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20 May 2021 11:37:57
Reading some of the comments about Nat Phillips and can't help but laugh at some of them. Yes the guy has been very good since coming into the team and has proven he's a competent defender on all levels.

He'd be a good 5th choice for us but I think that's about as far as I would go. When everyone is back fit he doesn't get a sniff of the side. Some comments comparing him to Terry etc are ridiculous tbh.

Not knocking him, he's proven he belongs in the Prem and can certainly do a job when called upon. But his lack of pace and inability on the ball will limit his ceiling greatly. Considering our high line relies upon pace and our CB's are required for their ball playing ability he just doesn't fit the bill.

I hope personally he moves to a side to play regular football at a high level. He's proven he's more than capable.

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20 May 2021 12:10:59
Ur banking on vvd and Gomez being fit all
Season by the sounds!
Klopp doesn’t trust Gomez and his fitness for starters!
Both him and vvd maybe nvr be the same again after their injuries!
As it is we’ve 6 cbs only 2 fit!
Philips knows he’s a limited player but he’s does his job and seems a decent lad!
He’s the 1st CB on the team sheet as it is and for the foreseeable till we see bodies back!

20 May 2021 12:14:27
I think you do him a disservice. I don't think there are many "5th choice" centre backs that would have put the performances in that Phillips has.
From what I have seen of him I would have no fear of him being one of our 4 CBs next season.
First season in the PL, no experience, chucked in at the deep end and for me more ability than Carragher ever had.
John Terry? Tell us the difference. Was he blessed with pace, footballing ability? I'm not so sure.

20 May 2021 12:21:47
Thats why i think he'll leave, because why would he be happy to be fifth choice? When has Jurgen Klopp EVER wanted five senior centrhalves in his squad. Vvd, Gomez, Matip and konate would all be ahead of him. by a distance. Im supporting the two boys while they are in the side but realistically neither of them are good enough long term. didn't see the John Terry comment, lads what are some of you lot on?

20 May 2021 12:25:28
To be honest I find that quiet disrespectful to the lad. Even when Gomez and Matip are fit games like last night need a no nonsense cb willing to spend 90+ minutes heading all the long balls.

Note I excluded VVD on purpose as he walks in when fit.

But for me if the lad wants to stay he could easily play the teams who sit deep and just lump it up field to their target man.

I would much prefer phillips playing against chris wood than matip!

20 May 2021 12:30:09
5TH? Your opinion but the lad is playing with very average partners and is playing out his skin, he deserves a chance alongside Van Dijk or Gomez, deserves to be 3rd choice or even start the season if Gomez isn't fully fit, as we won't have much money as standard he could save us a fortune, no need to sign another center back when we clearly need a goal-scoring center forward.

20 May 2021 12:33:40
I agree, Monkey Mad; we were all over the place at the back for much of the game.
Is the willingness to head a double decker bus enough for us.
He's just not good enough and fourth choice, at best.

20 May 2021 12:42:10
I think we're forgetting the importance of Nat's own decision. It's clear he will not be in top 3 choices next season. Will a 24 year old want to be 4th or 5th choice? That's up to him I guess. I wouldn't blame him, in fact I would respect him even more, if he chooses to ply his trade somewhere he can get first team football.

Personally, I love his attitude, effort and his aerial ability but he just doesn't suit the way we play for the long term. This is not a criticism of the lad before I get pelters. He deserves to be a cult hero but he does not have the speed, agility or footwork to be a long-term option for us. If we change style, then perhaps there is a conversation to be had - but that is unlikely.

20 May 2021 12:47:56
Start the season? just won't happen. i would love him to be good enough for that as it'd mean we found a gem for next to nothing but i think people are seriously undervaluing gomez and even Matip. And at the same time everyone wants a shiny new CB signed aswell. So who makes way for him because klopp will only have 4 senior centrebacks in his squad.

20 May 2021 13:27:36
Jadon, matip can’t string 6 games together he makes Darren Andertons injury record look good!

20 May 2021 13:29:49
Nat Phillips is very capable but John Terry was world class. For starters John Terry's passing ability (especially long distance) was as good as anyone's. He also rarely made mistakes. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

20 May 2021 14:02:00
Agree with most of what you have said MonkeyMad (and threw you in a thumbs up as well! ) other than your final sentence.

I would rather we kept him if he was happy to be a reserve rather than a first choice. I would rate VVD and Gomez above him, and probably Konate too (based on his reputation) . Matip is an excellent defender and a ball playing defender, but I wonder whether, in combination with VVD, Phillips may be as good a solution as Matip as he offers something else?

20 May 2021 13:50:34
Agree with you TIR.
Nate has shown he is totally aware of his abilities and knows when to pass and when to hoof.
If you have noticed when opposition target our CB's it's always the other CB and not Nate he is too strong, brave and good in the air. He does lack speed but you don't see him getting caught too often.
I won't be surprised if Liverpool get an offer for him this summer and then it's up to him if he want's to be a backup or first 11 somewhere else.

20 May 2021 14:22:07
Why is Matip even in the conversation? Matip is done, even if he stays, which hopefully doesn't happen and we find a buyer, he can't be rellyed on. Two or three seasons now he is constantly injured. This season he had to step up and be our main CB and be the leader of the back line and he couldn't even stay on his feet for more than 2 games. Whoever wants Matip Infont of Philips is a mad man. My CBs, if all are happy with the roles, for next season would be VVD, Konate, Gomes, Phillips and Davies in that order. I would loan Williams and put Koumeto as the leader of the back line in the u23.

20 May 2021 14:41:14
Thats the problem you guys know nothing about defending. I think we need ed001 on to tell you why philips can easily cut it. He has absolutely everything you need in a defender. I have to say it again and I don't want to put young williams under the bus but philips has been covering two defender spots. He has been barking defensive orders. You can watch the game against soto he told william to hold the line it was very audible. He again bailed williams against united. His awareness has impressed me most. that's the most important skill a defender can have to sense danger before the move ever began.
Yes he didn't get it right the first time when he was put in the deep when klopp kept picking midfielders to defend that hardly boosts anybodies confidence. He had a couple of horrible games. But he came back determined than ever. Better than ever and he is now confident. And confidence is football. He hasn't put a foot wrong and it a menace on corners.
I don't know why people who haven't even seen konate play (cuz he hardly has since 2019) want him to replace Nat. Its not blind admiration. He is an excellent defender. I am just sorry if people think am shilling Nat here. Am not it not blind or red tinted glasses. This is exactly was terry was good at when he began people could not get past him cuz he always had a yard on them because of his positioning and awareness. The Hollywood style passing came later. Hell we already have VVd who can pass it like that. With a better defender to depend upon and learn from Nat philips can be our definitive answer to long-term CB spot. I have no doubt about. Sometimes you just need backing. He is a character and he is physical.
The passing will come once he has someone other than williams to easily pass to.
And he has his shortcomings he definitely does but I don't understand how gomez starts ahead of him next season based on form let alone any new defender who hasn't even kicked a ball in premier league.

20 May 2021 15:03:19
Matip will stay, because no one will buy him and WHEN fit he's one of the best around. People that rate Matip ahead of Phillips are far from madmen. The only other team Matip wouldn't walk into in the league is city. Nat Phillips, for all his endevour and being a nice bloke would not get NEAR the squads of ANY of the top 6.and i struggle to think of an 11 he'd get in. I wouldn't use the fact teams target Williams ahead of him as a glowing reference, Williams is a kid barely a cupla years outa the academy.

20 May 2021 13:44:45
Why are people making such a big deal about players wanting game time? He started this season behind Virgil, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho, Henderson and Williams. After January he still found himself behind Kabak and Henderson.

Since coming in against Everton when Hendo got injured the bloke has literally saved our season. The only point we've dropped from our last 21 available were Leeds and Newcastle. Guess who missed those 2 games? Nat Phillips.

If he can force his way into the team as 8th choice, never once moaning, why won't he back himself to get gametime if Klopp tells him he is the 4th choice for next season? He's earned it. You don't have to be great on the ball or absolutely rapid, to be a good centre back. Phillips has a long way to go to reach the level of the likes of Terry, Vidic, Adams etc.

I actually think it's an insult to his character after the passion he's showed for our shirt this year, to imply he'd rather play for Newcastle 40 times a season, than play 20 times a season for Liverpool. He clearly loves the club. Lucas Leiva never moaned about being a squad player his whole Liverpool career and he was good enough to play for any team outside the top 4.

20 May 2021 16:40:38
Over all we have had a poor season compared to the last 3 but there are some positives to take. Squad players have been given more game time than they may have expected and we've seen that some can cut it (Phillip's jones) some can't (Minamino, Shaqiri Origi (not that he's had many chances) . But at least we know that and what needs changing interestingly only 3 clubs have conceded less goals than us this season for all our defensive problems. And as much as the front 3 have struggled only 3 clubs have scored more goals than us. I feel next season we will be back to being Citys main challengers.

20 May 2021 16:45:13
I’d punt Matip would walk into any team in the league, the exercise alone would probably earn him a visit to the treatment room. Matip can’t be relied upon, if and when fit he’s better than Phillips agreed but Phillips reliability moves him ahead for me.

20 May 2021 17:37:56
Have to laugh how people bang on about the drop in quality between Neco and Trent, robbo and Tsimikas writing these players off at the club and then think Phillips should be on a par with Gomez and Matip. In Klopps mind he was behind a 17 yr old Koumetio last summer for christs sake. He's playing because we have literally no other choice. I for one will be crapping it everytime a ball goes near him and Williams this Sunday. And again, for Sunday he has my full support and good luck to him in his career but it should be at a different club. We should sell while his stock is high, just like we should have with Origi a couple of years ago but people got sentimental over a 1 yard goal against the toffees and a couple of tap ins against Barcelona and thought he could be our Mbappe. That turned out well, both his and our time have been wasted since.

20 May 2021 18:48:32
He’s not on par with matip, but matip can’t string 6 games together so Phillips is more reliable. He’s not going to push for a starting place but if he’s happy to be back up then I’m happy to have him. Matip on the other hand is to injury prone to be relied on and should be one of the first players out the door behind origi.

20 May 2021 19:28:47
And there's the point"he's not going to push for a starting place". whereas all of Gomez, Konate and Matip would fancy their chances of parthering Virg next season. We have the chance to have four TOP centrhalves at the club next season which Phillips could help partially finance. If Konate is as goosd as they say then that four of him, Virg, joe and matip would be our best CB group ever in the Premier League, one that would best anything else in the league.

20 May 2021 19:28:47
And there's the point"he's not going to push for a starting place". whereas all of Gomez, Konate and Matip would fancy their chances of parthering Virg next season. We have the chance to have four TOP centrhalves at the club next season which Phillips could help partially finance. If Konate is as goosd as they say then that four of him, Virg, joe and matip would be our best CB group ever in the Premier League, one that would best anything else in the league.

20 May 2021 22:47:20
But matip can’t stay fit long enough!

20 May 2021 23:53:24
Why do people assume Phillips would be 5th choice anyway? VVD is obviously a class above everyone else but I’d say NP is the best out and out defender of the rest of them. Matip is good bringing the ball out sure but he can be suspect at the back and is no quicker than Phillips. Plus it means nothing anyway if he’s injured which he is for a sizeable part of every season he has been here. Gomez has pace and tackling ability but lacks aerially IMO. I don’t rate Williams and whilst we might buy Konate he isn’t here yet. Let’s say he do I would much rather keep Phillips than Matip as he is younger, homegrown, more likely to accept a supporting role and could easily develop to match if not exceed Matips current ability. VVD-Konate-Gomez-Phillips for me next year.



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