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21 Apr 2021 16:56:04
Just like everyone else I've sat and watched all the goings on and I've seen various takes on both the breakaway and the so called apology.
It stinks.
All of it, I'm so embarrassed of the behaviour of our owners it's mad and no amount of shallow apologies or PR is going to make that go away.
We have had constant stuff with these owners that have put our stock amongst other clubs at an all time low including the tapping up of players etc etc and to be honest for me enough is enough.
Now I know we can not expect new owners any time soon, I think ED02 is bang on the money there, but something needs to change, you can't spend ten years at a club and not realise what the fans are all about, I feel like every other club outside the so called super 6 is now pointing fingers at all of us, and rightly so, it doesn't matter if we expect the owners to take the brunt of this, we are going to get hassle for a while yet until fans of other clubs have got this off their chests.
I don't know what I expect to happen or if anything will change but what I do know is these profiteering sharks whether they be in the business of making money or not, do not belong in our game.
The lunatics have taken over the asylum and I fear this will happen again in the future if the whole game doesn't get some sort of mass reset while the fires are still burning, for the record that includes sky tv and the whole premier league thing and in particular uefa and it's new terrible champions league format.
I wasn't an FSG out person before but having supported 40 odd years of my life and seeing that we as fans are last on the list of importance to these people then I'm afraid i very much am now.
Get out and stay out and take those Glazers with you.

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21 Apr 2021 18:58:28
Firstly I understand your pain, so please answer which players have the owners tapped? .
And please explain how are the fans last on their list, everytime the fans had a backlash at them they accepted their mistake and turned things around. Weather it was the hike in ticket price or this. May be they wanted more revenue for us to compete with Barca, real, Chelsea, City, Utd. I belive the most here don't even know the full reasoning and jumping on the band wagon as they had nothing to do for the last 1 year due to the C.V.

21 Apr 2021 19:44:28
Like i said in my post buddy i've supported 40 odd years, there's no bandwagon jumping here just a lot of thought 😉.

21 Apr 2021 20:49:38
Not you Rum Lad and sorry if I hurt your feeling but there are some many who are not giving this a second thought. All I want is for us to be always in the mix with the richest, best and most powerful club as that's the only way to have success on pitch. Now how is that achieved is a different thing, may be I just don't want us to struggle for every penny to support our managers and players.



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