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22 May 2021 23:12:51
If tomorrow is gini last game he deserves an ovation. Not a legend but some of his important moments can never be forgotten. Hardly injured and more or less ever present this season. Yes he can dissapear in games but he has been an important part of a trophy and league winning team.

Thank you Genie Winaldjum.

{Ed0666's Note - I disagree mate I think Gini is a legend. How do you measure legend status? Like you say he was instrumental in winning us a league title after 30 years and a champions league. If it wasn’t for his heroics in the semi final we wouldn’t have no 6. For me the guy is a legend and will be remembered fondly. Yes he’s checked out this season but a lot of players in his position would. However I hope he doesent play tommorow because we need blood and guts and not someone playing trying not to get injured.

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22 May 2021 23:56:15
I think the term legend is over used.
But Gini winjnaldum will always be a hero, he’s played a vital role in our success over the last few season and deserves all the credit and respect in the world.
Yes he’s boiled off this season but so have many other players, it is clear he’s trying to avoid injury.

But just because his form has dipped this season doesn’t mean he’s not been quality for us during his time here.

Gini wijnaldum, thank you for everything and if tomorrow is your last game you will always be remembered very highly by myself.

23 May 2021 00:10:19
Look lad's I'm not into playing bashing unless it's warranted. One thing is I will always be grateful for his goals against Barcelona-No Gini goals, No no.6.Now having said that he has downed tools this season and that's disrespectful to the club and the fan's but it is what it is.

{Ed0666's Note - he’s a smashing guy Bazza does tonnes in unnoticed philanthropy and is only protecting his future income by playing within himself. A lot of other players would have done the same. He’s been a beacon in that midfield for a long time and has now gone stale. It’s time to move on for both parties.

23 May 2021 01:17:09
That's why Ed I don't like player bashing as there is always more to a player than what he does on the pitch.

No hard feelings Gini thanks a million for everything and best of luck for the rest of your career YNWA.

{Ed0666's Note - I also find it hard to separate a sportsperson from their proffesional and personal life as I think they go hand in hand. For example People bash Portuguese Ronaldo but if you knew the philanthropic side of him people would change their opinion. And that’s why I can’t warm to Jon Jones the UFC fighter for me he’s nowhere near GOAT status because of his out of octagon episodes.

23 May 2021 03:15:29
Although I agree that Gini has not been his best this season, so have many others. We can easily say yes he is avoiding injury and waiting for his next payday, but how many of us in reality, faced with moving employers gave our everything to our current employers when we are deemed either not worthy enough, or in this case, too old to be given a contract commensurate with what he believes is his worth. I, like many other have been sat swearing at the screen with a misplaced pass, a percieved lack of effort to chase a lost cause ball etc etc. In the years before this one which has been an anomaly for everyone not only dealing with C.V., but an abnormal series of injuries that I think, not a team in the worlkd would have coped with (Including Man City, you only have to look at how they capitulated last season when laporte was injured), we would all be looking out for ourselves. let's not get e, broiled ina flase reality where yes the sums these players get is beyond our imagination, but that they are lifterd into a bubble where they are expected to be more than human.

Gini thinks he is worth more than is offered, and has decided if we are not paying what he feels he is worth, then he needs to move on. Has the board at LFC offered what he feels he is worth, I have no doubt he would have signed in an instant, and another player would be getting the ridicule/ abuse that Gini gets.

Every player, from Messi to Moreno, has to deal with the pressure we as fans expect from our players, but have to deal with a short career compared to us mortals. Do you all not think of providing for your family etc before anything else before taking on a vacancy?

If you do then please treat our players the same way.

Gini with gials against Barcelona was invaluable during last 2-3 years and I for one, cannot blame him for not trying so much this campaign as in his eyes he sees he is not valued by the club as much as others and has to do right for himself and his family by ensuring he can play as long and as profitably as he can.

For me it is a case of players will come, players will go, we as LFC will endure all, I am just thankful for the part Ginin has played in getting us a Champs League and Prem title we all craved, but if it his time to move on so be it, let us not go down the route of ridiculing his part in the last few years just because he was not offered what he wanted.

Players come, players go, the Club and all who work/ strive to make us better from the ta lady through to JK all ahve their part to play, and if any decide their time is done with us, let us show ourfamed knowledge of the game and its surrounding circumstances that Gini has in the last few years shown a commitment and the required skills to help us onwards and upwards.

Sorry for the rant but I feel strongley about this, yes he has not been the best player on the park or the one grabbing all the headlines, but JK picks him for a reason, and although I am not thwe greatest fan of Ginin I do feel that he at least deserves a little respect for everything he has been a cog as part of a machine that has given ALL LFC fans hope and expectations we have no God given right to expect.

{Ed0666's Note - I agree mate as I said earlier in the same position so many people would do the exact same thing.

23 May 2021 03:54:17
Certainly a hero, perhaps even a legend, whatever the label, the guy has been a crucial part of the best side I’ve ever seen in a Liverpool shirt (too young to remember the previous legendary teams) .

What’s impressed me most is how he’s always sacrificed himself for the team, playing as a 6, and 8 and even at centerback, whatever Klopp has asked of him without complaint, and he’s always been available, game after game. To top it all, as Ed said a really genuinely nice guy who gives back to the community.

We’ve been extremely lucky to have him, I fear we’re going to miss more than people think.

In terms of replacement I sincerely hope we go for someone who’s also capable of playing at 6 or 8, as we desperately need someone who’s able to cover Fabinho.

{Ed0666's Note - Bissouma is that player you describe to a tee. I hope we see sense and pay the money.

23 May 2021 06:34:44
I tend to agree that 'legend' is thrown around too much. Gini will be remembered but I wouldn't think he'd be inducted into any kind of Liverpool hall of fame.

But, I do like and appreciate Gini for what he has brought to the club. Best ability is availability and you could always rely on Gini. every club need consistent and ever-present players like him.

23 May 2021 08:20:28
Nice to see a thread dedicated to Gini. Regardless of what people’s thoughts are of him there is always a time and a
Place and as They say if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. Which seems to have happened here.

For me he wouldn’t go down in legend status but I cannot thank him enough for his contribution in his time here. He played a very big important role in the CL and Premier league success. And out of our starting 11 everyone bar him more or less got to play in the position / role they wanted too. He’s more of an attacking goal scoring midfielder but unselfishly he’s played the role Klopp wanted him to play for the team and has never once complained.

Good luck in the future Gini 👏.

23 May 2021 08:29:46
SG Hendo was player of the year, playing half a season at number 6. Hendo was better at 6 the year we won the prem than Fabs.

23 May 2021 08:32:26
Gini is a legend. The End.

23 May 2021 08:52:13
I wouldn’t call gini a legend but he certainly will be remembered for what he’s down, unfortunately he’ll also be remembered by some for downing tools. Personally I don’t blame him, he wants a longer contract than what’s being offered. Why can’t he go on to play until he’s 35 like Milner? He’s 30, not old at all especially when you’ve got some fans wanting kuolibaly at a similar age.
We’re loosing a very good player and the teams that are interested in him should tell you that, Barca, Bayern, PSG etc. not wolves or Bournemouth!
Give the lad the respect he deserves, who can blame him for wanting to look after his own future. If the finger should be pointed at anyone it should be the club.

23 May 2021 09:06:12
I'd agree. The status of "legend" is really very subjective and it's hard to decide when players are somewhat near the borderline between "loyal servant" and "club legend". I think Wijnaldum will be remembered in the same way Origi will be remembered. Players who delivered unforgettable moments. But not necessarily in the top echelon, as club legends.

23 May 2021 09:15:49
I’d like the thank gini for everything he’s done for the club but I wouldn’t agree on legend status! I think that given out to easily now a days. Good luck in your next chapter Gini and YNWA.

23 May 2021 09:32:04
Aray that's the biggest insult you could ever give a player, Kieta has been a massive flop but he’ll likely move onto a too club if we can ever shift him, gini the same that’s why the likes of Barca, PSG and Bayern are in for him. Origi on the other hand will fall away from too flight football he’s about as good as Sean Dundee and David ngog.

23 May 2021 09:54:51
And what you're saying about Origi, Dundee and Ngog is not insulting, ya think? What's the insulting part I posted? Origi scored in the CL final, scored the first goal and last goal against Barca, not to mention the last minute goal against Everton, and many other goals. Key goals, Unforgettable moments. If you don't remember then it's your problem. Change your nutrition habits, because your memory bank is failing.

I'm out for a while. Too many toxic people on here nowadays venting venom from toxic lives.

23 May 2021 10:58:13
I love the man! Wish he was staying ❤️


23 May 2021 11:40:08
Legend? I don’t know if he is. But he has been a big part of what we achieved. I am sorry to see him go, but it’s his decision and no hard feelings. Players come and go at the end of the day, the main thing is adequately replacing with equal or better quality.

23 May 2021 11:43:00
I am in agreement with all the glowing praise of Gini but he’s got to start against palace. I agree with your blood and guts comment but we don’t have a player like that to replace him, please don’t say Jones. Jones has ability, in my opinion believes he’s a big time Charlie, but doesn’t want to do the dirty work. Anyways here’s to a performance today!

23 May 2021 12:38:20
Goodbye and thank you for all your efforts Gini. Whether you agree or not that he's a legend in his own right, he's probably played the most games for what will go down as a legendary Liverpool team (league and CL winners) and that should never be underestimated. Never grumbled, never caused hassle, and will always be welcomed back. Not bad for someone who signed under a cloud of "not good enough" comments from a lot of fans at the time.

23 May 2021 14:19:49
Ill no longer dream of Gini but will remember fondly some of his best moments. Thanks for the memories and best of luck wherever you move. YNWA.



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