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29 May 2021 04:20:39
What's everybody's opinion on UEFA looking to scrap the away goals rule for European competitions? I don't really understand the reasoning behind it but UEFA will be UEFA. I think the away goals rule maintains a nice balance and rewards teams for not just sitting back and defending away from home - can imagine a lot more boring, defensive games if this rule goes through.

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29 May 2021 05:55:47
Id like to see more shootouts to decide games. One they are thrilling and second its fair.
Suppose we loose 1-0 on away leg and win 3-2 at home in a cracking game. We go out. that's not so fair for the competition either.
Now there should be more games that go 120 minutes more TV time mores drama more shoot outs.
I think away goal rule suits team who like to sit back. Score one and sit back whole game. It doesn't suit teams who like to attack, they are more likely to concede at times.

29 May 2021 06:17:10
Scrapping it is a stupid idea. No team needs to be playing 120 mins in midweek cup competitions thousands of miles from then potentially having a penalty shootout which prolongs the game by another 30mins or so. Another bad UEFA decision.

29 May 2021 06:55:01
personally don't like the idea of scrapping away goals totally, though i am in favor of away goal being not in force during ET in the 2nd leg.

i thought it might be fairer as both teams would have had 90mins each at their homeground. not too sure though if it'll make the ET more exciting or dull, but i suppose teams are more inclined to play their natural way since a goal is a goal and doesn't have 'away goal rule' advantage to factor into their tactics.

29 May 2021 08:24:28
Akira, I'd guess the players and managers would just love your idea.

Not just are they likely going to be playing extra games in Europe, those games could be longer! Win, win.

29 May 2021 09:34:58
Paid 100s of 1000s of dollars but will cry to play 30 min extra because oooh me legs oooh so much burden ooooh players need to recover.
Gimme a break! If 30 mins extra breaks you as a manager and player sort yourself out first.

Fit teams and teams with a bench will always love that 30 mins extra.

Ending on away goals is not fair. Games at that level should be properly decided in spirit of competition. Fair and square.

29 May 2021 09:36:10
I hate away goals people say pens are awful way to go out but at least everybody gets the same amount the away side in the second leg gets an extra 30mins to score an away and if they get one in extra time that’s the match just about done. I all so think it makes home sides in second legs when the game is close having extra nerves.

29 May 2021 10:45:19
Akira you do talk some rubbish. More money doesn't make you less tired.

29 May 2021 11:10:08
I'm in favour of scrapping it. Makes 2-legged ties more tactical, as you know one way or another you're going to need to win a game to go through. With glory and millions of £s on the line, why should one team go out if both legs are draws? Yes, away teams might sit back a bit more, but that's what league football is like anyway, in general the away team is usually the more conservative, unless there's a gulf in class.

29 May 2021 11:41:04
Obviously Akira hasn't seen the impact of players not getting proper rest between games had on our season, and many other teams.

Pure stupidity to - potentially - increase the number of minutes played. Will only benefit the teams with bigger/ better squads and, as mentioned, hands a slight advantage to the home team in the second leg as they get more time on their own patch.

29 May 2021 11:56:01
I for one like the Golden Goal. I think the most exciting thing in sports is NHL playoff overtime. Play till the first team scores. It is an edge of the seat, heart in throat type experience. Great for the neutral fan as well. Clearly though there can be only extra time and not multiple ots.

29 May 2021 13:26:12
Scrap 2 legged ties and play one game at a neutral venue instead.

{Ed002's Note - The leading clubs would all be against that.}

29 May 2021 13:30:44
How does playing extra 30 minutes at best in 3 games max amount to extra play time that will destroy players careers! i fail to understand.
Either am too old or you guys are too soft.
Its about winning fair. 30 mins are for both teams.

29 May 2021 18:01:44
Away goals rule adds an element of risk to the game and encourages the away side to have a go away from home. Taking it away gives no incentive to an away team to attack or even venture away from their own 18 yard box.



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