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21 Apr 2021 19:26:56
Hi Eds / All

Not sure about anyone else, but I've only come here for the honest appraisal of the situation - and so thank you to all Eds, Ed002 in particular. I hope you keep posting - and know that for whatever you bile you receive, there are more of us that are really grateful for what you do.

Just wondering (as it's all I can do)...

Now this ESL has taken a turn (not done as you say...), do you think there will be a more targeted assault on Liverpool and Man Utd as the instigators on this? - From the media? So far most media outlets have seemingly continued to criticise all owners in equal measure. Or would it start to land people in legal trouble to so so? If we can read it here, how are the seemingly treated equally in the press?

And thoughts on UEFA and FIFA - Do you think they are actually strengthened in their ability to control and form a new format? - or is there is realisation that fans have swayed the withdrawal and perhaps leaves them both looking a little bit on shaky ground.

I'm not sure (beacause not in the know in any way) this would have ended where it is without the huge backlash from fans; And it feels very much like if the reaction had been different, UEFA and FIFA were really going to struggle.

Sadly, I can see what the Eds allude to, that Liverpool (probably UTD?) owners smell blood and will go back into their cave, regroup and look to another way...

Thanks 👍

I shamelessly rave about this site to friends and I only ever point them here to read what's happening

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21 Apr 2021 20:03:39
The fact is that there are other proposals out there, as Ed002 has alluded to many a time. A Chinese proposal, another out from Miami and maybe others that I've forgotten. So it's not like LFC and ManU are lone wolves trying to overturn an established order. This proposal, exactly like all the others, was about making more money for those putting money in. The 12 teams ("the Dirty Dozen"), JP Morgan and whoever was involved, clearly wanted to make a head start before any of the other proposals got a chance of being started or accepted.

Still too soon to say what happens next, because all of the dust has not settled. But thanks to "the Dirty Dozen" or "Son of Bigfoot" (take your pick), one thing has become massively clear to all parties involved on both sides. Take the fans, the supporters, the players and most of local management for granted, and you risk the wrath and fury of a tsunami as we just saw. Change is unavoidable I think. You have a choice between evolution or revolution, with accompanying risks.

{Ed002's Note - The others have all been in collaboration and consultation with UEFA. Son of Bigfoot was in response to a threat. You need to see these things in context and ironically the "elite" club sides met today although UEFA declined their invitation.}

21 Apr 2021 20:48:57
Jumping in here as well I just want to say thank you to Ed002 (and all the Eds for that matter) for you continual contribution to this website. I’ve been visiting this site almost daily since the transfer window in which we signed Carrol and Suarez and you have always provided a unique insight into the way that football works. Hopefully the abuse you get doesn’t get to you and you can still kick back and relax with a nice gin while listening to come cowboy radio tunes at the end of the day and know that a great many of us who visit this site are eternally grateful for all that you provide to us.

Red Sandman.

{Ed0666's Note - nice one sandman. Appreciate the love

21 Apr 2021 22:28:54
Yes, Ed002. When I mentioned evolution versus revolution in my last sentence, I was referring to bringing about change through discussion and collaboration (evolution) with FA, FIFA or UEFA or whoever else are relevant parties. This recent incident had revolution written all over it. A badly planned, grossly mistimed and certainly amateurish effort at that too.

{Ed002's Note - Other parties are already doing that - and the club are aware of it.}



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