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22 May 2021 01:30:10
To anybody lucky enough to go to the match sunday. Can gini get the farewell he deserves and let the unfortunate people who are watching at home hear du du du du du d du gini wijnaldum belting out for a player who was hardly injured gave everything and is instrumental in our system. We will appreciate him when he is gone.

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22 May 2021 07:24:48
Ok let's not go overboard he has been getting paid very well to do his job.

22 May 2021 07:58:26
Yes, in the good times Gini was fabulous. Played well in the CL winning season and also in the PL winning season.
This season might cloud our judgement but we all know what it is like when you are leaving one job for another. It isn't easy to motivate yourself as it used to be in the final few weeks.
Over his contract, Gini has been an excellent player for us so please give him a good send off.

{Ed001's Note - Gini was fabulous? I really don't get where you are coming from. He has had like 3 good games a season. This season isn't clouding people's judgement, it sums up Gini to a tee. He had a good run of about 3 games and then hasn't bothered turning up since.}

22 May 2021 08:19:36
A bit like firmino then?

22 May 2021 08:45:08
Firmino and Gini are not at the front driving the train they are passengers in the back. Sometimes coming to the front to lend a hand then back to the passenger cabin. 🤣.

22 May 2021 08:42:55
I was about to say the same Peg. Very similar. Both had one stand out season each and the rest of the time more miss than hit.

22 May 2021 09:01:22
The difference between Firmino and Wijnaldum is that nobody can ever say Firmino didn't care or wasn't trying. Bobby is an example of a player who makes the absolute most of the ability he has (he genuinely can't help not being a natural goal scorer), whereas Gini does the bare minimum a player of his quality should.

I think Firmino's powers have definitely declined from the player who once scored 27 goals in a season. However he still loves Liverpool as much as he ever did. You simply can't say the same about Gini. I can tolerate a player missing a sitter. I can't tolerate a player walking around and showing no passion.

22 May 2021 09:04:41
and Mane, Fabinho and Robertson this season.

22 May 2021 09:06:25
I still don’t understand why people don’t see what Bobby brings to the team. He’s had a crap 3 months but coming back into form now. A brilliant player who makes us tick.

22 May 2021 09:21:34
Spot on MK, Whilst Bobby’s levels have dipped, you can see ( especially live ) he always gives his all. You can’t compare the two ( Gini ) in my opinion.

22 May 2021 09:29:43
Ah give over, absolutely no difference between Gini and Bobby. but God forbid anyone criticises the shiny teethed one.

22 May 2021 09:54:01
When Gini is good he's very good, when he's poor he's the worst player on the pitch. Very inconsistent and taking 6 touches before playing a 5 yard pass slowed us down too much. Wish him all the best for the future and hope he has good end to his career.

22 May 2021 10:07:45
Fabinho and Robertson? Am I missing something here? Fabs has played most of the season out of position for the team while robbo has played pretty much every minute the last 3 seasons.

22 May 2021 10:27:49
What you missing? Gino has played as many minutes as anyone. Robertson, Fabinho, mane, Bobby, have all had worse seasons than Gino in my opinion. Fabinho has been appalling last 3-5 games and was completely out of his depth in central defence. Can’t just have a go at Gini mate, he’s been played out of his favourite position by Klopp for most of his pool career - he’s best as an attacking midfielder.

22 May 2021 10:37:44
In fairness fans said Bobby is always a slow starter. I just didn’t think it would take until May 21 for him to show up. But as the saying goes better late than never.

22 May 2021 11:11:36
I know we’re all entitled to our opinions and what not, but how are some of you so blind as to what Gini has been getting away with this calendar year. It’s not just been poor, it’s not just been a lack of effort, it’s been a player trying as little as humanely possibly out of pure contempt. He’s been playing like stroppy kid who hasn’t got his own way.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been poor at one point or another this season. Robbo hasn’t been the same since christmas (although i think that’s more of a tactical tweak, Trent has been patchy and looked unfit most of the season, Fabinho has been poor the last 3 games, Firmino has finally put together a run of good form but has mostly looked lost at sea, Jones blows hot and cold, Salah has had many games where he tries too hard, Alisson has made mistakes, Jota has looked quite raw at times and was completely overawed against Real Madrid, i could go on.

But you know what I can’t say about any of those players? It’s that they’ve not tried their absolute best. They’ve all stood up and been counted, they’ve all tried to drag us through this car crash of a season, even though they’re knackered and dealing with personal issues and not playing at their best. Sometimes many of them have tried too hard and played poorly, attracting criticism as a result, and that’s just fine by me. I’m proud of those boys.

Contrastingly, Gini has been the polar opposite. I am shocked that some people even need this pointed out to them. If you unable to see that this man has been stealing a living these past 5 months then i honestly don’t know what to advise; specsavers maybe? Walking around at best, standing completely still at worst, not showing for passes, flapping tackles, taking 6 touches on the ball before stroking the ball at a snails pace to a player stood right next to him, like a sulking child who’s getting pelters off his dad on the sidelines and knows he isn’t getting taken to maccies after the game. I don’t think he’s physically capable of playing a pass further than 10 yards; you can see every faucet of his body straining and creaking whenever he has to play it further than 5. What a gargantuan, heroic effort from the £100,000 a week footballer.

If you can’t see that Gini has quite literally been giving us the middle finger for the past 5 months through his performances then i don’t know what to tell you. Quite frankly I am shocked and appalled that some of these other boys who have tried so hard are being thrown in the same boat as him; Keita and Mane arguably only come close. I’m not entirely sure what more a footballer has to do to get the ridicule he seemingly craves. At this point i honestly think he could score a deliberate own goal to prevent us getting champions league football, then get on the mic in the centre circle and say ‘good riddance bin dippers’, and some of you would still applaud him and be clamouring for a contract extension.

If you can’t even identify the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to lack of effort, how can you appreciate the players who are actually trying their hardest?

{Ed014's Note - spot on AW

22 May 2021 11:39:32
Gini has had a better season than Robbo? Sure. I hear John Bonham's risen from the dead for a proper Led Zeppelin reunion too.

I'll say it again, the only reason Gini stayed as first choice for as long as he has is because he's better at staying fit than our other midfielders. He's not consistently produced the goods for us. Never has.

22 May 2021 11:50:08
Gini, a player that apparently goes missing and hides behind others in nearly every game. How strange that a world class manager in Klopp repeatedly picks him season after season for Liverpool.
Is Klopp a poor judge of player or is it more likely most fans do not know the role Klopp asks of Gini. Klopp has had ample time to replace Gini but chooses to play him nearly always.

22 May 2021 12:01:40
Yet Klopp keeps playing him, i trust Jurgen. i'll remember Gini as a good player for Liverpool but realise other people have different opinions.

22 May 2021 12:07:22
Lumping all this hate on Gini is nothing but an embarrassment. It’s bull like this that I heard all through the glory years when one player it other didn’t do it for dine people. And just like now, most of it was contemptible rubbish.

22 May 2021 12:28:14
So Klopp has missed all that too AW re Gini has he given he's picked him for most of the season? If that's the case he should be ridiculed / arguably sacked if what yiou say is true.

22 May 2021 12:30:11
Pegleg and Mark, what does Bobbie have to do with this thread? Gini is the topic and even at that, you cannot say with a straight face that Bobbie never cared or stopped caring. Would he have returned to form at the right time if he stopped caring? You can accuse Bobbie of certain things but “not caring” is NOT one of them. Bang out of order, IMO.

22 May 2021 13:08:41
This begs the question of everyone can see it, why has he been constantly picked to play? I’m not questioning Klopps decisions only making a balanced comment if this has been so obvious, why continue to pick him? Does Klopp see something we don’t?

22 May 2021 13:23:52
Klopp either today or this week.

Jurgen Klopp: “Gini Wijnaldum? An LFC legend, now and forever. What this person - wonderful, joyful, selfless person - has done for our team and club I cannot sum up in words, in truth because my English is not good enough.

22 May 2021 14:25:15
Spot on, Herr Klopp. We don’t get to where are as a club without Gini Wijnaldum and his immense input. He was part of the first wave of Klopp signings along with Klavan, Mane and Matip who started this great journey for us. Has he had a good season this term? No but that does not remove from all the great stuff he helped us achieve since he has been here. IMO, Gini is an LFC legend for that night vs Barcelona alone so if he goes, I can only give him a virtual hug for all he has done for us and wish he and his fam the very best in the future. The rest? Not in the least bit interested.

22 May 2021 15:11:07
I find it pretty telling that nobody has enough faith in their own argument or conviction as to provide a genuine counter point of their own. Nobody can actually tell me why anything i said is wrong, and seemingly nobody has any faith in their ability to judge a player using their own two eyes. ‘I can’t actually justify why Klopp keeps picking him, but as he keeps picking him, i cannot be wrong’.

Klopp has, on numerous occasions, persisted with players well past their sell by date, much to the chagrin of the fans. Players like Lovren and Moreno saw out their contracts, but the club were in no rush to give them a new one. Same for Wijnaldum. Funny how the club aren’t doing everything in their power to keep this super special player i’m hearing so much about.

What’s even more strange is that this ever present Liverpool ‘legend’ has been replaced not once, not twice, but three separate occasions by the manager who, as i’m led to believe, sees him as irreplaceable. Ox, Keita and Thiago have all been brought in to take his place, and third time lucky we seem to have finally found one. In a parallel universe where Ox and Keita stayed fit and in form, performing the tasks they were bought to carry out, Wijnaldum wouldn’t get a sniff. He is an ever present because he isn’t ever injured and that is it.

Klopp has also always been one for stability in the team, never chopping and changing on a whim, and this season he has been backed into a corner and forced to make very difficult choices. Do you think Mane has likewise been starting every game on merit? Or is it because circumstances dictate that stability may be preferable, or even that there may be no other option but to pick him? I don’t want to berate Klopp for the horrible situation he has had to manage this season but i think he’d be first to admit in hindsight that mistakes have been made. Players like Mane and Wijnaldum have been killing us for months, and Klopp’s selection of them is as a result of him feeling like he didn’t have a choice, not as an indication of his undying support for them. Just because Klopp does something does not mean that makes it the de facto correct decision.

Also, shocking that Jurgen Klopp, the most positive and diplomatic man on the planet, has only nice things to say about Wijnaldum on the eve of his final game for the club. I fully expected him to lay down loads of home truths in the match programme. Not.

Finally, what is more embarrassing ND, you supporting a player to the hilt who literally does not give a toss about you or the club, or me arguing that players who don’t put in the effort should be ridiculed and not put on a pedestal alongside the ones who do? As i have already pointed out, lots of our boys have come in for criticism this season for not being very good, but all have tried. The same cannot be said of Gini, it is clear as day to see if only you use your eyes. Are you seriously comparing him to the likes of Sammy Lee? Players who actually cared are now being thrown in with the likes of Wijnaldum, who has shown himself to be nothing but a spoilt brat?

Who’s really being embarrassing here lads. It literally isn’t even a matter of good players or bad players, it’s about effort. What a strange hill to choose to die on.

22 May 2021 17:22:36
I’m afraid it’s called human nature AW.
Prior to this season, I thought Gini had done well for Liverpool and he played a significant part in the trophies we won.
He wanted a deal, the club gave it to an outsider in Thiago instead, so there you go.
One instantly highly de-motivated employee.
If there’s blame to be had, Klopp has picked him almost every game.
Which could make Gini more annoyed in a way, if he’s so indispensable, why not offer him a deal?

22 May 2021 17:34:43
Gini has tailed off alarmingly, but what other options were there in Midfield? I think we should have sold last summer and brought someone in then, but hindsight is a marvellous thing.

22 May 2021 22:22:30
I’m afraid AW that I totally disagree with your opinion that Gini doesn't care about the club. And that’s the crux, it’s your opinion and I’m free to disagree with it. In fact I cannot see how on earth you arrive by that completely hypothetical statement. Do you think Jurgen agrees with you? Guess that must be why he plays nearly every game and gets the armband as well. Of course he doesn’t care about the club?!?!? I’m with Jurgen on this one.



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