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01 Jul 2021 13:20:19
So just heard man untd have agreed £73 million for sancho why aren't we in the running for a player of that type of quality don't tell me we haven't got the money available we've won the champions league Premier league and the world club championship in the last couple of years how much money has all that success generated and apart from jota and alcantara last season we've not really spent a lot of money im sure £73 million could be found if needed its either a lack of ambition from the owners or they are saving themselves for mbappe next season i hope its the latter.

{Ed0666's Note - do me a favor go and look up the word deluded please. Why would we sign sancho give him circa 300k a week, plus all the hideous costs surrounding his transfer when we have a player in his position whose about 25 times better than him.

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01 Jul 2021 13:27:46
And deluded post of the year goes to.

As someone said the other day, i just don’t get why we can’t sign all the players?

01 Jul 2021 13:28:45
As the Ed points out, we have Salah who plays in that position… we need a goal scoring Gini replacement.

01 Jul 2021 13:39:10
I think your more deluded that me Firstly he can play on the left as well as right wing he's only 21 mane and salah are both 29 when he reaches his prime in 4-5 years time mane and salah will be long gone so who's going to replace them certainly no one at the club are capable of doing so at the moment so where does that leave us you've got to look at the bigger picture klopp would transform him into a world class player like he does with most of the players he signs.

{Ed001's Note - this has to be a wind up. You know his agent is asking for a £50m fee right?}

01 Jul 2021 13:51:22
RL isn't Fifa or CM.

01 Jul 2021 14:05:51
There are loads of quality young players available, should we go for all of them?

01 Jul 2021 14:11:46
RL is Fifa and CM to our competitors.

01 Jul 2021 14:13:12
Welcome to the site Stapo-755 seems you're a new red hence you've no idea how our Club work's.

01 Jul 2021 14:18:13
50m agent fee absolute vermin they need to rid of it regulated!

01 Jul 2021 14:23:22
How do you know that we are not in the running for a player with the type of quality that Sancho has, Stapo?
We could be in the running for a player of that quality without needing to spend £73m.

01 Jul 2021 15:31:44
I prefer the way we mainly do business in making players great rather than spending over then top on good players. Sancho is good no doubt but the money involved is a joke.

There are so many top talents in the european leagues that can be achieved for much less to name a few (I know these are not all wide midfielders btw)

Alexis Saelemaekers - AC Milan - playing well for them.
Eduardo Camavinga - well known and could be class but maybe £££
Thiago Almada - Cheaper Velez - great ball player number 10 WP
Mathias Arezo - Number 9 scores for fun already in the U23s
Diego Lainez - Betis winger

Some would no doubt struggle with a WP but just an example of players out there waiting to be picked up without the same cost bar maybe camavinga would could command a decent fee.

01 Jul 2021 15:37:28
I think that's a wind up guys. Way too aggressive and the complaint is nonsense.

01 Jul 2021 15:46:26
Ed1 are agents really taking that amount of money out the game mate? That's ridiculous.

{Ed002's Note - In extreme cases.}

01 Jul 2021 15:50:13
Would he accept being 3rd choice behind Salah and Elliott?

01 Jul 2021 15:53:59
I really don't see the hype in sancho to be honest, I'd much rather we get the centre midfield signing right!

01 Jul 2021 15:55:59
I for one am glad we didn’t sign him, a lot of money to spend on a first choice position that doesn’t need strengthening, plus the extortionate agent fees, and who knows if he will perform as well in the premier league as the bundesliga is not as strong a league. I trust them at the players that will get signed will be the right for ones for us, we shouldn’t doubt looking back at klopps reign so far for the players we have brought in, all mostly been a success. Added to that, maybe that would have blocked the pathway for our own youth like Harvey, Curtis, etc.

01 Jul 2021 16:37:25
“Making players great rather than spending big” This has resulted in one title in 31 years. It doesn’t work. You’d swear it was still 2019 and we had the best team on the planet. Could very well be only 3 seasons left with Klopp should be spending big to win as much as we can. A first 11 strikers and centre mid need to be brought in. Plenty available.

01 Jul 2021 16:14:08
What do these agents offer to justify this kind of fees, though? Not a dig, just genuinely curious.

01 Jul 2021 17:01:11
And its the 1st of july David, have patience them two positions will be filled.

01 Jul 2021 17:17:27
You'd swear it was still 2019 and we had money.
Some guys are more interested in high price transfers than the game itself.

01 Jul 2021 17:39:03
I must have missed us spending in 2019 Flash! Wonder what the excuse will be in 2022, I agree we need a starting striker. Kane and Haaland seemingly available we’ll probably get Malen at best.

01 Jul 2021 18:09:38
Don’t understand the logic of some of you lads. So because Klopp’s time is finite (as it is for all of us) we should spend as much money as we please, on players who may not be the right players, just to appease some cry babies on the internet? To ‘make a statement’, to ‘lay down a marker’ or some other Soccer Saturday sourced platitude?

Give me a break. The team needs some work but ignore the hyperbolic rhetoric, the reactionary nonsense and the bitter opposition fans, the team we have is STILL the same team that won the Champions League and the Premier League in the seasons prior to this one. Just because you felt a bit embarrassed that Liverpool weren’t as good this year, that you feel emasculated and jealous of the signings that other peoples teams are making, does not mean we should just bin the whole team and sign several big names and pay them unsustainable amounts of money. It’s idiotic and child like on every conceivable level.

9 of the 11 starting places in this Liverpool team are 100% not needing improvement. The only two that are up for debate are Firmino and Mane, previously the other centre back spot also (the cry babies won’t ever mention that we got the best player for the job in that position because he wasn’t a household name) .

A centre forward will be coming in to replace Origi and compete with Firmino; it might not be the one you want, but i’d rather take a risk on a Malen, Hlozek or Vlahovic than irreparably destroy the squad harmony and club finances all in one fell swoop. I trust Michael Edwards to make the right signing and you should too, as it has brought us success, but it seems you are more interested in shiny new players as opposed to winning trophies (that strategy worked out really well for Man United didn’t it) .

We also know that a central midfielder will almost certainly be coming in to replace Wijnaldum, and i’m still confident that in the end it will be Bissouma, and if not Bissouma maybe Neuhaus if he is available. He is a fantastic player and perfect for what we need. I don’t really know what else you can ask for in that department if we get it over the line but, as you clearly only want to sign players based on A) how good they are on FIFA and B) how much you can gloat about them towards opposition fans on the internet, it probably won’t interest you.

Finally, we have Elliott coming back from loan to almost certainly replace Shaqiri. One of the best and most promising players of his age group in the world, but he didn’t cost £70 million and he was playing in the Championship on loan last year, so we may as well all just simmer down and be really negative about it. He isn’t on 400k a week and Man United aren’t interested in him, so we can’t gloat. How pointless.

If you think this Liverpool team has somehow got exponentially worse since 2019 despite the numerous mitigating circumstances last season, if you think it is beyond disrepair unless we spend Liberia’s deficit on big names, if you still haven’t learned that football is not played on paper and you think that City signing Kane and Grealish has effectively written off the chance of us winning a trophy ever again until the end of time, i don’t know what to tell you. Sometimes opinions are just so uninformed that you literally don’t know how to argue against it. Carry on moaning and crying and hating the club if you really want to, but i think most people are very happy with our position going into the current season and the mood is overwhelmingly positive.

Tell us how wrong we all are if you really want, just don’t come back with a different attitude when we’re challenging for all the top prizes next season once again.

01 Jul 2021 20:01:57
We still have the same team that won the league and champions league you say AW… that’s the problem, the game moves on and we dwell on prior successes.

01 Jul 2021 19:57:11
It’s almost the same team on paper. That’s it. Some players have declined. Firmino shouldn’t be starting he’s not good enough to be first choice upfront to win the title or CL anymore. Need a new 9. Mane ended the season well be he was very poor for most of it but we have Jota to rotate with him at least. Henderson is injury prone. Milner is past it. Gini is gone. We need a CM to be first 11 with Thiago and Fabinho and be careful with Henderson’s minutes. You’d swear having squad depth is a bad thing. Matip and Keita are both never fit. Ox, Minamino, Neco, Shaqiri, Origi not good enough as squad players, obviously we aren’t going to change that much but there seems to be this idea we because won one CL and our first PL we completed football. It’ll be 2030 and some will still want the same 11 because they won the title in 2020. if West Ham signed Malen and Neuhaus no one would bat an eye.

01 Jul 2021 20:56:12
Some real deluded people around let's just spend loads of money cos it means the player is really cool cos he costs loads and loads. For starters i don't know how many times Ed2 has to tell you all money is tight and we have to sell to buy, if that's not enough then hows about putting some faith in the manager who delivered the title for the first time in 30 years and perhaps the players that did that too? Not to mention the injury crisis we suffered last year is the main factor in dropping points, who is to say if we have all our players available we wouldn't have won the title last season too?

{Ed0666's Note - great post mate. Unfortunately the hamper has already been won for the days otherwise it would have been you. Tough titties

01 Jul 2021 22:48:23
Devastated Ed666 if i repost it at 00.01 can i get tomorrows?

{Ed0666's Note - for sure and I’ll get eds 001 to deliver it personally by on his rickety Tuk Tuk

02 Jul 2021 16:19:20
I cannot wait i've sat in all day so far ;-)



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