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25 Apr 2021 12:49:50
Ed apart from player sales (which I don’t think will be much) where can the club get money for new players with out putting stress on the club?

{Ed002's Note - Though gate receipts, performance payments from the Premier League and broadcast rights.}

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25 Apr 2021 13:12:50
If the owners want a real title challenge next season then they are going to have to loan the club even more money. We can’t afford 2 seasons in a row out of the cl.

25 Apr 2021 15:05:38
Whilst missing out on the CL isn't ideal I'd expect that whoever does the budgeting/ forecasting at the club doesn't bank on achieving that level of income every season anyway.

I'm going to guess that forecasting is done on the basis of a reasonable league finish every year - e. g. top six - and then anything coming from Europe or a cup run is essentially a 'bonus'.

Any club that forecasts income at the highest level every year simply has bad accountants, if I recall correctly then Leeds fell foul of that many years back.

Main issue is that too many seasons without CL football will have an impact on who will come and play for us.

{Ed077's Note - but nobody accounted for the loss of income due to the pandemic so missing out on CL is going to be a lot more problematic financially than in a normal economy.

25 Apr 2021 15:20:48
I’d imagine the money will come from increased ticket prices and furloughed staff now the owners Super league dream is over. How many staff do we need to furlough to cover the shortfall?

25 Apr 2021 15:48:51
I think we will sell a fair few, raise the required money, and spend it well. We don’t need much and seemingly one of the required signings is already done.

25 Apr 2021 16:18:18
Wool back how much are u banking on player sales?
Ox origi Matip Keita shaq Adrian for instance!
I wouldn’t pay over 10m for any of them!
All on over 120k a Wk.

25 Apr 2021 16:21:28
Can we furlough Keita?

25 Apr 2021 16:26:28
Mark is correct here. For us to compete in in a C.V. season next season, income will b tight again so FSG may have to get creative here. Also, I am sure that the bean counters have already forecasted what the finances would be like if CL is not available so again, this scenario must have been planned for cos that is how budgeting works. All scenarios are considered. We will see what happens.

25 Apr 2021 15:38:55
Good point Ed077. I was thinking back to those normal times we used to have. I have no idea who/ what to blame for how badly we’ve dropped off this season. I could come up with a list but then I’d probably just be accused of sour grapes.

Suffice to say I’d expect Liverpool to survive without CL for a couple of seasons given how often we weren’t in there previously but If it went on much longer then I’d be concerned about how far backwards we’d fall from the heights we’d reached between 2018 through 2020. We should have pushed on from that title win and at least made a positive attempt at adding another but it just hasn’t happened and, despite what people think, we did spend (or commit to spending) quite a bit of cash in the last summer transfer window.

{Ed077's Note - 1 season out of CL should, in theory, be manageable. But it might limit the ability of the club to spend on transfers which isnt that great as it is right now for LFC who are building future payment burden already.}

25 Apr 2021 17:02:38
Relax lads, for starters Virg, Joe and (if you believe the media) Konate are already added from last season and also we should have Hendo back in the middle aswell (surely he only played a handful of games there this year? ) . Re-fresh the forward line a bit and with our real defense we'll be back to smothering the life out of teams again.

25 Apr 2021 17:29:17
JH, Hendo played 18 games in midfield and 9 games at the back mate 👍.

25 Apr 2021 18:21:35
I'm sticking my neck out and saying we win the league again next year. Vvd and gomez back. keep philips or kabak with konate. Get the boys back in midfield and things will get good again. Replace bobby and either rest mane or sell. not sure which. And buy a bloody striker.

25 Apr 2021 19:08:35
Good stuff JK. just think with the two boys at the back and Hendo/ fab and 1 other in the middle we'll be a different team. I do think we need to stop seeing bobby as first 11 though, great lad and served the club well but its a good two full seasons since he's been good enough to start in this team.



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