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07 Jul 2021 22:17:23
Well done Sterling, apparently ok for England players to cheat!

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07 Jul 2021 22:20:55
Haven't you noticed this for the past few years?

07 Jul 2021 22:26:04
So? England have had it done to them enough times, every team does it.

07 Jul 2021 22:28:58
Oh come on man. getting boring now that posters on here are just finding anything and everything to moan about England, there goal was a soft free kick same as the pen was soft you take the luck when you get it.

07 Jul 2021 22:39:38
Sour grapes. Not just England but practically any player that pulls on a Jersey these days. You should try to be less bitter.

07 Jul 2021 22:44:08
It's just like Salah, Mane were consistently accused by Rivals when we won the league lol #Bitter 😂😂.

07 Jul 2021 22:44:32
Boring posters. Shamed to think these people support liverpool. One more step. Maybe, just maybe. Well done to EVERY England player, be it, utd, city, spurs etc. You have done this country proud. In Southgate we trust.

07 Jul 2021 22:45:24
This is true and is the modern way of they didn’t do it they would have been left behind Kane Grealish and Sterling are so good at it though. It is quite unbelievable that VAR is still being fooled. Feel for Denmark on this one I’ll be wearing all Armani on Sunday sorry.

07 Jul 2021 22:53:48
Any team with either Kane or Grealish are guaranteed a huge amount of free kicks.

07 Jul 2021 22:57:31
How’s he being bitter? Sterling dived and got a penalty that never was. If that was any other nationality the English pundits would be all over them. Its like that forever.
And as for var, yet another bullsh! t decision.

07 Jul 2021 22:57:59
It was a soft pen that you'd be fuming if it went the other way.

But England are through to a major final, you take the luck when you get it!

07 Jul 2021 23:12:28
I said at the time “why are you even bothering to dive when VAR are going to check it anyway? ” Then realised VAR is not all its cracked up to be. Lol
Can anyone explain that one to me then? It was a blatant dive, he got some contact on his hip but I think that was after he had dived.

07 Jul 2021 23:14:17
Ask yourself of Denmark had got that penalty the other end would you think the same.

07 Jul 2021 23:15:07
Well I’m pleased that England won but if Man City pay the reported £100m plus fee for each of those two, they want their heads examined.
Never in the memory of man are they worth that.

07 Jul 2021 23:21:53
Mikey once refree gives there's no way Var can turn unless there's no contact at all. Hence Var works with "Clear and Obvious"

07 Jul 2021 23:35:03
I’m quite indifferent to it all but happy for Henderson.

07 Jul 2021 23:55:23
I don't understand the England. I mean come one. First final in 55 years and people are moaning. Would you say the same thing if it was hendo or perhaps if salah won a last min pen in the champs league final.

08 Jul 2021 00:21:29
Let’s see how philosophical people are about diving when they play Italy who are masters of getting those kind of decisions.

08 Jul 2021 00:48:59
It was a dive complete with appealing face to the ref and we got away with it but don’t let that detract from the fact that Sterling was the best play on the pitch tonight.
I hate the little weasel but he was immense tonight and had that left back on toast as soon as he moved over to the right.
As I said I hate him but credit where it’s due he was incredible tonight.

{Ed0666's Note - didn’t he get fouled a second before the non penalty? So justice was served

08 Jul 2021 01:09:30
Load of rubish. What England has done tonight wasn't taken the luck or even diving. It's simply and purely called THIEVING. Just like 1966. Once a thief always a thief.

{Ed0666's Note - mate calm down. This is the first full match I’ve seen of the tournament and for me England deserved to win I saw no thievery or epic swindles going on.

08 Jul 2021 01:15:40
don't have a dog in this fight, but it is cringey to read so many people make an effort to come on here to denigrate england and former liverpool players.

08 Jul 2021 01:23:38
Liverpoolmanc seems to think everyone that supports Liverpool is English.

08 Jul 2021 02:43:05
Not at all thunderbird 2. Just hate people hating for no reason. I understand liverpool have fans all over the world. Why can't people praise when it's over due. England have played well, acknowledge that.

08 Jul 2021 02:45:58
Lol Kameron, once Denmark had scored they did absolutely nothing after, once it was 1-1, England practically controlled the game bar a few short spells. England completely deserved the win and should have had a penalty before the one that was given. It was a soft pen but you create your own luck and England were the only ones trying to win at that point, Denmark were happy to sit and defend for penalties. That isn’t and never will be a robbery mate. Give your head a wobble

On another note, Sterling and saka were amazing in attack but I’m extremely worried for the Italy game. I think our midfield will be easily controlled by theirs and Kane seriously needs to have a much better game than that, he would literally jog into the box once we were out wide swinging balls into the box. He doesn’t do the clever movements/ runs you’d expect from a world class striker, he’s a totally different striker, he did well at holding the ball up and drawing fouls, very traditional and would only do well in teams centred around him. I think he will be dealt with handily if he plays the same way against bonucci and chiellini.

08 Jul 2021 03:52:12
I agree Liverpoolmanc, England were the better team overall and deserved to win but it’s also ok to acknowledge that it was a soft penalty. I’m English and I have no problem admitting that.

08 Jul 2021 07:55:23
It was a soft penalty but name one player of any other country who, feeling definite contact, wouldn’t have done it?
If you cannot, are you saying that England should be the only team in the world not to employ the dark arts just so we can hold the moral high ground?
If you can, name them. Not a player from the past, a current player. The Italians, the Spanish and the South American’s have been diving around for years. Simeone? Too young to remember that? How about Westergaard yesterday laying down for two minutes because Sterling brushed his face with his hand? The 2 metre giant slain by Sterling’s version of Thor’s hammer.
I think some of you need to read Machiavelli’s The Idiot to get a bit of perspective instead of eating those sour grapes.

08 Jul 2021 08:03:14
Kman92 think our midfielders shouldn't worry abt having more ball then Italy in Midfield. They're an agressive high-pressing team, we just need to counter them with pace once their defense presses high-up the pitch.

08 Jul 2021 08:27:17
Seems some on here have issues having two thoughts on a topic at the sale time. Yeah, England played better and deserved the win based on chances created alone. That said, it is also true that the pen should NEVER have been given cos Sterling like his other diving buddy Kane, have been diving all thru the comp. and for once it worked.

You want to know what’s funny? Kane had a legitimate pen shout earlier in the second half and the red did not give it. Why? IMO, had Kane not been diving or going down each time a Dane walked past him maybe he would have gotten the call.

I think what p. es people off is that these same English fans spouting off and calling others bitter for calling what they see as cheating out, are prolly the same ones giving out moral lectures to foreign players about how diving or going down easily is something English fans (ironic, I know) hate to see. That is the level of hypocrisy that makes people’s blood boil. If you are against cheating then b consistent with it regardless of player, club or country. Don’t pick and choose who to criticise when it is convenient for you. Just my take.

08 Jul 2021 10:53:27
It's coming home, It's coming home, need some chips on this site to go with all the salt, boooooooom.

08 Jul 2021 10:59:53
can it be a dive if there was actually contact?

08 Jul 2021 11:07:11
Kameron. Is your last name Holmes by any chance? It is isn't it? It's Kameron Holmes it's Kameron Holmes it's Kameron. Footballs Kameron Holmes.

08 Jul 2021 11:15:47
To be fair I don't care if England win or not but that was no penalty and can anyone explain to me why Jack grelish was taken off did he hurt himself diving.



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