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12 Jun 2021 15:57:14
Thiago can’t tackle

Thiago Alcantara made the most tackles for the Reds in the Premier League last season, making 61

Thiago doesn’t create chances

Thiago has created more chances [23] than any other Liverpool midfielder in the Premier League this season. Wijnaldum is next on that list with 18 followed by Henderson [14], Milner [13], Jones [11], Keita [6], Fabinho [3]and Oxlade-Chamberlain [2]

Klopp on Thiago: “Thiago came in a really difficult season, a very important player for us. I don’t think we saw it already but we are 100% convinced we will get the best out of him because he is a world class player."

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12 Jun 2021 16:27:43
Good tidy little play, proved his worth.

12 Jun 2021 16:44:58
If the form of the last 2 months had've been over the whole season he'd have been right up there for Player of the year. Masterful. can't allow for little toe-rags from down the road though.

12 Jun 2021 16:45:53
I know you love Thiago mate but not sure what you are trying to sat here. IMO after his injury he was very very poor like the rest of the side and then the last part of the season he really got to the pace of the Pl and he was our best player over the last 8 games or so. But to claim he can tackle I am never having that. To be fair though in those last games he really got around the pitch and closed the opposition down.

I am expecting Thiago to be far far better next season,

12 Jun 2021 17:28:41
So after moving to a new league, getting C.V. and a horrible injury the man took a few weeks to settle. The absolute cheek of him.

12 Jun 2021 18:35:55
By common consent, most of the games in Liverpool’s run-in were games we’d expect to win, so let’s not go overboard with all this “world class” stuff?
The Leeds and Newcastle games, he ran out of juice after 70 minutes in a big way.
There’s some very positive things that Thiago offers but some weaknesses as well.
You have to consider the opposition, his midfield team mates and how the game in question is playing out.
The Man City match at Anfield is a good example, we didn’t have the legs to get near them, although the rest of the midfield was as much at fault as he was.
If it’s a 3 man midfield versus City, I wouldn’t start Thiago personally.
That would almost make him a very expensive (and is now 30 remember) squad member if he doesn’t start some of the biggest games or needs subbed off after a hour?

12 Jun 2021 19:52:09
Theres 2 sides to that though juicer, if Thiago is in a 3 with say Fab n Hendo and with Virgil and Joe allowing us to squeeze up then Thiago is one of the few players on the planet that could allow us to win the possession battle against Citys midfield. i don't even think there's a doubt, he's been top class for a decade.

12 Jun 2021 20:06:44
Actually Juicer, the match against Man City is a terrible example. We played with Henderson and Fabinho at centre back and a midfield of Thiago, Wijnaldum and Jones. It’s a wonder we only got beaten 4-1. For the record Thiago was nowhere the worst player on the pitch. We’d have actually stood a better chance with Phillips and Williams at CB and Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago in midfield. We might actually have won. If there’s one midfielder who’s not pulled his weight it is Keita, not Thiago.

12 Jun 2021 21:01:58
Thiago is world class, if he isn't, what in the world qualifies someone as world class? Get real!

12 Jun 2021 22:47:47
Jadon you are having a giraffe he stank for 3 months, as did the team who were top at Christmas. Thiago was a massive part of our problem in the 6 defeats in a row at home he was a liability at the time. Hence why Klopp dropped him for the European games. No one can ever claim he had a good season or even close to it. Thiago will be 10 times better in the future.

12 Jun 2021 23:40:03
Fabinho and Thiago in a 3 against City?
They couldn’t press grapes VVVV.

13 Jun 2021 00:48:56
Funny how we started winning games with a midfield containing Fabinho and Thiago. They may not press grapes, but their quality wins matches and there is no substitute for class. If we’d have started the game against City with Fabinho, Henderson and Thiago instead of Wijnaldum, Jones and Thiago we’d have got something out of the game and that is an irrefutable truth.

{Ed0666's Note - its only irrefutable because it can’t be proved and it can’t be proved because that trio didn’t play so it’s like saying you could have put a chicken korma and a lamb biriyani in midfield and we would have one the game and that sir is a irrefutable fact!

13 Jun 2021 06:27:33
Hang on, Mark08, the stat said he made more tackles than any other red but you’re saying he cannot tackle. I get that some stats need context but what do you base you opinion on?

13 Jun 2021 08:21:12
It definitely is no coincedence that our 10 game unbeaten run in began exactly at the point that Fabhino was put back in his natural position and allowed Thiago to have the freedom to do what he does so well.

13 Jun 2021 09:32:53
Thiago like some ( not all ) that have come over to the English league have needed time to adapt, I find it incredible to see some of the posts saying how sh*t he’s been. Along with the fact there’s been C.V., no fans, just a strange season all round.

Look at Thierry Henri in his first season at Arsenal, had a stinker for the first six months.

13 Jun 2021 10:04:19
Great little debate here gents. Only seen it this morning as I was out all day yesterday. Klopp was the one that called him world class and I’m pretty sure he knows a thing or too. There’s no denying the facts. And they are Thiago had Cv, then a very bad injury, 100% struggled when he came back along with the rest of the team but was very much a big part of the last 10 games when we went on that run to get top 4.

I’m looking forward to seeing him in a 3 with Hendo and Fab but we desperately need more quality to rotate in there. And it’s not just to rotate it will be to replace as well because Hendo misses games and so do Thiago and Fab. I think last season the 3 missed 49 league games in total as a 3. The surprising stat is Thiago played more league games than Hendo last season.

13 Jun 2021 10:52:09
Drogie, there’s one crucial difference between Thiago and Henry and that’s Henry could run.
Granted Thiago had an injury and CV but he’s not getting any quicker next season, hopefully he’ll get a little stronger and not blow up after a hour, though he’s at the 30 years mark now.
It’s ok everyone saying they can’t wait to see him alongside Henderson.
Hendo, unfortunately, is prone to picking up more and more knocks and muscle injuries. This is where Gini was so invaluable (though not last season admittedly) .
There’s a glaring hole in our midfield mix now, for me, and I really hope Klopp addresses it.
Thiago and Fabinho are fine together against teams that cede possession, but if mobility is needed they are lacking I’m afraid.

13 Jun 2021 11:45:32
Totally get the Juicer mate, my reference to Henri was from an adaptation to the English point of view and not age etc, they are two different types of player. Henri was benched for six games until he was up to speed

Thiago is never going to run his socks off, that’s not why we purchased him.

Agree re Henderson and that’s why where actively lokkkkg for another engine in midfield.

13 Jun 2021 22:28:52
Thiago is world class and absolute filth as a footballer. No amount of salt from anyone here (they know who they are) will change that. The guy oozes class and would walk into any team in Europe on his day, period. I don’t need stats to prove any of this (thanks for the stats tho, JK23) cos I have my eyes and trust what I see.

There are those that have had it in for Thiago, kicking him while he is down while they know full well he was not at his best at the time. They say he can’t tackle YET he made the most tackles which tells you the lack of logic and dishonesty at play here. Just so happens that when the chips were down and when we needed leaders to step up, TA stepped up and balled out. Still won’t b enuff for his haters tho who will continue to bash him even after he has proved them wrong. Sad.



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