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14 Jun 2021 11:43:39
Away goal rules are scrapped, i'm really disappointed by this change. away goal rules make european competition even better. what do people reckon? good change or stupid change?

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14 Jun 2021 11:58:40
Better for competition but ofcourse the people on here are concerned about extra play time destroying careers.

14 Jun 2021 12:07:13
It's not the end of the world and maybe it's fairer?
I was quite happy with the away goals rule though, made things exciting!

14 Jun 2021 12:17:44
I can’t see the problem with away goals as it works equally for both teams. Adds to the excitement too. I guess it’ll mean more extra time and penalties. That in itself is unfair because the team playing home second has the advantage of being at home because you won’t take penalties in both grounds. So actually you’ve now introduced a bias which wasn’t there.

14 Jun 2021 12:40:09
I have to disagree with you their RazorSharp.

Currently, if a tie goes to Extra Time in the champions league. The away team in the 2nd leg has a huge advantage. As per our tie with Atletico last year.

They get an extra 30 minutes for an away goal.

14 Jun 2021 13:08:55
I like the rule but agree with lamborini that after the second 90 minutes it shouldn't count because its clear advantage. Otherwise I would have liked the rule to stay. I can see this result in teams away just sitting back. Will make European football less exciting imo.

14 Jun 2021 13:13:49
I just think we’ll see an extremely negative away team approach to ties now. I don’t why they couldn’t just tweak the rule so that away goals advantage ends at 90 mins.

14 Jun 2021 13:32:57
It seems like a way to get more extra time and penalty shootouts in games, meaning more tv time, meaning more revenue from the likes of betting companies who will want to make more money on people betting on who’s going to score penalties, how many will be saved, how many will be taken with a left foot etc etc.

14 Jun 2021 13:37:30
Away goal is rubbish, play 90 mins both home and away so not needed. Sick of teams getting knocked out when the tie is a draw on away goals. Would prefer a clear winner.

14 Jun 2021 15:41:41
People complain about penalties but there a lot fairer than away goals. I have never been a fan of a team going out that way don’t think it makes games better a lot if the time just makes the home team in the second leg if closes nervous sometimes thinking if the concede one there in big trouble by adding 2 goals to the amount they need.

14 Jun 2021 15:43:04
It's not like a goal away from home isn't something to try and obtain, so I don't see the problem with doing away with it. At the end of the day, a goal should count as a goal, not "a goal and a wee bit" if it's scored away from home.

14 Jun 2021 18:05:01
I fully agree with the change and have thought about it for years prior. Why should the away team have the advantage in the second leg of winning a game on the away goals rule after scoring a goal in extra time, whereas the home team did not have that advantage in the first leg as the away team. It is not fair, IMO.

As it stands, no team gets that advantage. If either team cannot do the job after 99 mins at either ground and it goes to extra time then, NO team should get ANY advantage based on the away goals rule. Extra time then means new game, clean slate. If the away team is mad about it then, they had a chance to finish the job on their ground and they couldn’t. Tough luck. Or we go straight to penalties after 90 mins in both legs and at both grounds. That would even be fairer.

14 Jun 2021 18:05:55
If it's not broken then why fix it that rule has been in for years like it or not it works.

15 Jun 2021 00:51:28
I think we will see a lot more extra time which equals more playing time for the players.

Chance of less magic moments.

"Corner taken quickly"



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