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05 Jun 2021 16:20:44
Eds, read somewhere we've offered Larouci a new deal and Leeds are interested in him. Any truth in it? Wondering if he'd likely be used in any deal for Raphina if it is true. Probably Sandra Bullocks, but worth asking.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with Raphinha who would be a Salah replacement.}

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05 Jun 2021 19:39:03
Everyone is a salah replacement according to you eds! Why does it have to be a replacement?

{Ed014's Note - don’t be a gobshite Marty

05 Jun 2021 19:53:46
Hardly being a gobrubbish eds. I'm asking a question. why does it have to be a replacement? I thought quite a straightforward question. No malice behind it. its called building a squad.

{Ed014's Note - you wanna lose Ed02 you crack on mate

05 Jun 2021 20:07:45
Genuinely wasn't being a gobrubbish! Just asking a question ed14. I'll accept your apology though, no worries 👍🤣🤣.

{Ed014's Note - it’s gonna be a long wait

05 Jun 2021 20:12:50
In fairness to marty he has a point everyone is replacing mo.

05 Jun 2021 20:47:03
Ed002 has told us he thinks there will be a midfielder bought this summer. And he has also said and is saying if we spend upwards of £50m on a wide player it will be at the expense of Mane or Salah. We don’t have the funds. It is what it is. We don’t get the credit for spending only half of our rivals.

05 Jun 2021 20:51:04
Even ally has an eye on the job.

05 Jun 2021 20:51:09
Fair point why can't we have strength in depth?

05 Jun 2021 20:55:00
Don’t ruin this for everyone people.

05 Jun 2021 20:59:10
Crack on Marty no problem with your question.

05 Jun 2021 21:09:08
Yeah I personally wouldn't see Raphina as anywhere near a Salah/ Mane replacement. Sancho would be more fitting with quality and cost compared to what would come in from either of those 2.

I could see Raphina taking over from Shaqiri and Origi. With more quality but not enough, without work, to bounce straight into the first team.

05 Jun 2021 21:17:52
The reason Marty is a gob rubbish is because the Ed’s has explained many times that we do not have much money. So spending big on someone like raphinna would like mean he is coming in to replace salah or mane etc what is so hard to understand about that!

05 Jun 2021 22:06:23
Asking the question doesn’t make Marty a gobrubbish at all, what is this a totalitarian website? Raphina would cost around £30m (which is overpriced for him imo), salah would garner in a much higher fee if he were to leave, unless raphina is 1 of 2 players we were looking to bring in to replace salah, I don’t see a world in which he is a like for like replacement, unless we want to use the money to strengthen elsewhere.

{Ed0666's Note - God I hope Mbappe doesent go to Madrid and PSG come in for Salah. That would break my heart. Give Salah a 3 year contract on outrageous money and keep the guy he’s more valuable to us than the Kohinoor.

05 Jun 2021 23:18:14
I concur, we should just try to keep Salah. If this effects spending so be it but he misses few games, scores lots, great understanding with his teammates and is invaluable to replace unless forced on us.

05 Jun 2021 23:48:03
I think Raphina is a really excellent player and will grow into one of the best players in the league, however i just don’t see where he will fit as it stands. Salah is rarely going to get dropped and thus Elliott is perfect to play back up to him as it stands, on the other side Mane looks unlikely to go and Jota is there too. Firmino could be playing a lot of his games in a deeper role and a striker should be coming in to replace Origi to rotate with Firmino. The only way i could see it working is if we played 4231 a lot and Salah or Jota played down the middle, but that doesn’t really make any sense.

Great player but not really what we need at this moment in time, can add him to the list of other good players we should keep an eye on such as Saka, Rice, Bellingham etc.

06 Jun 2021 01:13:05
We need better rotation.

Salah needed a 4 week break at minimum throughout this season. There were periods he just needed a rest. Unfortunately behind him just wasnt good enough.

Plus it's not like raphina would he there solely to cover Salah. He could start with the front 3 or step in for any of them.

We have to get better at rotation. Which will support avoiding becoming predictable, protect against injuries and keep everyone on their toes.

I just don't see a problem with Salah, mane, firmino, jota and raphina.

It's not like it's over the top or just stacking players. If we want to go far in all the comps and win the title back 5 players for 3 positions isn't overkill.

Sterling, silva, aguero, de bruyne, torres, Mahrez, jesus.

{Ed0666's Note - Raphina would be a beast at Liverpool I agree mate. Great players adapt to their surroundings.

06 Jun 2021 02:50:03
Its been explain thousand times already. Liv doesn't have money. what is so hard to understand that. its because people like you who ruined this site and causing we to get bare minimum from eds.

06 Jun 2021 06:14:29
It was just a question. There was seriously no malice in it. I simply asked why he needs to be a replacement that was all. Apologies if it offended but I don't see how. People need to stop looking for the bad in everything. Peace.

{Ed001's Note - because the answer has been given a thousand times before only for somebody to still ask. If you can't be bothered to read what has been written and then ask us something we have already answered a thousand times, you just become an annoyance and why should we bother wasting our time if you are not even bothering to read the answers anyway?}

06 Jun 2021 06:16:11
Thanks K Man. you got what I was getting at. Exactly what you said.

{Ed001's Note - Kman is not an editor and doesn't have to put up with people constantly asking the same questions over and over so his input is irrelevant and is given from a point of complete ignorance.}

06 Jun 2021 06:21:22
OK, point taken. I get it but I still think being called a gobrubbish is a little over the top eds. Really no need for it but hey ho. Thanks ed1.

{Ed001's Note - it feels like people are doing it deliberately when you are this side of the screen mate. Especially something like this, which has probably been answered every day for about 4 years now. Though Ed014 could have chosen his words better, personally I would prefer the editors not to swear at all.}

06 Jun 2021 06:28:02
Also you have to remember this is happening on pretty much every site, people doing this. So for us, it is like being constantly poked with sticks all day long. Eventually it gets to the point where you just turn round and bite someone's head off.

06 Jun 2021 06:28:07
Hi Ed1. I really wasn't doing it deliberately. I'm 41 not 10 mate! Lol I'm sorry if it seemed like I was but it was genuine. I like the edit of gobrubbish to gobrubbish! Lol. Anyway, I agree, swearing at people is not good, if you have to resort to swearing it means you have resorted to the lowest form of an insult. Anyway mate, have a good day. You know I always appreciate your input.

{Ed001's Note - I get that mate, I just posted to explain the reason it gets so much. It is always some poor unfortunate who gets the brunt of it, but we are human too. Well maybe not Ed025, I am not convinced he is not an alien, being born in Liverpool yet choosing to support Everton? Something is not right there!}

06 Jun 2021 05:54:30
The kohinoor is not yours.

{Ed0666's Note - Oh you are such a savvy detective you solved the mystery that the Kohinoor belongs to the Queen of England. How ever did you solve that case so quickly??? For you’re next case find the Loch Ness Monster…

06 Jun 2021 06:33:59
Cheers eds. I understand mate. Have a good Sunday pal.

{Ed001's Note - just sorry it was you that got the brunt mate.}

06 Jun 2021 11:30:34
Kman thinks Raphinha would cost £30M, how did nobody pick up on that? Absolutely no chance, a £30M offer would be laughed at.

06 Jun 2021 13:51:55
Spot on, Sean Ireland. 30m for Raphinha who has 4 yrs left on his contract? Leeds won’t even look at that twice without laughing their arses off. As for depth, I agree we need better depth but to suggest that we should have what City have as someone else posted on here is pure fantasy for obvious reasons.

06 Jun 2021 18:45:29
Ed0666, the Kohinoor does not belong to the queen of England. The English robbed it from the owners.

{Ed0666's Note - you may have a point ethically/morally but the queen of England owns it now. Good luck trying to get it back from her.

06 Jun 2021 20:13:30
Because if you’re a talented or top class RW, you don’t fancy Salah as competition for your place. Nor do Liverpool spunk 50mil+ on you when Salah will play most games. And we already have a Jota to rotate with Salah/ Mane. Plus we have Harvey Elliott who’s path we absolutely don’t want to block.



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