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09 Jun 2021 17:06:57

What is your take on the announcement that the ESL clubs will take a 30 point deduction if they try a breakaway? I have read what you said in the past and know you think it is inevitable. So would you think this would mean the end of the EPL, or is the money so lucrative that the clubs wouldn't care about being relegated?

Thanks for sharing what you know always

Matt in FL.

{Ed002's Note - It makes no difference to them if they leave.}

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09 Jun 2021 19:33:32
That would be a grim outcome for me, imagine following Liverpool FC and we don't play league football, would be heart broken myself.

{Ed025's Note - you will be alright in your little bubble with your new best friends snoots, it would be the end of football as we know it but im sure the self centred six of which you lot are the leaders wouldn,t give a toss mate..

09 Jun 2021 20:35:42
There'd still be no Champions League football for the Smurf noses even without the big six.

09 Jun 2021 20:33:12
Now come on eds25 don’t paint us fans with the same brush as the greedy owners. I’d guess 99% of us don’t want it to happen. And that includes me!

{Ed025's Note - i never mentioned the fans longthing, i know its not in your hands mate but in the end it is your club, the prem will be ok if severely diluted but its the lower leagues that will suffer the most and a lot of them will go to the wall with some becoming semi professional, and all in the name of greed..

09 Jun 2021 20:33:49
Thats a hard truth for us to take 0025 but one that we should all accept and not crucify you for.
You say it as it is please carry on to keep some of these dreamers in the real world.

{Ed025's Note - i just hope you dont think this is a liverpool/everton thing jonesy, its about moral decency and the welfare of football in general mate, we have the best league in the world and all that will go out the window if the evil six get their way..

09 Jun 2021 22:05:42
Totally respect your position regardless of loyalties along with all other Eds. carry on the good work :)

09 Jun 2021 22:17:05
Things need to be done though Ed. Obviously no break away but players and agents are bleeding the clubs dry. Transfer fees we’re getting out of control and most clubs are losing money.

{Ed025's Note - they are losing money because they are living beyond their means mark, to be fair liverpool are one of them, the clamour by the top clubs to get into the CL and obtain success is so they can become one of the elite and be contenders for the breakaway league.
yes agents are bleeding the game dry but liverpool are one of the biggest contributors to that as well and thats why you dont get a get of of jail free card from me mate...because your club are one of the main protagonists in this..

09 Jun 2021 22:19:12
We all know that it's not a Liverpool/ Everton thing Ed025.

{Ed025's Note - i hope so barry mate, i like to think im bigger than that..

09 Jun 2021 22:36:28
There’d be one consolation though Ed, Everton would have the best new ground in the Championship.
Full house of 60,000 for the Mersey delta derby with Tranmere Rovers 😀.

{Ed025's Note - we would still be in the prem juicer and dare i say it near the top, we would have a lot of yours as spectators i imagine as well because not all the unwashed and penniless that follow you could afford to go abroad every other week.. :)

09 Jun 2021 23:02:28
Hopefully by the time it happens I will be too old to care. I certainly expect Liverpool to get their share of the criticism as we are about the worst when it comes to paying agents.

09 Jun 2021 23:12:53
Yes, me included Ed025.
In the away end every other week obviously 🤣.

{Ed025's Note - i can see it now in your royal blue jersey sitting next to me in the bill kenwright stand singing "its a grand old team" and sharing a pukka pie mate.. :)

10 Jun 2021 02:18:56
I agree, 025, a lot of LFC supporters would go and support other teams. It won't just be the great unwashed either - i would stop following Liverpool overnight if the new Euro competition were to be anything like the previous proposal, more out of moral disgust than anything.
Probably wouldn't affect Everton much but Tranmere would receive a huge influx of supporters almost overnight.

{Ed025's Note - i know a lot of reds IDOG and they all feel the same mate, maybe liverpool wont care as their money will be generated through television deals..



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