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17 Jul 2021 16:02:48
This may be a bit controversial to some, but I hope we return to the friendly derby and that Benitez can help bridge that gap. There is way too much division and hatred throughout the world and we as Liverpool and Everton fans should rise above it and show that there's nothing wrong with back and forth banter and supporting your club, but anything beyond that is a bit much. Just a thought.

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17 Jul 2021 16:17:56
Would be nice.

17 Jul 2021 16:34:53
No chance it happens unfortunately.

17 Jul 2021 16:46:05
I would love it to happen as well Stone but unfortunately I can't see. I used to be so proud watching the derby and hearing Brian Moore or Motty talking about opposition fan's sitting side by side and how it must be the only football derby in the world where this happens.

17 Jul 2021 16:50:22
It ain't going to happen. Take a look at Everton's GOT site and it's open hatred and bile.
And all because we're more successful than them, and let's face it that's not about to change any time soon.
Unfortunately you've got the older generation of fans literally making stuff up (Alan Smith and ambulance) and passing it to the younger generation as stone cold fact to stoke the hatred.
There's no overcoming that, so I hope they get relegated.

17 Jul 2021 17:35:39
If it was that way once it can be so again.

17 Jul 2021 17:37:23
But surely Flash it's up to the older supporters to tell the younger generation of fan's to leave it out as this is not the way it should be between the two club's. I know I was young but watching the news in Ireland and a report would come on about the city and it was all negative especially when that unspeakable person was PM but at least the two teams and supporters were a shining light for the city of Liverpool.

17 Jul 2021 18:06:26
Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see those days again - too many toxic fans on both sides

Shame though, families and neighbours would've been split red and blue, but still been friendly but just think with some of the fans on both sides it'll never be like it was.

17 Jul 2021 18:33:51
Well, someone has to reach out and bridge that gap. All of us should try. All of the division is getting way out of hand. We should show everyone what sport is truly all about and it ain't about hate and vitriol. There are obnoxious knobs on both sides and it is up to the rest of us to ignore them and take up for one another. Pie in the sky dream? Maybe, but it has to start somewhere.

17 Jul 2021 18:49:53
Social media ups the discrimination the racism the abuse and hatred until social media is gone the friendly banter will never return so in other words it will nvr be back! Some nonce in a far away country stoking the flames it will nvr end sadly.

17 Jul 2021 19:09:54
Its only a game of football at the end of the day. We all love the game but clearly some just get carried away.

17 Jul 2021 21:21:27
Excactly Irish Rover, that's why someone needs to step up and take the lead to end the nonsense. In the end, it is one community and we should be united. Again, support your side but it is just a game. Someone has to take the lead and put an end to this vitriol. Why not Liverpool and Everton to set the example for the rest of the league? We need to come together and support one another. There is too much hatred and divisiveness. I'd love to see Liverpool and Everton fans walking to the stadium together, separating to support their clubs and then coming back together after. This is the way it should be. There are way too many examples of people beatign out of each other over a flipping football match. Support your side like hell, but in the end, we are one. We have to come together. Liverpool and Everton can set the standard for the entire nation. We can do this.

17 Jul 2021 21:35:46
that was supposed to say beating out of each other over a flipping football match. Sorry for the fat fingering.

17 Jul 2021 21:50:24
It's just not going to happen, it's very difficult for Everton to see LFC parading the City with CL and EPL.

It took them how many years to just win a game at Anfield forget winning trophies. Back then it was different coz they were Winning some stuff with us and neither we were high as we are now which breeds jealousy.

It's like our situation against United few yrs back we were more happy in their failures then fulfilling our own ambitions. (today no one cares abt united as much as us wining trophies or maybe abit man city etc)

I'm Just afraid if Rafa stays longer then it's just going to get worse. I love the man/ gaffer but he's out-spokeness attitude will just intensify the derby more then it is atm.

17 Jul 2021 22:09:52
I’m with you stone. Not enough positivity at all in the world. Wouldn’t it be lovely if a little movement got going. Online is likely where it all went wrong. Online might be the way back to friendly banter.

17 Jul 2021 22:11:33
I think the fact that many on the blue half of the city found out a long time ago that they're days were numbered referring to silver ware, and this mean spirited hatred is purely jealousy, I can see it going terribly wrong for Rafa, and possibly relegation for Toffees, I think once Everton get away from they're now famous old world stadium things might change I'll eat my hat if it does😂.

17 Jul 2021 22:30:05
I sat next to an Everton fan the last time i was at Anfield. Him and his missus flew in from Sweden. She was a Red and he was a Blue. Lovely couple and he was a really knowledgeable and nice guy. There will always be those that spoil it, sadly.

17 Jul 2021 23:12:37
The internet has ruined so much. So many people hiding behind a keyboard typing hatred which causes divisiveness. I want to start a movement from all reds to end the divisiveness and reach out to like minded blues like ed0025 to put an end to this crap. Set the example for all of football that the hatred must end now.

{Ed025's Note - im with you stone, i have not been to a derby for a number of years now, to be honest the last time i went i came home disgusted at what i heard from both sets of fans, thats not football, thats not sport and thats not merseyside, we were always the envy of the world for how we behaved but now we are just as bad as the rest and thats a shame, sign me up for anything mate that will bring back the good old days...but im not holding my breath..

18 Jul 2021 09:47:23
It’s never going to happen Stone mate, I walked down Wembley way back in 86 when we played them in the fa cup final, I walked down Wembley way when we played them in 2012 - worlds apart pal.



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