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23 Apr 2021 07:21:48
There’s a lot talk about punishment for us 6 clubs and what the other 14 club want to do about it. I agree there should be a punishment but if we are deducted points then it’s the fans it’s hurting as well. We have done nothing wrong! Surly it’s the owners that need the punishment in some way. Massive fines ect.

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23 Apr 2021 08:30:59
Why they should be punished? You'll be punishing the players and fans of those clubs. Who did nothing wrong.
Instead maybe cut a percentage of their prize money for the current season. So it hits the owners wallets Anything else is wrong. The players were against this they shouldn't be punished.

23 Apr 2021 08:38:32
Tell that to Bury, Bolton, Wigan etc.

23 Apr 2021 09:12:02
OP, Punished for what? Punished for what did NOT happen? Or punish the club where fans and players were against it? Ain't buying it. The govt. and the other clubs are just posturing and grandstanding to make it look like they were involved in the mutiny that kneecapped the ESL venture. Nothing will happen to the clubs themselves. The owners? Maybe and even that, lawsuits could be flying off the shelves, man. Sorry, I don't see it.

23 Apr 2021 09:20:08
Would 14 votes be enough to pass any punishments?

23 Apr 2021 11:56:39
The only thing stopping most other clubs joining the super league is they weren't invited. If they got the chance do you not think they would be looking to join the "elite"?
It's easy for fans of other clubs to tut tut, cry crocodile tears and point at the " big six" when they're owners can only dream of being in such a position.

23 Apr 2021 14:38:17
Why is everyone so adamant that a fine will just hit the owners in their pockets? Surely they only effect would be that they pay a bill instead of making signings?

23 Apr 2021 17:22:45
The best way to punish the owners would be to make them watch Tim Sherwood for an hour.

23 Apr 2021 17:42:31
The thing is about punitive punishment is that it’s likely to accelerate any plans to do this and gives the 12 clubs a reason to proceed, imagine if the premier league relegated the teams or gave them 20 point deductions, as well as UEFA banning the clubs from their tournaments, that’s almost in invite to up sticks and go.

I understand that UEFA have said they’re not taking action (at least that’s what I heard) as the clubs had withdrawn from the plans and I imagine that the domestic leagues are unlikely to take any action other than strengthening their own regulations in this matter and maybe fines/ suspended punishments.

23 Apr 2021 19:09:13
Bolton, Bury, Wigan and all the other clubs that have have points penalties or other sanctions for going into administration, I would argue, are more appropriate cases a points deduction than the ESL.

Where a club has gone into administration its almost always because the owners have spent beyond the clubs means. Typically this spending is on players who they wouldn't have been able to afford had they stuck to affordability.

The team, and by extension, the fans have benefited from living beyond their means in terms of the quality and cost of players they have bought.

Those players contribute (you would hope! ) positively to the results. So, a points deduction could be seen to just be taking back the points that the club 'cheated' their way to by breaking the financial rules.

Compare that to the ESL and you can see that the team nor the fans have benefited at all as the league didn't really launch, in fact, by paying a penalty of c£8m, the club may have actually lost out.

So, having had no benefit, why should the players and the fans be made to suffer sanctions?



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