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03 Jul 2021 22:04:14
Really happy for Hendo, Denmark is going to be a stern test for ENG *fingers crossed* for Wednesday.

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03 Jul 2021 22:11:53
As indifferent as I am to England, I can’t help but being delighted for Henderson. Great header.

03 Jul 2021 22:30:45
I can’t support Kane, Sterling, maguire. Hope Hendo comes home fit.

{Ed014's Note - credit to Kane he was immense and that volley for what would have been his hat trick was quality

03 Jul 2021 22:43:06
Why not mark? Are you not English?

03 Jul 2021 22:50:59
At all other sports I support England or GB. I football I have one team only LIVERPOOL. How supporters of Liverpool can now support Sterling, Kane, maguire, Stones I will never ever understand.

03 Jul 2021 22:56:12
Regardless of club, support England.

03 Jul 2021 23:12:14
Marty it’s the ScOuSE nOt eNgLiSh crap….

03 Jul 2021 23:23:32
I support them because I'm English and I put my country before crazy personally hatered. What has sterling personally done to you? Yeah, he changed clubs lots of players do. What would you do if another company offered you a huge pay rise?

03 Jul 2021 23:27:21
So markp08, would you only support England if it was a team of liverpool players? That's where England have fallen short over the last 50 years. Players staying in their club bubble. At least we have an England team that doesn't and not does it show.

04 Jul 2021 00:02:19
Markp08 i am totally with you mate, I am a Liverpool fan not an England fan.

04 Jul 2021 00:25:56
God. Mark and Mighty reds, just asking, how old are you both? Just curious. I can't believe you have such a narrow minded and odd viewpoint of the subject. I'm not even the biggest international fan but I can't believe that an adult would have such a small minded view. Its football. a game. that's all, a game. Put your club hatred aside and realise its England not Manchester United Vs Liverpool etc.

04 Jul 2021 00:44:40
I’m not English but I’m a massive England fan.

04 Jul 2021 02:10:32
I support england but I still can’t stand Harry Kane or Harry Maguire.

04 Jul 2021 03:15:56
Club and Country 2 different entities.

04 Jul 2021 09:06:58
So if Scotland were playing England and the Scottish side had 6 LFC players in and the English team had 6 Man U players in and no Liverpool players. You are seriously telling me you would support England?

04 Jul 2021 09:31:07
How bitter not supporting your national team. I love this England team, for the first time in my lifetime we have a balanced squad and everyone is playing for the team. Of course when club footy returns I won’t nothing more than Liverpool success the rivalry is against the clubs not the individuals.

C’mon on Engerland!

{Ed001's Note - how is it bitter to not care about England? It is this kind of post that makes people turn against England. Why can people not just have a different opinion without being attacked for it?}

04 Jul 2021 09:34:06
why would you want to support Scotland with 6 Liverpool players in it, if they won the world cup it doesn't go in Liverpool's trophy cabinet.

04 Jul 2021 09:51:20
If England win it doesn’t go in the Liverpool trophy cabinet either. So I am supposed to go to Anfield and Want Robbo to really get stuck into Sterling and then a month later want Sterling to roast Robbo. Never, I couldn’t do it.

04 Jul 2021 10:22:05
Sterling literally sung songs celebrating the fact a Liverpool supporter was put in a coma and mocking Hillsborough, but yeah, we’re supposed to let that slide just for the summer? No thanks. And that’s on top of the manner which he left the club and took a swing at Gomez (albeit in a very girly manner) .

04 Jul 2021 10:09:12
I agree with Mark, Mighty Red and Ed001's points here.

I'll admit though that I clapped Hendo's goal and was very pleased for him. I wish he didn't care about England, but as it clearly means so much to him, i want him to do well.

{Ed001's Note - I am pleased for Hendo, I just don't care about England}

04 Jul 2021 10:31:09
Me neither Ed001. People tell me i'm supposed to feel English but my ancestry is Welsh, and i also have family in Canada, China and Australia. I'm just more passionate about Liverpool. People can tell me i'm not a Scouser if they like, but my sons Grandad on his mothers side grew up 2 streets from Anfield, and his Uncle worked as a Liverpool scout for decades.

So if i'm the dad of a Scouser, i'm embracing the City as if it were my own!

04 Jul 2021 10:32:48
I'm Irish and I've no problem England doing well at all to be honest I'd like to see them winning I think Southgate has done a great job better than most other manager's that managed the England side.

04 Jul 2021 12:58:26
Liverpoolmanc (strangename) Sterling did more than leave us he has left and shown a total lack of respect for the club that put him on the map in a host of different ways if you don’t know this I can’t help you!

{Ed025's Note - and how exacly did this disrespect manifest itself arnold?, i cant wait to hear mate..

04 Jul 2021 12:58:33
It's not bitter at all but the logic behind marks argument is somewhat confused. Of course I'd be supporting England Vs Scotland. not even a debate. Its two separate things. Club team and national team. I'm not massively patriotic but this I'm scouse not English stance is ridiculous. Just an Ego thing. No one is attacking anyone either, just a difference in opinion which is fine and what lifes all about. I don't agree with the logic at all but I'm certainly not attacking Mark or anyone else. I respect marks opinion but don't agree.

04 Jul 2021 13:34:53
Did he not join in with Bernardo Silva in singing a song demeaning the club? Did he not assault Joey Goey because he lost a football match?

{Ed025's Note - if he did they are hardly hanging offences now are they?, and you call us lot bitters ffs..

04 Jul 2021 14:04:25
You are bitter mate and maybe I am too but that’s ok and no hanging offence either! Just to clarify as well Sterling is no Suarez! racism is totally unacceptable anywhere.

04 Jul 2021 14:19:12
But Sterling has no decency or decorum either maybe he just made mistakes like we all do. But I believe his attitude stinks mate and he cries and moans if he doesn’t get his way a full grown child! I really hope he never wins a champions league medal and enjoyed seeing him lose a n the final.

04 Jul 2021 15:44:39
I have to totally disagree with you on this ed025. Singing a song about an innocent supporter being put in a coma (who will never recover) . That could have been anyone of us, he was just standing there. Oh but its ok because it was Sterling singing it. I feel you have got this 100% wrong. And its a million times worse than calling you bitter, posters do that to each other on here every day.

{Ed025's Note - although i dont claim to be an expert i would doubt that song was sung about sean cox mark as a deliberate insult, you can carried away in the euphoria of winning and sing along to things that other people see differently, having an agenda like you have mate makes people think things that actually are innocent have a more sinister motive..

04 Jul 2021 18:22:55
Battered in the streets, no hidden messages there. It was exactly what is says on the tin. If a spade is a spade it’s a fecking spade mate.

{Ed025's Note - i just doubt that a footballer and an ex red would sing about something so tragic like that deliberately mark, people sing sectarian songs at games without actually knowing the history behind them thats all im saying mate...or is it just me being naive?..

04 Jul 2021 19:58:25
It's coming home Mark 🤣🤣🤣.

04 Jul 2021 20:23:16
Yep when we win number 20 and number 7.

04 Jul 2021 20:34:58
Cheer up Mark. More to life than hate mate and its only a game. Have a good evening pal.



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