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02 Jun 2021 13:29:50
Good afternoon eds.

Not LFC related ...........

{Ed002's Note - So wrong page.}

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02 Jun 2021 14:18:24
Not LFC related but KFC related.

Did you know that the Colonel actually stole his recipe for fried chicken from a gentleman called Siegfried Pietersen? It was Pietersen who actually put the (sieg) fried into Fried Chicken.

Without him, a whole planet would have had to make do with plain old boiled or roasted chicken.

The story goes that Siegfried, who was a cannibal from Papua New Guinea, was actually boiling up some oil for his evening meal (deep fried crispy kale - he was watching his cholesterol by following a variation of the 5:2 diet, and was only eating humans 2 days a week) when his pet chicken - Clucky (it was a quieter age when people lived a simple life and didn't spend too much time coming up with clever and innovative names for their pets) - was trying to fly, took off briefly but was caught in the backdraft of the kale flames (kale can flare up nastily if you don't take care when frying it - you have been warned) .

Clucky had previously been rolling around in Siegfried's spices container - this being the days of yore, separating spices in individual tins had not yet been thought of, so all spices were just chucked in a small box. So when Clucky got caught in the kale-draft, he had actually been coated in some delicious flavours.

Siegfried was very upset, in fact he was beside himself with grief as Clucky had been his childhood companion (chickens lived longer in those days, with surprisingly tender flesh right into their dotage) . Fortunately, his wife, Brunhilda, had the foresight to pluck Clucky out of the pot before he burnt. They shared a sombre meal, honouring Clucky's memory whilst savouring his moist, fragrant flesh.

Now Siegfried and Brunhilda were spied upon by their nosy and deceitful neighbour, Dean Saunders. Dean stole the spice box and ran off with it. He ran so far that he ended up in Kentucky where, after a name change some generations later to Sanders (as there had been a spate of cattle rustlers called Saunders and Dean's descendants wanted to distance themselves from the whole unsavoury incident whilst still maintaining their links back to old Dean from PNG), a small boy called (bizarrely! ) "Colonel" finally got his mitts on the family Spice Box (which still bore some traces of poor clucky despite having had the spices replaced on 17 occasions and the box replaced on 13 occasions, as it was still the SAME spice box - using Trigger-logic, which was a precursor to Trigonometry) .

"Colonel" (who interestingly enough joined the army and was promptly thrown out for having ideas above his station and also because people got confused by addressing Private Colonel Sanders) eventually started selling his chicken and got very rich. So rich, in fact, that he could afford a white suit and hat in an age when greens and browns were more de-rigeur and much more affordable.

An interesting twist to the story was that Siegfried and Brunhilda's descendants eventually moved from PNG to South Africa, having developed a preference for Wildebeast over human flesh, and eventually they sired a brilliant, if self centred cricketer, who claimed to be English.

I Seem to remember his name was Kevin, so that leads me to my question. Ed002, will Kevin De Bruyne be joining Liverpool this season? :)

02 Jun 2021 14:29:31
You have waaaaay to much time on your hands Zed 😂.

02 Jun 2021 14:42:25
Ed002, have I offended you at some point?

I say this because I know I have posted to you, at all times, with the utmost respect. Sometimes you ignore or refuse to post my posts (none of which flout guidelines), other times you post them in wrong threads so they get lost and yet others still your answers are brusque at best. I am in my fifties and perhaps old fashioned but if I have posted 'in the wrong place' would it not seem polite to tell me where I should post or indeed post my thread there and say so in your reply?

Your opinions and insights are highly valued here by me and many others and if we as a collective frustrate you at times with repeated posts of the same question or random names, then I can understand that is a waste of your time. What I posted (I thought) was an interesting transfer related question that I and maybe others would have appreciated your answer.

But ok I get the message, I'll go elsewhere because I'd rather you carry on here so that others can get value from what you share.

{Ed002's Note - I would have thought it was obvious where it should be posted from the clubs involved. It is nothing whatsoever to do with Liverpool. Why do people in their 50s need additional instruction? Perhaps you will become wise with age?}

02 Jun 2021 15:13:03
I always wondered what KFC’s secret recipe was. Cheers Zed.

02 Jun 2021 15:17:06
Not LFC related but surely the BBC Sport headline “ Ancelotti exit a cold shower on Everton ambitions “ should have read “Ancelotti exit a warm shower on Everton ambitions “? 🤣.

02 Jun 2021 16:22:45
More like golden shower on Everton’s ambition.

02 Jun 2021 15:39:04
I don't really care what spices KFC are using, but i really want to know what "herbs" your dealer is selling you, Zeddicus!

02 Jun 2021 16:42:24
A golden shower, perhaps.

02 Jun 2021 16:52:32
Brilliant as always zed.

02 Jun 2021 16:59:07
I tried to be a little more nuanced about the inference lads, lol.

02 Jun 2021 17:07:22
Is Zeddicus Indykalia? He seems to know an awful lot about KFC.

02 Jun 2021 18:58:00
Z has been playing much too much GTA, or he's been listening to Zappa hence the first initial being the same is he the man from Utopia?

02 Jun 2021 20:38:26
Thanks Zed. This website will soon take over from Wikipedia as the prime encyclopedia of trivia and general knowledge of a wide and dubious variety.

02 Jun 2021 21:10:02
Wow. I’ve come out of semi retirement for that gem. Nice one zed you lunatic.

02 Jun 2021 23:00:19
aoe! Ed001 always thought you were Salah, I thought you and Zed were the same person. You two should get together and write a sequel to Little Book of Lies. Instant best seller.

03 Jun 2021 08:18:07
It's the place for multiples. Multiple personalities. Multiple usernames. Multiple mood swings. Multiple interpretations. 🤪.

{Ed001's Note - you know I actually had a job where I had to put the recipe booklets for KFC together? I had to sign about 45 NDAs and other waivers to promise not to read or repeat anything I happened to see in the folders as we put them together. They were very secretive about everything. I only really remembered that the nuggets were just all the leftover bits ground down and stuck together, though obviously I am not allowed to tell anyone that....}



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