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22 Jun 2021 20:20:55
That Saka lad from Arsenal is a bit good.

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22 Jun 2021 20:46:41
I’d donate my testies to science for us to sign him.

22 Jun 2021 20:48:33
Best player so far.

22 Jun 2021 21:00:10
He's good but he has willing accomplices in the Czech players. They're just standing there watching him drive past them with the ball. Maybe they should pause and applaud, while they're at it.

22 Jun 2021 21:15:39
I will also donate my testies. Im just going to ask the mrs if i can have them back.

22 Jun 2021 21:24:26
What a goal by modric. What a player.

22 Jun 2021 21:33:23
We have some exciting players but still look woeful. I put that at Southgates door.

But yes saka easily the best player on the pitch today and wish the grealish love in would stop, there so far up his backside they can see out of his mouth.

22 Jun 2021 21:43:56
Really struggling to stay awake.

22 Jun 2021 22:08:38
Watching England is like watching Man Utd, hard work at times.
It’s the downside to that 4-3-3-1 isn’t it?
Slow midfield play but hard to break down equally.
It’s the football equivalent to painting by numbers, all structured and low risk.
I have a feeling that Klopp’s going to have us doing it this coming season to accommodate Thiago more.
I just hope we see the Bayern version of the formation and not the Man Utd one.

{Ed025's Note - its all very safe and boring juicer, if we go behind to a team it could be curtains mate..

22 Jun 2021 22:14:51
England would be so much more fluid without Kane. Running like a cart horse, always late, it's holding the whole team back. Without him there'd be quick interchanges, getting the ball down the flanks, Saka immense, Sterling and Grealish combining well - Rashford in place of Kane and they’d be outpacing teams. Their over reliance on Kane is their weakness.

{Ed025's Note - the slow build up is giving harry nothing jim, its far too safe with all this backward and sideways passing in our own half mate...its like watching liverpool .. :)

23 Jun 2021 02:49:06
United scored more goals than us last season tbf. I don’t think our football has been great on the eye for a while it’s a lot of crossing, long balls into to the opposition CBs head and goals off set pieces. 19/ 20 we had keepers making mistakes against us almost every game for goals. Then again 16/ 17 and 17/ 18 we played great football but won nothing. There’s not many teams anymore that play great football ‘on the eye’ regularly anyway, Man City and Leeds maybe although we’ve shown were capable.

23 Jun 2021 03:21:17
Apparently Saka is as nice a guy as he is a good baller. Hope he has an awesome career.

23 Jun 2021 04:05:24
DavidK - I’ll bite. Your post is up there with the guy who made a ridiculous one about Mbappe the other day.

23 Jun 2021 08:29:25
Typo on my post above obviously, should have read 4-2-3-1.
How subdued was Henderson’s role as well?
On the plus side, if Liverpool adopting that formation means less of Henderson charging around getting fatigued and injured, then it wouldn’t be all bad I suppose.
And if it allows Thiago to weave his magic, then hopefully our play won’t be as laborious as last night’s.

23 Jun 2021 11:33:21
DavidK, you must have slept through the seasons you are talking about as none of what you say is true about Liverpool during any of the seasons you posted. For the past 4 seasons before this one, we are top 3 in goals scored. We are very dynamic in attack and can hurt you in different ways.

You think we did all that just by opposing teams making mistakes, their GK's making mistakes, or CB's scoring headers (whatever that means) and all that other stuff you mentioned? If it wasn't for our forwards being not converting as many chances as they should in the past 4 seasons, heaven only knows how many goals we would have scored.

If you think so then, you either have a short memory or remember those 4 seasons very differently cos for those of us who have been awake this whole time, we have played some of the best football in the 4 seasons (before this past one) the PL has ever seen and were UEFA and FIFA Team Of The Year twice during this period. I propose you watch us back again and judge for yourself.

23 Jun 2021 12:24:57
I think Southgate just has to go. End of. But who would replace him? We aren't spoilt for choice at all.

I would go all out to convince Harry Redknapp to come out of retirement. I know a lot of people don't rate him but I think he's by far the best qualified for the job compared to the other candidates.

He's had success in tournaments winning the FA Cup with Portsmouth and getting to the Champions League quarter finals with Spurs, he has a lot of experience in football generally and I think he has the right temperament to deal with the players. He can be friendly and positive with them when it suits to motivate them but he can also clash heads when he needs to.

23 Jun 2021 13:41:52
8d let southgate leave only if united sign him to replace ole.

22 Jun 2021 23:42:40
I meant 4-2-3-1 obviously.
A typo there, as I’m sure Ed025’s was when he said Liverpool by mistake instead of United.

{Ed025's Note - no it was liverpool juicer, mind you so are a lot of teams because this pointless possession and passing backwards and sideways is an epidemic at the moment mate..



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