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12 Jul 2021 10:19:13
Unlucky to lose it that way but the Conservative approach came back to bite Southgate on his ass. italy were shocking for first 25 mins or so and then England just seemed happy with the one goal and stopped doing the things that made them so dangerous. i think their big game management should be questioned. think they let the occasion get to them. im still not convinced by them as their run to the final could be called kind to say the least but this tournament will stand to them next year so you never know. unlucky but the hurt could be used as extra motivation next year an maybe football will be home.

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12 Jul 2021 10:59:30
They gave Italy motivation with the coming home crap!
England should of beating that Italian side with the talent they have!
They should of ran at that ageing back line but Southgate bottled it!
As for the saka peno all the senior lads hid and let him step up to take it he’s bigger stones then the lot and it’s a shame some w#%#%}%# have to racially abuse the lad he’s only a kid!
End of of it all England got what they deserved F all!
Hopefully those scummy fans who wanted to cause havoc wake up this morning black n blue and full of regret!

12 Jul 2021 11:06:31
Everything Jay Dub Red said.

12 Jul 2021 11:23:03
Only thing I'd 'disagree' with there Jay is on the pens - surely we must have known who was taking them beforehand so yes, they stepped up, but that must have been based on what the coaching team had seen and agreed in training rather than them suddenly volunteering on the night?

Still hate that pause some players do before taking the penalty - smacks of being a bit smartass and takes all the sting out of the shot. Whack the ball as hard as you can, don't try to place it!

12 Jul 2021 11:41:25
England where second best in all respects last night.
They however found a weakness within the first two mins, scored a decent goal exploiting that weakness, then decided rather than go get a second they sat back, let the Italians settle and adapt and tried to ride their luck for 88 mins.

12 Jul 2021 12:02:58
After Shaw scored I thought here we go for a England win because Italy started off slow but unfortunately the 2nd goal never came. I was always thought to go for the 2nd goal that way if they get one you still have that buffer. I don't know that England set up but maybe he needs stronger assistants beside him? Anyway if was foolish to sit back especially against a top international side. Now to those KNUCKLEDRAGERS who have abused the lad's who missed the pens you are pond life and that is being generous. At the same time Saka God help him this morning should have been let nowhere near taking a pen but that's a question for another day. Chin up lad's👍.

12 Jul 2021 12:20:51
We lost because Southgate isn't a very good manager. After dominating the first 20 minutes we sat back and let Italy grow in confidence. Our negative play and careful approach cost us. Not to mention the fact that the media jinxed us the day before saying we were going to win on pens and it's coming home etc. I never want to hear that stupid tune again until it's actually come home. And then getting putting the fate of the game on the shoulders of a 19yo kid who was clearly in no right frame of mind to take a pen. Jeez. What a shambles. You could see it coming a mile off.

12 Jul 2021 12:45:26
I see Southgate in the same mold as Ole, when the big games come and you need to get over the line, the decision making is questionable, Italy were there for the taking, after 70 mins max we should of put pace on and go for them, Chellini was basically a left wing-back because we never pressed them, sat back and let Italy play how they wanted, we were more than a match for them but were held back by being too cautious, Im not sure we will get a better chance unless we hold a Euros or World Cup but we can only pray with each tournament and hope that aside from the empty heads that continually embarrass us as fans that we can do it one day soon.

12 Jul 2021 12:48:40
It felt to me like there was a certain symmetry with the CL final, except that England scored much earlier than Chelsea did and had to sit back for longer as a consequence.
Oh, and we didn’t have N’golo Kante.
I enjoyed the first half of both respective games (last night and CL final) but not thereafter.
Tuchel got away with it, Southgate didn’t.
Not good to watch though.

12 Jul 2021 12:57:04
That song sounds more ridiculous each tournament, Bulk. That line about ‘30 years of hurt’ will be ‘fifty years’ next Euro tourney. It’s embarrassing.

12 Jul 2021 13:14:19
Spot on, Jay Dub. Fortune favors the brave. Italy played with guts, determination and bravery all tournament even tho, they were under a lot of pressure esp. in the Spain game. England got what they deserved for playing Tony Pulis Ball and expecting to win a final by parking the buss for potentially 95 mins after they scored which is, Nothing.

As for those snr. players and Southgate who hung Saka out to dry by allowing him take the penalty, cowardice and spinelessness does not even begin to describe what I think of them. Disgraceful. Now the kid is getting the business due to their disgraceful conduct.

I knew Southgate was a spineless coward the moment he pulled the same stunt on TAA hanging out to dry before the Euros. Now, he has done it again to Saka and it is even worse than what he did to Trent. My hope is Saka can rise above this BUT he will need a LOT of help.

12 Jul 2021 14:00:28
They didn’t “let Saka take it” Soutugate already had a predetermined preference of who he wanted on pens - a bad call in my book - but it wasn’t the senior players hanging him out to dry.

As for the England fans? Well from fighting to racism itts the reason I don’t follow England all that much which is a shame as the players themselves are well worthy of being supported.

Southgate has had two very fortuitous runs in the big international tournaments and has been found wanting, I’m not convinced he is brave enough to let the team flourish. There is so much attacking talent but he seems loathe to give them the freedom to use it.



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