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05 Jul 2021 17:32:50
So it looks like the stadium’s will be back to full capacity when the season starts again. That’s great news at last!

{Ed025's Note - it certainly is mate..

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05 Jul 2021 18:53:31
Just a genuine question, did it put people off becoming members this season, the in security?

05 Jul 2021 19:40:15
I’m not so certain this is the best idea in the world given that it appears that the delta variant of C.V. is proving to be somewhat resistant to vaxs. Can’t help thinking the b*states in charge are carrying out some kind of social cleansing experiment using us as a Petri dish.

{Ed025's Note - i must admit i do have certain reservations VVVV, i think the mask wearing should stay until things settle down mate..

05 Jul 2021 19:52:25
It also bothers me that we’re back at “relying on British common sense”. We’ve been here before and it wasn’t evident then and it won’t be evident now, get ready for the next wave and the next variant, this country is run by a cabal of corrupt, ideological right wing cretins.

{Ed025's Note - no arguments on that one from me mate..

05 Jul 2021 20:00:02
Correct me if i’m wrong but every single news report and scientist quoted on the matter has said that vaxs are just as effective against the Delta variant as they are against any other, as they were always likely to be?

This incessant whining and fear mongering from the media about the Delta variant seems more to be about selling clicks than anything else imo.

{Ed025's Note - scientists are split on it as far as i know AW and the medical profession are warning of a surge, i dont pretend to be an expert on the matter but its still a concern for the elderly and infirm mate..

05 Jul 2021 20:15:39
Am no expert by any means. It seems to me we are only at the start of the variants, there is already a delta plus variant coming. Masks should stay of course but this whole sh1t storm isn’t going away anytime soon. I am beginning to think the best option is to get double vaccinated and then catch a mild dose then you should be protected for a couple of years. The vax is already losing effectiveness after a few months.

05 Jul 2021 20:30:11
If it wasnt effective there would be far more deaths. That much is obvious. Remember back 4/ 5 months, the same amount of c.v.s would have resulted in 100's of deaths per day, today we had 9.

05 Jul 2021 21:06:29
Hospitalisations and deaths fell dramatically last Summer too IR, and that’s a worry.
Apparently the over-50s are getting a booster vax in September.
I think politics have overtaken public health here but you can understand why.
We can’t remain in permanent lockdown but it appears that CV will remain with us, probably for another generation or two if not longer.

05 Jul 2021 21:38:22
I don’t trust any of it. The media, the government, the vax… I’m the furthest away from a conspiracist you can get but it all seems a bit dodgy the way they’ve “handled” this C.V.. Manipulating numbers and data isn’t anything we’re new to, it seems to me that could be very possible in ways to suit them financially in the long haul.

05 Jul 2021 21:40:21
Yes, but we weren't having the daily c.v.s we are having at the moment last Summer. Look at Russia as an example, 22,000 daily c.v.s and 600 plus deaths per day. The vax campaign is clearly having a positive effect.

05 Jul 2021 22:14:31
I think people need to get into the same mindset they have with the flu it’s just going to be around, it’s showed that not many people before this C.V. washed there’s hands much… lol.

05 Jul 2021 22:54:14
I'm no expert when it comes to the Greek Alphabet, but i'm pretty sure Delta is only the 4th letter? And there are like 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. So we've got a fair few more variants for them to make up yet, before we're through this.

06 Jul 2021 00:03:56
People should remember that while deaths from C.V. are bad the real threat from this C.V. is hospitalisations.

Most hospitals were past capacity when Johnson closed us and it was preventing treatment of other conditions because beds and Vents were being used for pneumonia suffering C.V. patients.

People get hung up on the death rate (which again is terrible) but the hospitalisation rate is what cause so many problems. It caused many many cancer patients to miss treatment because cancer wards were filled with C.V. patients on Vents.

Brasil still has this problem now and hospitals there now have been at the point where doctors are having to choose which patients receive treatment and which ones were unfortunately left to fend for themselves (increasing the death rate but these deaths weren't attached to C.V. because they were caused by something else even though the reason they died was essentially C.V.)

Trust me, you don't want our country to be where Brasil is at, it's a genuine nightmare of suffering over there.

Keep that in mind the next time you complain about standing two feet away or wearing a piece of cloth on your face for a few minutes.

06 Jul 2021 00:25:53
There will always be new variants, vaxs are working, got to get back to normal now or we never will, thrilled to see Anfield back to its best next season will be a huge lift for the team!

05 Jul 2021 20:43:06
We will be in lockdown in September it's all part of the mental manipulation and gaslighting. Don't fall for it because you'll all be gutted come September.

The fact that people still buy this complete brain washing boggles the mind. Wake up! Especially you ed I thought scousers were street wise.

{Ed025's Note - all these conspiracy theorists do my bleedin head in PP, its not just about coronavirus anymore mate its about all the other issues like cancer, heart problems etc where patients cant get treatment because the beds are full,this is not going away anytime soon and unless people are sensible another wave is just around the corner.
Wake up and smell the coffee people..

06 Jul 2021 06:38:27
I wouldn't get hung up too much on the Greek alphabet. It was used instead to try and stop the alienation of countries that first had these new variants.
I think a C.V. can mutate 100s of times, not 100% mind.

06 Jul 2021 09:45:08
A C.V. can mutate an infinite amount of times given enough time to survive. It has already mutated a lot more than 4 times, it is just that there are have only been a few main variants of concern.

Rover knows it and the scientists have been saying it all along. The vax isn’t a one stop cure all, but a preventative measure. You can still get it (albeit with a much lower chance), but more importantly, those that do get it experience much less worse symptoms. Cases are up, of course with all the mingling and type of variant around, but hospitalisations are way down and deaths are a fraction at the levels of cases we have been experiencing.

This whole conspiracy thing is more tiring than CV itself. No more lockdown likely, it’s different this time. Look at the data, not Facebook conspiracies….

06 Jul 2021 10:43:53
vaxs with micro chips…

people need to get a grip. I’m with you 25 mate, if folk aren’t sensible we’ll be in trouble again. All these muppets protesting in London 🙄.



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