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24 Apr 2021 14:33:27
What has happened to Mane and Firmino, such a loss of form?
Liverpool can't hit a bull's bum with a banjo at the moment.

No top 4 this time. We might end up 6th or 7th at this rate.

I know there are few fans able to attend, but that is only part of it.


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24 Apr 2021 14:35:55
I think Ngog would do a better job for us now than Mane is doing!

24 Apr 2021 14:41:34
I thought Mane and Firmino had good games (except for not scoring) . Jota was the worst of the lot.

24 Apr 2021 14:42:38
We don't deserve top 4 place.
At least the argument is over whether this a great team. Its not. Do really great teams blip last a whole season?
This poor attitude was evident since we mathematically won the title last season. Its no blip.

24 Apr 2021 14:47:50
Firmino played quite well today I thought. We don't deserve top 4. What positions get into the Europa league and then the new Mikey House competition.

24 Apr 2021 14:49:14
You can add Salah and Jota to that list as well. Probably the worst games I’ve seen Jota play. Bobby can thread a ball through the eye of a needle then the next 5 passes he can’t find a player in a red shirt 4 yards away. Salah scored a lovely goal but could have had 3 or 4 and Mane looks like he could have been on the pitch on his own all day and wouldn’t have scored. We have zero goal threat from any of our midfielders and despite his energy Robbo struggles to beat the first man with a cross. Defence today we were like a revolving door and our defensive line was all over the shop. It’s been a terrible season and since Christmas it’s been sh#t. I’ve come to the decision where I am going to cancel all of my sports channels and try to stream games or even listen to it on the radio.

I will always love and support this club but I am no longer willing to put my hand in my pocket to pay the extortionate prices to fund this shower of sh#t.

24 Apr 2021 14:56:29
Mané’s head has been turned. He has been awful for months. Firmino’s finishing has been awful since last season. Time to blood a youngster, shame Elliott is on loan.

24 Apr 2021 14:59:57
Liverpool attempted 54 shots in their last two games, scoring just twice. But people will say stats prove nothing. This one does.

24 Apr 2021 15:11:08
Bobby as been poor for last 18 months but gets picked every game, gini as been poor for last 3 or 4 months, mane poor last 6 months but get picked every single game, so Klopp should be questioned.

24 Apr 2021 15:30:53
Plus add to my comment we have far too many passengers in this squad. Just look at the minutes they have contributed this season. Some of them have been paid millions of pounds for the equivalent of 2-6 games of football.

Yes we can argue that they aren’t being selected but the question is why aren’t they being selected.

The answer can only be they are worse in training than the players who aren’t producing on the pitch or Klopp is wrong by not picking them.

It’s either they are not good enough or Klopps to blame for the team selection.

After seeing what some have produced coming off the bench I know what my answer is.

24 Apr 2021 15:48:47
If Mane's head has been turned, so has Wijnaldum's.

Going from such a successful season to one that relatively is poor.
Questions must be asked.

24 Apr 2021 15:49:27
We have had 146 shots on goal at Anfield since January and we have only scored 4. That’s a 2% conversation rate, which is shocking!

24 Apr 2021 15:50:25
I'm starting to get a little worried about Jota, tbh.

I really am starting to wonder if Jota is better utilised as a super sub because those seem to be his best games. Arriving when the opposition defence grow tired mentally and physically, using his pace to be direct and break through the defensive line.

Mane and Firmino, it is clear they are really struggling and that one, or both, should be sold in order to create funds. A rebuild is impossible without Champions League football, so, surely Harvey Elliott needs to be considered and integrated into the team. Klopp clearly has little time for Ox, Shaq, etc. Might as well give an opportunity to a youngster who will be desperate to play and impress.

24 Apr 2021 16:33:52
Further to my comments about 'Head turning' of players.
The ESL issue must be involved somewhere. Of course we are not privy to behind the scene events, but I would bet ESL and money promises made has had an effect.
I don't have any evidence, it is just a feeling I have.
I am sure more information about the ESL situation will come out.
Also this is not an issue that has or will go away. The whole ESL thing will return, soon enough.
Vigilance is needed.

{Ed002's Note - No, it had no impact on the Liverpool players.}

24 Apr 2021 16:44:34
Esl was announced Sunday. Players have been crap since Dec. It’s like me blaming all my failed GCSE’s 23 years ago on the ESL 🤣.

24 Apr 2021 16:53:07
I watched the game and didn't see Gini untill about the 30th minute.
Some skipper?

24 Apr 2021 17:02:17
Yuri, we were this poor long before any talk about ESL. Not having Fabinho in midfield is a license for anyone to simply run through our midfield. Add to that the fact we barely score any goals and he’s a recipe for disaster.

24 Apr 2021 17:19:08
You cannot say this wasn't a great team. I think people are forgetting too quickly the last 3 years. Yes the front 3 need a freshen up, but come one, this team has been the best football team on the planet for 3 years. It happens, Fergie constantly refreshed his squads over the years. The real question, is can we freshen ours successfully and get back to winning ways.

24 Apr 2021 17:39:49
Correct Stuie, but it will very much be dependent on who we can bring in. We need at least 5 players.

24 Apr 2021 17:50:01
It’s very simple play the players in their best positions fab in defence is slow and invites players to run at him, would Davis have done any worse in the last two games had he of played we don’t know. He had no choice but to play Phillips a dozen games ago now he’s our best defender.
Last two results down to JK I’m afraid.

24 Apr 2021 18:00:09
People criticising Jota while Firmino produces that rubbish? Cudnt believe he stayed on the pitch. the least effective attacker in the premier league this season, and that's no exaggeration.

24 Apr 2021 18:10:36
Some unbelievable reading there.
We drew a game. It happens.
It’s posts like these that really do go against everything that’s just about left for us a team and a club.
It’s been a bad season. We have suffered with injuries, the owners have shown the true colours that we have been told from the start what there all about. There here to make money. They are business men. It’s what they do!
Jota missed a few chances. At least he was in those positions to miss them! Mane is out of form. Everything he’s done for us and now he’s on a bad run we should kick him out. Firmino is doing what he does. We know this! Didn’t see the Firmino out shouts when we was champions league finalists and running Man City to the title and winning the title the season after!
I’m seriously bemused to all the negativity from us. Supporters of the greatest team in the world! That’s my belief. That’s my passion. That’s what I have given blood sweat and tears for over the years.
We are LIVERPOOL football club. We pick ourselves up. Dust our selves off and we go again. In Klopp I trust.
In Liverpool I believe
Seems that some of the posts would let a few players walk out the Anfield gates alone.
Not the Liverpool way.

24 Apr 2021 18:53:48
Totally agree with you YNWA.

24 Apr 2021 18:54:52
We have all given blood sweat and tears Gaz827. I also respect your opinion as we are all entitled to one. However, I’m bemused how you’re bemused about the “negativity”. People are just dejected and disappointed at what has happened to our club over the last however many months. Did you expect exuberance and overwhelming positivity?

24 Apr 2021 19:07:18
Every singe football club will always have fans who are glasses half full or glasses half empty or even full or completely empty, everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I do notice though is the the ivory tower fans are the ones that seem to get the most upset about the opinions that differ to theirs.

24 Apr 2021 19:13:53
Gaz that is not true about Firmino either, he scored only one home goal last season plenty of criticism came his way. It’s just now more obvious how bad he is playing as other players levels have dropped like a stone. The passenger ed25 calls him, hope ed is doing well.

{Ed001's Note - Ed025 lost his phone last week, hence going missing. Luckily it was a quiet week in the world of football so he missed nothing.....}

24 Apr 2021 19:35:34
Thought Bobby had a good go today and didn't have a bad game at all. Jota was frustrated, mane is off and i forgot Gini was playing when he touched the ball 30 mins in. We give up way too many chances and don't take ours. Game should have been over by half time. Just the way the season has gone.

24 Apr 2021 19:17:22
Absolutely not Alonso but to start rolling heads of players who were good enough to win the league last season is a step to far.
A simple issue today. We didn’t put a chance away after Salah scored.
Not a mention on here that Firmino slid on the 18yd line to stop a potential shot on goal.
It’s mostly negativity over players.
We have had games were we haven’t created.

We can’t be there, but we can be there for them.

24 Apr 2021 20:20:34
Reference to me on the ivory tower comment?

Just astounded that because it hasn’t gone your way you feel the need to hound people out of the club.

Reality check is guys and girls. All we didn’t do today was put the ball in the back of the net more than once!

Guys and girls. Have a pleasant evening.
I’m going to admire the view from the ivory tower.

24 Apr 2021 23:27:19
Today was a classic example where the underdog just stays in the game for as long as possible, waits for fatigue or nerves to kick in near the end and takes a solitary chance to walk away with a point. Both Managers would have told the players exactly the same thing. It’s incumbent on Liverpool to score a second to kill the game but as the game wore on even with a lucky VAR we didn’t learn.
The big big issue for me is mentality, last year we were the mentality monsters, now it has evaporated to such a level that we need to question how to get it back. Is it new players? Is it coaching? Is it lack of fans getting behind the team?
It was the mentality or lack of ruthlessness that cost us here today and Leeds and Real Madrid and so on and so on. If I was Mane, I would be training and training to get over this slump, you don’t need to hire Fowler or Rush, they’ll come for free to offer advice and tips. All I finally want to say is next year, I would love to not be involved in Europe if it isn’t the CL so we can just concentrate on the league.

24 Apr 2021 20:17:33
Good to know about ed25. Top fella. Probably take him a few months to work out how to use his new phone 🤣.



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