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26 Jun 2021 17:02:58
So carraghar has suggested that we can use ox as cover on RB if we move neco.

So i thought why have we forgotten ox in for our midfield. Thiago hendo fab and ox of the bench to replace whichever one needs a breather or gets injured.
I know he has to keep fit for that but i think its a in built solution. We also have jones who will features more and more. Milner will be around and still have keita on the books. Surely to get another mid in we need to sell two of ox milner keita and jones.

For me i don't see any sense in signing a midfielder unless and untill he is 100 percent a starter, which means he is better than hendo thiago or fabinho. that's a tall ask and very few fit the bill. Also since our midfield has to be super industrious to make our system work anyone new we sign will take atleast a season to bed in.
I think we will be seeing the absolute best of thiago next season season. I just wish keita can do something in this pre season. If he hits his leipzig form we will be so explosive.

Which brings me to the point of this post. We need goals. I think salah will still do what salah does for atleast 2 seasons but i very much doubt that mane and jota can add 30 goals together. Bobby will be bobby but i think we absolutely need another 10-15 goal a season option. Someone who can work off salah and mane drawing players wide and get in to the box. We need to sign a striker or centre forward. And i think we should try to add andre silva.

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26 Jun 2021 17:22:52
We definitely need a midfielder.

Thiago Fabinho Hendo

As a starting midfield that is a very very good midfield.

Jones Milner Ox

As a back up set of midfielders it’s adequate. But there’s a massive drop off in quality so we definitely need a midfielder.
If we were to get a long term injury to 1 of the first choice midfielders I wouldn’t trust any of our other midfielders to constantly play (mainly due to their injury records ox and Milner, plus Jones is inexperienced but he’d be my pick as hell only get better)

If we add Neuhaus or Bissouma then the back up midfield 3 is improved.

26 Jun 2021 17:33:15
Thing is Akita, Milner looked his age last season and he’s not what you’d call brilliant as a centre midfielder if I’m honest, he’s ok but not much more than that, Keita is utterly hopeless and it’s pointless him even being considered as an option (he should be binned at the earliest opportunity), Ox is hardly ever fit, Jones is very hit and miss (which is a consequence of being a young player, so fair enough), Thiago needs a holding midfielder to play alongside with and if both Henderson and Thiago are out he looks half the player he is. So beyond Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago the options are best described as threadbare. If we went into a game with a midfield of Keita, Milner and Ox I’d not expect points from the game. So yes, we do need to sign another midfielder as our options are not good beyond the starters.

26 Jun 2021 17:49:57
Why does any new midfielder have to be a "100% starter"? Just to use City as an example which of Rodri, Fernandinho, KDB, Silva, Foden, Gundonga (sorry about the spelling) are 100% starters? None of them are. First 2 weren't even started in the biggest game in Cities season last year. Difference is when they rotate the quality doesn't drop.

26 Jun 2021 18:03:55
Well do you think it will be possible to add a midfielder without selling two of milner ox keita and jones. I just donot see it happening.
We won't be selling milner or jones. So that leaves keita and ox. And i don't think there is a buyer out there folks at not this season. don't think we will loan them. They combined will cost 220k in wages a week. Add milners and jones wages that's 400k in wages for players not playing. From financial point flof view it doesn't make sense. I know we get hit by hard luck. But a midfield of jones keita and ox isn't so hopeless if all 3 of our prime midfielders get injured.
And if they do don't think a nehaus or bissouma is bailing us out.

Our forwards however have been very fit may not be in best of form but atleast very fit. So this 4th season in together i am worried they will get injured and we don't have a option there. That why priority for me is a striker.
I think last season everybody kept on blaming our defence but as per numbers we were nearly as good in defense as we were when we won the title in. We lost few games 1-0 and drew too many 1-1. A striker option could have made a difference of 15 points last season for us. We shouldn't go into this season with same problem. We should buy a striker and then if we can offload one from the bench of our players heavy midfielder look to sign a midfielder.
For me midfielder is optional but striker is must.

26 Jun 2021 18:04:51
With both midfield and forwards we need to move players on if we are bringing new faces in. Until we start seeing those that are in the squad move on I don’t see many more incoming.

26 Jun 2021 18:08:00
We need a reliable midfielder 1-2 coz midfield is an area where Klopp likes to rotate . playing Thiago Hendo every game is asking for trouble. The likes of keita need to go same with FBs hence Konstantinos Tsimikas was bought in expense of a defender that's how Klopp sees important to rotate he's FBS.

26 Jun 2021 18:12:26
Mane mane klopp isn't pep and he hardly rotates. 4 seasons in that's pretty evident. He trusts first team to do the job. We aren't city we cannot afford 10 heavily payed midfielders.

26 Jun 2021 18:33:01
Mane I think the city example you used mate shows that all the players named are literally on a similar level hence why they are are literally 100% starters as when they do rotate there is no drip off. Unfortunately for us whilst our bench is decent the midfielders in reserve are a drop off to our strongest possible starters.

26 Jun 2021 20:11:57
Maybe Klopp can get that Smith Rowe kid from Arsenal, I recon he could turn him into a world beater? Probably get him for 25 million.

{Ed002's Note - There is no interest from Liverpool.}

26 Jun 2021 20:15:53
Bissouma in and Keita out.

26 Jun 2021 20:17:13
Don’t sign a new midfielder… where are the goals coming from then? We cannot have a repeat of last season.

26 Jun 2021 20:18:49
A new midfielder is a must if we are to win number 20. Hendo can’t play every game, Thiago is 5th choice for Spain, whilst many disagree with their managers choice it’s true. He really needs to improve on last years form IMO to be a regular starter. That basically leaves Fabs and he is a little prone to an injury as well. I think a quality addition in midfield has every chance to start most weeks.
Atm The City midfield is ahead of ours. I would buy a midfielder before a forward.

26 Jun 2021 20:51:57
Mark, Trent is England’s fourth choice right back. Who gives a mate. If Klopp has faith in Thiago then he has my backing and let’s be honest international managers at the Moment are only there as big clubs wouldn’t look at Them twice. Mancini, Martinez, De Boer, Southgate, Enrique etc. The truth is international football is a step down from club football.

26 Jun 2021 21:15:58
Mark08 I think you are being over critical of Thiago. He picked up and early injury and then C.V. at the start of his Liverpool career. Then was being played out of position in a weakened team. Once Fabinho returned to midfield and we had solidity at the back, we played much better and ended the season in good form. We do need another midfielder though and naby needs to go, he is a total waste of space.

26 Jun 2021 21:44:05
Op first off, what is a “built” solution? Secondly, there was this very notion being circulated around SM about Ox being made a RB which literally makes no sense either. Carra may just be repeating this SM stuff trying to look like a genius or he is as deluded as he sounds for the most part.

I do agree with you that a midfielder we sign has to be starter material for sure but it does not have to be 100% either cos when fit, we know who the starters are. We need a midfielder who can start for us, for sure.

26 Jun 2021 22:02:42
Am not sure you guys are getting the real point here its that we are still overstocked with midfielders
We have too many midfielders on the books now whether they cut it or not isn't the matter. The fact remains we have 8 first team midfielders when we play 3. So unless majority of them are sold i don't think there is room. We cannot afford 500k in wages to players who aren't playing. Also with so many midfielders how will the new signing even get minutes.
A striker is must because i cannot see mane and bobby playing 60 games another season. Jota will play in and out and he is the only real cover. Elliot is still a kid and he could do easily with less pressure and gel in rather than expectation of 10 goals.
Further we will be moving origi and shaq so we do need a player unlike in midefield where we are overstocked. Unless ox keita milner are all going i don't see how we add a midfielder and what game time he gets. Klopp hasn't rotated his midfield much if doesn't have to due to injuries.

26 Jun 2021 22:36:17
Akira don’t we have Mane, salah, firmino, Jota, minamino, ox, Harvey and origi in the squad. So that makes 8 players for the front 3.

26 Jun 2021 22:53:52
Harvey Elliot that meant to say.

27 Jun 2021 08:11:08
“Thiago is 5th choice for Spain”. Mark, your agenda against Thiago is becoming laughable. As JK23 said, Trent is 4th choice for Southgate. Pretty sure you don’t believe Trent is 4th choice ability wise so are you willing to believe that Thiago is 5th choice ability wise for Spain? If yes, then no bias here, clearly.

Thiago needs to improve. That applies to every player at LFC not just Thiago. Also, you make it sound like Thiago was not pure filth before he got injured. You act like the injury, CV he had along with playing in a struggling team, did not affect him YET when he got to full fitness and our injuries started to lessen, he balled out. Again, your gripe with him just smacks of bitterness whereas there are actually arguments you can make against his inclusion, none of which you actually can make.

Nobody cares what international managers think cos they pick players based on other criteria than just ability. Like it or not, Thiago has proved you wrong and will be starting for us next season. I propose you get on board and support him instead of the constant digs and jibes you aim at him for no reason.

27 Jun 2021 09:17:03
He is 5Th choice for Spain and as you love to point out its a fact. You don’t see Thiago in training we have no idea what effort he is putting in. There is no agenda from me, try to read the next section and see if you understand my point.
Thiago came with a tag of one of the best midfielders in the world and didn’t perform to anywhere near that level. I am simply replying to a post that says he is a definite starter next season. I don’t agree with that, of course there are reasons the whole team underperformed last season but now the time for excuses has long since gone. Thiago has no credit in the bank for LFC he just starts with a clean slate and then it’s up to him.

Oli do you think Thiago has done enough to be an automatic starter? IMO he has to earn the right to be a regular starter like Fabs and Hendo have done. Let’s hope he plays to the level of his last few starts and then a debate won’t be needed. If every post on here was after Thiago saying he shouldn’t be playing I would be sticking up for him but every post is overly positive towards Thiago I am neutral on the lad atm, but really hope he brings his A game next season and if he does LFC will be better for it.

27 Jun 2021 11:17:15
Mark I think everyone needs to bring their A game next season mate.

Trent despite finishing the season strong had a very up and down season similar to that of Thiago despite him playing more games.

Mane was poor last season by his usual standards and everything he had done for the club over the last few seasons was forgotten about as supporters were ready to pack his bags and ship him off.

Bobby another who I thought had a poor season overall.

Hendo missed just under half of the league and CL season through injury.

Vvd and Gomez will need time to regain fitness and performance after 2 massive injuries but we know in this day and age time is something supporters don’t give. Again back to Thiago after he missed 3 months he was slated from his 2nd game back.

Jones needs to continue his progress. I thought he was decent last season but for him to step up further then so will his performances have too.

Tsmiskas, Ox, Origi, Shaq, Naby, Neco, Grujic, Adrian and Wilson could all easily be sold but if they are to remain they all need to improve 10 folds as they brought either very little or nothing to the party last season.

27 Jun 2021 11:37:41
I agree jk it’s a massive season for all the players. I said in an earlier post the players have to prove it on the pitch. We can’t have a succession of excuses next season. Trent and Thiago were about the same level last season. The main one for me is Mane i think he will be back to his best but until the real stuff begins no one can be sure. There are as many questions as answers for our squad atm.



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