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07 May 2021 06:47:29
Question for Eds. Would a UEFA (or even FIFA) wide salary cap for players wages be a future consideration? Is it even legal under European Law?

Seems like a reasonable solution to putting some control over clubs' finances. Saw a post earlier about the 'heinous' wages paid by PSG and surely a salary cap might balance the playing field and make players think twice if they were already on the maximum wage at their current club.

Ofcourse players like Grealish or Kane may still choose to move with an increased likelihood of success at 'bigger' clubs, but you could see more examples like Gerrard where players already on the maximum wage turndown moves to stay with their boyhood clubs.

Seems an obvious solution to lots of current issues. Introduces some financial control, has the potential to balance the talent pool so the elite clubs can't bankroll players into signing and accumulate all the talent - and stops these ridiculous wages from escalating. Half a million pound a week (Mbappe) is obscene when the majority of us need to budget just to afford a ticket.

{Ed002's Note - The only way a "salary cap" works is if it is applied at club level - so a club would be limited to paying a certain percentage (say 65%) of their turnover in wages. This exists as a guideline already (not more than 70%) but is difficult to enforce. The issue is that the playing field is not, and can never be, level across Europe.}

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07 May 2021 11:30:04
Thanks Ed.

I understand there are many nuances of business of which I'm unaware, but what would be the main effects if UEFA (for example) enforced a 250k euro per week max wage cap for leagues/ clubs under their control?

What do you see as the key benefits/ drawbacks?

{Ed002's Note - They have no authority to do anything like that and it has never been considered. Where it applies, it is based on a percentage of turnover.}

07 May 2021 12:41:03
Would make a difference if players were paid most of their salaries for actually playing football and then performance related. Far too many players are earning a massive wage for training all week and then either not performing on the pitch or not even getting on the pitch. They are more than happy to sit out their contracts and earn a massive wage. This would stop the big clubs stick piling their squads as players won’t be earning millions to hardly play. Transfer fees and Wages would drop significantly for clubs but then it would be over to the owners and broadcasters to then give back to the fans by reducing ticket prices and tv prices. Not for them to pocket. Sadly though the world we live in I can’t see the players or owners being too forthcoming in losing any percentage of what they are currently earning.

{Ed002's Note - Performance related bonuses are already paid. Clubs are limited on squad size so the "big clubs" are not stockpiling players.}

07 May 2021 13:11:14
Ed002 cheers for the reply mate hope you are well. What I meant with regards to performance and appearance fees is them to be a higher percentage compared to a weekly wage. Some players are earning 100k plus a week and hardly playing any football and if they did play say for example they would get 10k appearance fee. For me that should be reversed. 10k a week and then a substantial fee based on making the starting 11 or coming on and then depending on performance they get paid whatever is agreed.
With regards to stockpiling I will use Liverpool as the example they have players like Kieta, Shaq and Ox who are earning more money a week than players who are playing 90 mins a week, week in week out. It’s great to have a squad but when you have a squad of 26 players all on big wages then it’s no wonder they don’t want to move on to play more football. And I thought that’s what footballers would want. To actually play football.

{Ed002's Note - There is no chance that players would move to a club offering tiny wages and large bonuses. The likes of Keita were huge purchasing mistakes, Shapiro is a squad player and was purchased as such. Oxlade-Chamberlain has had injury issues, but if he were sold in the summer he would be replaced. But I don’t see any of this as stockpiling.}

07 May 2021 15:15:16
Jk23, I think stockpiling is the wrong word. It's more a matter of having efficient players who produce. As long as we don't go beyond the 25 squad players permitted (which is uniform across the board), it's up to the brain trust at the club to buy the best players at the lowest possible price who will produce what they need on the field. Salah, Firmino and Mane were all bought in the same price range as Ox. We all know how the first three have contributed over the last 3/ 4 years. Ox has not been an efficient use of money at all (aside from his contribution to the homegrown quota) . Of course there are injuries that affect a player's efficiency too, but that's just a roll of the dice that every team has to contend with.

07 May 2021 18:41:19
Aray you and Ed002 are correct mate. Stockpiling was probably not the word i was looking for. What I mean though is because of teams being able to pay high wages very much including ourselves we as well as others have far more players in the squad these days who are more than happy to pick up a pay cheque week in week out. If you look back to the 80’s and 90’s when pitches were worse, tackles were flying in and players never got tired or fatigued then most of the clubs would use a squad of 16 - 18 players. These days the big teams including ourselves have players earning more a week for hardly any minutes of football than what the majority of players from 70% of our opposition earn and are actually playing week in week out. These players should be banging down the managers doors asking for more minutes but they don’t. If their wages were reduced they would be banging doors then. And let’s be honest reducing Pro footballers wages so it’s taking them a month to earn the working mans annual salary rather than a week isn’t going to disrupt them too much.

07 May 2021 18:52:22
From what I take from Ed002's answer, is that neither UEFA or FIFA have the authority to implement a rule at club level, so it would be on the individual clubs to create such a rule, meaning that every club in every league across Europe would have to agree to individually sign up to implementing said rule, which unfortunately will never happen. Am I right in thinking that?



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