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24 Apr 2021 19:52:55
ed002 is there any truth in the story that FSG just turned down a £3b offer for the club before all the ESL stuff. As you have stated in the past they will look to move the club on once there is no more great profit margins to gain that would give them a massive profit on what they got the club for. Do you think now the ESL has not come off and I don't think it will any time soon do you think they will be open to selling the club.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any £3B offer. Typically such offers would be subject to lengthy discussion and consideration rather than just a random offer which is what is being suggested.}

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24 Apr 2021 20:12:50
If 3 billion was something offered to FSG I’d imagine it would be a figure they’d accept! It’s obviously a non-story.
But 3 billion would get somebody the club!
FSG bought the club for around 300 million. Yes they invested in the stadium, training ground and a handful of top players. But how much of that will have been out of their own pocket?
Reckon if a legitimate offer of 3 billion was made (of course it would take a long time to finalise anything concrete) but it’d be something that would be accepted by FSG.

24 Apr 2021 20:25:31
It seems convenient for that story too come out at this specific time when fsg under pressure an the fans want them to sell up, clickbait until proven otherwise 🤔.

24 Apr 2021 20:34:17
Moreton Red, what makes you think that FSG who acquired a depreciating asset which is what LFC was when they bought it, worked their socks off to expunge most of the debt, financed it and made it a successful business on and off the pitch to be worth 2.2bn (7 times its worth at purchase) sell it for just 3bn esp if they don’t need to sell and with new investment has been made into parent company/ owner which is FSG?

They literally rebuilt this club from scratch ploughing enormous amounts of money into it along with huge investments into its facilities (doesn’t matter if the dough is theirs or not) so if anyone wants to make an offer to them as things stand, 3bn. If anyone wants to buy LFC right now, they are going to need to make FSG an offer they can’t refuse in order to make the highest profit and sorry, 3bn won’t cut it, IMO.

{Ed001's Note - they haven't ploughed money into it, they have loaned it money.}

24 Apr 2021 21:28:51
Ed2. I thought my dreams came true and then I remembered any such interest let alone offer you would have known and informed us so until otherwise it’s just click bait. If a £3 Billion offer was to come in the future do you think that would be a good valuation of the club that FSG would accept?

{Ed002's Note - I would think they would do.}

24 Apr 2021 23:50:55
Thank you Eds for the info. Interesting times indeed.

25 Apr 2021 00:13:44
media making the most of liverpool fans clicking away online me thinks.

25 Apr 2021 09:15:22
If the eds say they haven't heard anything about a 3 billion offer it must be true! no one on here has any privileged information about this or transfers, just wait and see what happens, we can all get info of the internet and post it like we know everything.

{Ed077's Note - I am pretty sure a deal as huge as that doesnt come about overnight.}

25 Apr 2021 09:16:35
If they sold a 10% stake at 500m then that places the valuation (from FSG ) at 5bn.

Can't see them selling for less and Def not 3bn as that's almost half of FSG evaluation of the club.

{Ed077's Note - was the 10% stake for the whole of FSG's different ventures or just LFC?}

25 Apr 2021 09:24:41
Would they be able to use contactless or would it be more a bank transfer kind of deal?

25 Apr 2021 09:23:11
ED077 - you're right it was a 10% stake of FSG not Liverpool specifically so I shall retract what I said, maybe they would take 3bn just for the club.

{Ed077's Note - I would think 3bn is slightly overpriced for LFC so FSG would accept that sort of a bid.}

25 Apr 2021 09:49:30
They didn't sell 10% of Liverpool for 500m, they sold 10% of fsg for 540m.

25 Apr 2021 12:42:33
I find it hilarious that people believe that a person/ company would just suddenly make a 3 billion bid for the club like it was an item on eBay.

25 Apr 2021 12:55:31
Classic valuations for company purchase start at 3 times average annual sales or 5 times average annual profits. Do the math. Both sales and profits are depressed because of the current global situation. A premier "property" like LFC would attract a premium, and I've seen companies sometimes pay 10 times annual profits for something they really want to buy. But still. Very difficult to get anything done now.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool are not profit making. So on that basis you value them on 10x the loss?}

25 Apr 2021 17:05:02
Ed002, nope, I'm not a buyer. But I value the club at around 1.25 to 1.5 billion, based on 500 to 600 million revenue per annum the past 3 years, minus debt. And with the caveat that the stadiums reopen for next season, so all 3 revenue streams are restarted, not just broadcasting and commercial. Same principle as in 2010 when FSG bought the club. 600 million for 3 years revenue minus the 237 million odd they owed the banks. And you get to around 300 million.

{Ed002's Note - The value of the club is seen as higher than that without the caveat about the stadium being open. The same is true of other sides. There are some goups of vultures looking at good investments, but I am not so sure the major English sides fall in to that category - only one has had a significant firm offer and that was rejected. There are several groups wanting to make a killing and Liverpool are no in bed with Red Bird. Others look better positioned but are looking to exploiting better valued clubs with growth potential, like West Ham.}

25 Apr 2021 19:00:29
Well, you know, Ed002, that we're in the kind of economic and financial environment when vultures do come out to play and see what they can find. But I agree with you that no EPL team should be sold at a discount and it doesn't look like any owner needs to either. Being an EPL team owner is like having a "golden egg" in global sports (many of my American friends may differ with me on this) . This despite your having explained many times that earnings and future earnings potentials are tapering off. It's still the ultimate "status" and relatively stable, investment.

{Ed002's Note - Right - but once it peaks owners will look at option.}



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