo much good that has happened at the club over there rain. We were crying out for an owner to help us catch up with the revenues of Man U and now we complain they are selling the soul of the club for profits.

Man City and Chelsea's owners have made plenty of mistakes but have been in a fortunate enough position to be able to finance the club out of the problem.

21 Apr 2021 13:37:29
LoweLFC, tell me. Who hired Klopp then cos Klopp did not hire himself? Who gave him all the tools to achieve all he has achieved? Who allowed him to spend the 500m he has spent since he got here? Who stuck by him when things were not going great? Who stuck by him when he was dragging the Klopp thru the mud with his tapping up rubbish? You cannot take away their achievements just cos you don't like them cos you are not making a whole lot of sense with your arguments. Two things can be correct at the same time. Give to Caesar what is Caesar, please.

Nobody is saying FSG are great. They were not great before this fiasco and they definitely are not great now and in fact, they have reached their lowest point since they took us over and that is their cross to bear. But don't start removing their dues just cos you don't like them.

21 Apr 2021 15:27:12
Lowel, besides the many points others have raised above, FSG have also benefited the club off the pitch, with investment in the stadium and training facilities etc. But that is all besides the point, I think all fans know the situation when they took over etc, but the main point is that both UEFA and FIFA have corrupted this 'beautiful' game for years with dirty back handers in brown envelopes, yet everyone is outraged that a handful of clubs should decide to maximise their marketing power and popularity and try and exert control over their own money making. let's not kid ourselves, if this super league went ahead tomorrow, TV broadcasters would be paying through their noses for it. Everyone has morals into they smell the money. As a 33 year old, life long fan, would if affect my life one bit if Liverpool were to play PL or Super League, not at all. As long as they win trophies, whatever they may be, and I can watch entertaining football, that is all that matters. Where is the outrage when players demand £600,000 PER WEEK or when Sky charge 'the working classes' hundreds of pounds just to watch a game of football on TV. I have priorities in my life, and what league Liverpool decide to play in is not one of them.

21 Apr 2021 16:39:37
500 mill to spend on players, ok buddy 😁.



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