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28 May 2021 09:36:18
James pearce the atheltic and sky sports have said we aren't pursuing a midfilder this summer. Does anyone else think this is more a priority than a centre back? we need two minimum? the ones we have aren't reliable with fitness and the only one whos always fit has left. Like i like konate but if it menas we don't get a bissouma or neuhaus or even both then that's a joke we need midfielders above anything! .

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28 May 2021 10:01:30
I do believe we will bring in a midfielder this summer and I wouldn't be surprised if it is before the Euros as Klopp will want his business done early.
Who we could bring in is still a mystery and the names being mentioned are good quality but pricey. I think they will bring in a player from maybe a relegated team like with Gini and Robbo, I would be happy with Berge.

28 May 2021 10:03:51
Just put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride. There are hundreds of twists and turns yet to come (many true and just as many fabricated), before the end of silly season. Just enjoy.

28 May 2021 10:12:19
More than a bit concerning but i wouldn’t worry, we’ve been here before. Thiago and Alisson were also given the ‘no chance’ before we signed them, i wouldn’t be surprised if it is just posturing.

There’s no way Keita stays another year at the club and its previously been reported by all the broadsheets that him and Ox are available for the right price, despite Pearce now saying that Klopp being committed to keeping them is the justification for not buying a new midfielder. I imagine much will depend on player sales from this point on so this kind of posturing does not surprise me. I can see the club buying at least 3 new players this summer and if a midfielder isn’t a part of that then who will be?!

28 May 2021 10:15:15
It’s difficult because when all midfielders are fit we are ok.

We start with fab, hendo and Thiago.

With Jones, Keita, Milner and Ox is reserve.

The problem is Keita, Ox and even Hendo sadly often have injury issues throughout a season.

Unless the club move on one of Ox or Keita I can see why they’ll be tempted to wait till next summer or Jan and see how the midfield situation plays out.

28 May 2021 10:32:53
Listen I think James Pearce is a great journalist but he's also a bit of a mouthpiece for the club. Often he says that Lpool have 'no interest' or won't be completing a deal for a player. He was adamant at some stages that Thiago wasn't an option being explored last summer.

Fabrizio Romano (arguably the most reliable journalist out there) has said that there is concrete interest in Bissouma from Arsenal and Liverpool, something that Ed002 has also claimed. Pearce has suggested there isn't, I think I know which side I'm believing. I'm certain at least one midfielder will be joining but I do agree it will be dependent on sales.

28 May 2021 10:36:10
so fabinho misses a month at least a season. hendersons injuries will leave him our for 2 months a season minimum and he's getting older surely he will become the milner role and barely play but will be called upon when needed. KEITA is awful and never fit. ox is never fit. jones in new so who knows and milner barely ever plays. so easily we could be without henderson fabinho and thiago meaning we have ZERO competent midfilers available if we buy a bissouma type then he can cover fab when he's out for two months and henderson. then another can cover thiago and henderson. WE need one minimum look how much wijnaldum played this season despite being awful and not even trying now take him out the picture and theirs no one we would have no midfielder avaialble . when fab came back inot the team we where unbeaten for 10 games, we need cover for him when he's out.

28 May 2021 10:42:59
Although I sincerely hope Keita is moved on, I have serious doubts it will be happen. Simply because of the way Mr. Edwards runs the ship in prioritizing financial gain. I'm not saying it's good or bad, it's just the way it is. We've seen plenty of players being sent on loan after loan, when they could have been moved if it were not for high asking prices. It's a business model and it works well for him. So, my reading of the situation is that the bean counters at the club will not allow taking a hit of 20-30 million, by selling Keita. Not in these times. And I don't see Klopp putting his foot down as he did with Sakho, since he put his neck on the line to bring Keita in, in the first place. Even when Klopp was adamant about Sakho, they played him in the U23's for a year, until his valuation was met and they sold him.

28 May 2021 10:44:17
The same people linking us with several. Just listen to ED02, why bother with the rest. Appreciate how lucky we are to have him/ her and that will generally point you in the right direction with transfers guys.

28 May 2021 11:18:31
Midfield isn't a priority unless we are able to sale 1 or 2 same with forward unless they leave.

Defense has always been our priority, we had only 3 senior defenders so there was always a place and I'm sure our scouting/ recruiting team must be working on defense from last season hence konate and he's agent were approached by LFC/ Klopp.

28 May 2021 11:32:45
We added Thiago last year who, at the time I thought was in the place of Gini. So we aren't light in terms of number, adding that Jones has now had a good season under his belt.
If we are to replace midfielders the focus has to be on Ox, Keita etc.
I would be stunned if they weren't even considered to be replaced but maybe the value isn't there in the transfer market and Klopp thinks its better all round to stick.

28 May 2021 11:50:03
OP, take a chill pill, mate. We are in for Bissouma. It is all over the media reports and Ed02 has said so. Pearce might just be doing what he did with the Thiago links last season, saying we were not in for him just to not screw things up. Pretty sure Thiago plays for us now. Keep the faith and don't get triggered by such reports. A midfielder or two will be signed. I don't think Keita will be moved due to price and wage issues, IMO. I hope I'm wrong.

28 May 2021 13:25:45
I don’t think Pearce is that close to the club anymore, so I take his comments with a pinch of salt these days.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d be astonished if we didn’t sign a midfielder

28 May 2021 13:30:44
I would be very surprised if we don’t explore our options in midfield, that’s definitely an area of concern for me, because of two reasons. We have quite an injury prone set of midfielders, and whilst I think the starting midfield of Henderson Fabinho and Thiago is up there with one of the best in the league, I don’t think the supporting cast is up to much, and given the injury record of those 3, I think we would need a solid supporting cast to fill in when the inevitable happens. Ox, Keita and Milner aren’t exactly pulling up trees for one reason or another. Milner has always been a solid player, but he’s 35 and can’t be expected to play regularly anymore. Keita and Ox are injury prone and just can’t get going in terms of consistency, at least 2 of these 3 should be moved on for better option/ s, that’s including the sales (hopefully) of the likes of grujic and Wilson. So I would make at least one top midfielder a priority once it’s all said and done.

{Ed0666's Note - I share you’re sentiments mate

28 May 2021 13:40:37
Spot on, Ed666. It would make no sense at all if we didn't sign a mid or two this summer.

28 May 2021 13:47:19
One good midfielder in would be plenty IMO.

Gini is gone and Naby Keita should move on for everyones sake. We would have plenty options then again. Technically would be 1 less numbers wise but Naby was hardly ever available. No idea on Gruijic too, could be another on his way out to help pay for transfers.

Bissouma does look very good but his preference seems to be Arsenal so hopefully they will move on someone else instead.

28 May 2021 14:14:09
I’m not buying this line or “we have plenty of options” as it was painfully obvious that beyond the starting three of Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago that the other options are very sub par at best, Any three from Keita, Milner, Jones, Shaqiri and Ox is not going to be effective in any meaningful way either in protecting a back four or creating and scoring.

28 May 2021 14:14:10
When you post that 3 or 4 people have all come out with the same information, it's also worth having a look to see if they are actually all just quoting each other or whether separate sources seem to be coming to the same conclusion.

28 May 2021 14:35:40
Yes victor but for that they need to move on, you just can't keep on stockpiling players especially with our model.

Last season was enough proof if any of us needed when we didn't Sign a CB.

Signing Midfield or forward will depend on out-going rather then being necessity.

Don't forget Elliott will return too.

28 May 2021 14:57:42
see your saying we have plenty of options but fabinho has only ever played 28 games max in the prem since joining and i cnat imagine that's going to go up. henderson is injury prone and will have 2-3 months out of every season and should progress inot a milner role he does a job but you can't rely on him to be a starter. thiago is approaching end of career. ox and keita are never fit and we don't know about jones's fitness. wijnaldum played almost every game because of injuries he was awful and still played because he was fit. WE NEED A MINIMUM OF TWO ONE HOLDING/ BOX TO BOX to cover for fabs injury and thiago and henderson and another for the other two roles. klopps tends to not rotate the forward line but he roatates the midfielder as they cover for the pushed up full backs and shield the defence.

28 May 2021 17:55:49
As you said "we've plenty of options" if those options aren't reliable then shd be move on can't expect paying them wages and getting others on wages when we've been taking loans after loans tho.

28 May 2021 19:15:02
Milner can still do a job for us. He's not expected to start 30 games, he is now there for experience at times to see out games or for rotation to rest one of the others.

Curtis Jones looks superb. He will keep improving.

So we already have Fabinho, Hendo and Thiago and we are all counting them as our starting 3 (which is fine for this combo) .

I 100% am happy to include Curtis Jones in the mix for a genuine starting spot. That's 4 for 3 spots.

We are all saying to get 1 more in like Bissouma, he would be 5.

Milner would be 6 - I am very comfortable saying he is an excellent option when u consider where he would be in the pecking order.

Ox is on big money, maybe he needs to move on for his own sake as well but we still have Ox and Naby and Gruijic before we even mention playing Bobby deeper or Shaq more central. how is that not enough options? Utter madness we cannot just stockpile players, they nearly all want to play and they all have to be paid.

28 May 2021 20:39:35
Sean, Curtis looks a very good prospect, it’s a stretch to say superb, he’s not consistent enough to be ‘superb’. You say we’ve loads of options? But again, imagine the scenario where Henderson and Fabinho aren’t available (which given this season is not beyond the realms of probability), not one of the remaining players we have is capable of playing the anchor role in midfield and it’s an open invite for a defeat, that has been demonstrated this season time and again.

Keita, Shaqiri, Oxlade need to be moved on as they’re injured more often than available and when they do play they’re not really good enough, particularly Keita who simply isn’t worth persisting with any more, let’s not remind ourselves of his last most recent performance…

We might have a lot of midfielders, but there’s not much quality beyond the starting 3.

28 May 2021 23:28:37
@Victor, Bissouma would play the number 6 role if both Hendo and Fabinho were injured.

Milner would be next and then Thiago but Thiago is more Jorginho control than Kante defensive nous style wise. Regardless we would be talking Fabinho, Hendo, Bissouma and Milner all to be injured at the same time for Thiago to be needed to cover. Grujic if he isn't sold would even be considered if we had this many injured.

I agreed already on Keita needing to move on. I also agreed that maybe Ox could go but still I'm not seeing a need to sign 2 unless all of them are sold plus Grujic as well. It's not realistic to sell them all, hence why signing just one like Bissouma would be plenty IMO.



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