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01 Jul 2021 02:01:43
I totally get this is exciting for a lot of English people but I've got to say i really don't care about England.

How am i supposed to cheer a goal scored by Raheem Sterling? A bloke who insulted our club, attacked Joe Gomez twice and then sang songs about a stabbed Liverpool fan?

How am i supposed to cheer on Pickford who's clumsy and overly aggressive challenge was the catalyst for our season being ruined last year?

If that makes me bitter than fine, i'm bitter. But i also can't stand fans of other clubs who spend all year calling me a bin dipper, but then expect me to bounce up and down with them in the pub celebrating England's success.

I also hate how historically Liverpool players were overlooked. Clemence, Fowler, Carragher, Trent etc. In my opinion Trent injured himself because he was trying too hard to prove himself to an absolute weapon of a manager who can't see his quality.

Look, i hope Hendo does well. But I also hope Thiago does well too, as I do with all Liverpool players who choose to represent their country. I have absolutely no allegiance to England because unfortunately i can't separate the disdainful behaviour displayed by opposition fans who not only insult Liverpool the club, but also the people and the City which i love equally as much.

I've no issue with other Liverpool fans supporting England though and if it makes you happy, crack on. Just don't look at me funny when i say i'm not interested!

I'll be in the corner brooding with my "Scouse, not English" banner if you need me.

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01 Jul 2021 02:30:04
You forgot to talk about politics MK, but well said, I agree.

01 Jul 2021 02:37:28
There will always be problems until the happy day that tribalism disappears. Having an entrenched view that refuses to see the good in people doesn’t help us get to the happy day.

To all those supporting a team best of luck to you. To all those not supporting a team best of luck to you.

To all those who feel the need to tell everybody else why they don’t support teams, thanks but it really isn’t necessary.

01 Jul 2021 04:22:13
Let's move on shall we lads, you don't care about England, and we don't care that you don't care etc etc. it's all about opinions but I think it's been done to death, trying to out 'scouse' each other 🤣.

01 Jul 2021 05:50:35
I agree on the opening post to a certain extent. I find it hard to really support England but I do sort of hope they do well for the good of the nation.

I look around the stadium and see fans with such passion belting out the anthem then I bet most of if not all them moan about the monarchy and the money they "earn" and what the country is coming to.

Funny really.

01 Jul 2021 05:53:02
For me it’s the jingoistic, xenophobic undertone with England fans (booing the kneeling an obvious example) that jars that puts me off the national team as a whole. The political divide is a significant factor as well, but I honestly haven’t cared for a long time. It feels weird to put all this emotion into a game of football when you look at how decimated and divided the country is as a whole. C.V. deaths sky high, wealth gap massive, child poverty growing, food bank usage sky high, unemployment rocketing, come on England! No thanks. The fact they only ever play in London doesn’t help - everything is so London centric - how can people be surprised that many in Liverpool do feel isolated and alienated from this idea of England? Everything that has happened politically, and continues to happen, reenforces the idea that we are indeed scouse and are not English (or at least valued as being English) .

01 Jul 2021 06:07:36
How am I supposed to cheer on Marcus Rashford? A young man who has worked tirelessly to end child poverty.

01 Jul 2021 06:14:25
Marcus Rashford should get a standing ovation in every ground he visits this season, what he has done in challenging this governments callous, anti-poor policies cannot be understated and deserves all the praise he has gotten for his actions. This doesn’t mean we have to cheer on England.

01 Jul 2021 07:23:23
Politics as no place in sport, but you are entitled to your opinion.
As I have said before, I am a proud liverpudlian and English man and when my national team are playing I Support my nation of birth and hope they win it.
You just see it differently than me, you shouldn't be letting other peoples view on your club side, or a UK government treatment of the city your club side plays in disconnect you from supporting your nation at a sporting event.
I am moving on now. I won't wish all scousers good luck for next season because a lot of them don't support Liverpool. When I am talking football I am a Liverpudlian not a scouser.

01 Jul 2021 07:32:55
But you're not even Scouse. Need i remind you of songs sang by Liverpool fans to other clubs, some not very pleasant. You make it sound as if Liverpool fans are "holier than thou" which we are know they aren't, who is?
It wasn't that long ago that some posters put themselves above otherLiverpool fans because they didn't come from Liverpool, as if the rest were are second rate fans.
You are also suggesting that there was some sort of "agenda" by previous England managers against Liverpool players, any real proof? Any real proof about Trent rather than just throwing out random accusations?
Has a Liverpool player ever injured a player? I agree, it all sounds a bit bitter unfortunately.

01 Jul 2021 07:46:43
I’m a Liverpool supporter and I’m also English .
I proudly support my home country and whoever wears the England shirt regardless of which Prem team they play for.
Come on England!

01 Jul 2021 09:50:03
You are indeed bitter.

01 Jul 2021 10:10:53
Last time I checked this was called 'Liverpool-Rumours'. who cares who supports England, at the end of the day it's football. I've enjoyed working from home and being able to watch some excellent matches!

01 Jul 2021 10:55:19
I just think it’s a bit mad that most of the talk of England is from people who protest how much they don’t like England as if it makes them some sort of super Liverpool fan.

Bit odd.

01 Jul 2021 11:15:36
I'm all for some feel good factor in the country. It's blind (not the Dutch player) patriotism that I have a problem with.
Should 'we' win it I wouldn't want Boris and his cronies capitalising on it on a wave of patriotism.
England fans should also remember how we were treated because of our 'English disease by the powers that be.

01 Jul 2021 11:34:07
Completely agree with your point in Trent adam btw ludicrous management leaving on the guy who’s had one of the longest few seasons at the youngest age and making him feel like he has to prove himself in that scenario is undoubtedly what caused his injury. He should’ve been subbed when the wholesale changes were made and replaced for one of the hundreds of right backs in the squad to protect against exactly what happened.

01 Jul 2021 12:31:09
You don't need to cheer them players on, your cheering your country on.

01 Jul 2021 12:50:23
MK, Clemence won 61 caps. Trent will no doubt go on to win many more than that. Carragher was unfortunate to be about at the same time as better centre backs, he says that himself. I used to watch England when it was made up of about 6 Liverpool players. Politics and the alienation of Merseyside is another matter, but your football argument we disagree.

01 Jul 2021 12:39:20
Spot on rover. Weird levels of hypocrisy going on. When I last went up to Anfield our toffee taxi driver said he had two boys, “one red, one blue”. Choices had been made. You choose your club, you can’t choose your country. I dare say you wouldn’t offer support to England if Ireland were in it?

I’ll say again (because my posts keep getting put up long after the conversation has moved on), this is outdated xenophobia which is just embarrassing and that attitude means no matter how many “Scouse not English” banners you wave around, someone from Milton Keynes will never be one of them.

01 Jul 2021 12:36:30
I'm a liverpool supporter and I'm Scottish my best mate was a scouser in the army I have no issues with English it's the media that ruin it after a win they seem to Install England as favourites should be more like Scotland just be happy to qualify and enjoy the ride . I think Italy will win the whole thing though.

01 Jul 2021 12:41:20
I never mentioned Marcus Rashford, Thunderbird. I have no issue with wanting him to succeed. He's a decent bloke from a humble background.

Someone mentioned i'm not from Liverpool. Well this is actually a real eye opener for me. Because i don't have the distinctive accent people think they can slag off scousers in my presence so i actually hear what the southern people really think of the City and people of Liverpool. Let me tell you, it's not pretty. "Bin dippers" is the toned down insult. I've heard Liverpool fans accused of everything from having a "victim complex" to being "murderers".

Anyway, i actually posted this yesterday at 11am whilst the discussion was ongoing. It's just been delayed posting until 2am for some reason. I'm more than happy to move on so won't add anymore to the topic.

Still stand by my point though. I'll never support England with any real passion. I hope Hendo puts a screamer in the top corner in the final, but because he deserves it.

01 Jul 2021 16:59:12
Mk I hear ye, im irish, I have no interest in our national team, I don't like the international breaks as it halts the league games etc, what I hope for when international football is on is our players come back in one piece. and like yourself I do get insulted when I hear or read others insult the city, people of Liverpool the way you say.



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