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06 May 2021 09:37:49
It seems the whole country wants to punish the "big" 6 for their attempts to get the ESL going, no point docking points, as this punishes players and managers who wanted no part of it, can't play behind closed doors as this punishes the fans, who also wanted no part of it, the best way for me is too play 5 matches with fans getting in for free, hit in the pocket, still don't have any time for pundits and ex players mouthing off, as they aren't interested in introducing caps, still wanting to fleece the fans, games gone from the fans and it won't ever come back.

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06 May 2021 16:33:41
The game went away from the fans a couple of decades ago. No point crying over it now, since the game has grown and truly gone global. It's just the local fans who don't have much of a say anymore.

I really do think that this process will continue. One of the proposals will get accepted with fan representatives nodding their heads to it at some point. So then what's the point of punishing people now, when most see the inevitability of all this, in the near future?

06 May 2021 16:54:03
The game is only gone from the fans when the fans stop fighting for it. You may have given up on it, I haven't.

06 May 2021 18:02:56
As always, you assume too much. I'm not in your shoes, Einstein. I gave up on absolutely nothing, it's actually been fantastic for me. I get to see every single game now, having always lived outside of the UK. It's brought me so much closer to the team too. I recognize the rights of the local fans, of course and support them. Every team should have strong roots and a base to operate out from. But no team is an island, and a global presence and support does nothing but add talent and money to the team's coffers. Organic growth.

06 May 2021 19:14:44
Why are on earth are you talking to me about global and local fans? Where did I ever make that distinction?
You said 'The game went away from the fans a couple of decades ago. ', that seems pretty clear to me.

07 May 2021 11:49:25
The game has gone from the fans, the money is ridiculous in the game, the players and their agents don't want capping to come in, TV stations with their god awful pundits who can barely talk, like Morrison, Cole, Smith, Jenas and Keown are making subscriptions go up and up, i don't want to listen to that rubbish, but i have to if i want to see my team or the rest of the league, VAR has taken the Passion from the game, players don't celebrate because they are worried about some jerk in a caravan getting his ruler out and jacking off over trying to get the perfect line, football will always evolve, it has too but the people in that bubble want to keep it that, a bubble for the rich to get richer, its the same in all walks of life, accepting it is the hardest part, i have accepted that the games been ruined and null of all passion, the biggest and probably only hope is the return of fans in the stadium reignites the feeling.

07 May 2021 14:49:05
A couple of decades ago, there were not the international broadcasting deals we have today. Only high profile games were being seen outside of the UK (and just up to Europe) . Therefore fans of the English game were mostly concentrated in the UK. Your local fans. Then digital progress came along, with international broadcasting deals and rights and the English game spread far beyond the UK and developed a global international following. The global fans. Today the global fans far outnumber the local fans. It's my view that it is the local fans who want a say in how their club is run, whereas I don't believe the fan living and watching in Tokyo, Harare or Lima cares as much, as long as he gets to see his favorite team play. The "spending power" or influence of the local fan has consequently been reduced (when comparing to the past) . Lots of subtleties there, but that's what I was talking about.

You can argue that the protest at the ManU game shows the amount of influence the local fans still have. I would say it's still greatly reduced. Decades ago team owners and management would have factored in fan reactions well before trying to jump ship. We just saw last week, that 6 teams did not care as much to have factored any local fan reactions into their thinking process.

07 May 2021 16:40:02
As always, you assume too much.
I don't live in Liverpool, I don't even live in the UK.
I think fans should have a say in how their club is run.



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