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19 Jul 2021 21:19:46
Reports naby getting a new contract kill me now 😭.

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19 Jul 2021 21:53:12
No Jay hasn't to be a wind up🤞.

19 Jul 2021 22:02:06
I hope it’s a wind up Barry a day where it’s said hendo might not get one but that waster naby will!

19 Jul 2021 22:49:35
Every season is the same.

He plays well in pre-season. He let's Klopp down in the first 5 games. He gets dropped. He gets injured in training. He comes back around January and plays really well in a couple of games. He gets injured in the 3rd game. He comes back around April and plays really well in a couple of games. He gets injured in training again. He comes back for the start of pre-season so every journalist and their dog can write the headline "make or break season ahead for Keita".

Aaaaand repeat cycle!

19 Jul 2021 22:57:48
He's in his 20s and has 2 years left on his deal. We need to protect his transfer value whether we want to sell him him or not. Has nothing to do with Hendo (who deserves a new deal) .

19 Jul 2021 23:09:21
Champions to banter club in one season.

19 Jul 2021 23:59:12
MK, the only thing I take issue with is “he plays really well”, I can’t ever recall this. We should get rid this summer.

20 Jul 2021 00:47:15
Vvvv sort your head out we have a great squad.

20 Jul 2021 01:34:38
I’ll admit, every time I see him come on, im hopeful he’ll somehow put in a shift, play to his best ability and turn the nightmare around. Maybe cos I see his price tag hover above his head every time he gets on the ball. I wonder, has any player at the precipice of utter horror come back and won everyone back over?

20 Jul 2021 04:47:58
Luke Shaw was playing absolute crap at one stage - now all the commentators think the sun revolves around him and that Jose was really mean to call him out for his lack of fitness, lazy attitude and generally coasting along without trying to reach his potential.

{Ed001's Note - still can't defend though can he? Still doesn't get back that well and is not even half the player Robbo is. No idea why Shaw is suddenly getting plaudits, he is a weak link, his positional sense is that of a 5 year old child first learning the game. Any team playing against United that doesn't attack the space he leaves is making a huge mistake - it is a yawning chasm to use.}

20 Jul 2021 05:38:55
A banter club because of something that hasn’t even happened yet and may never happen.

20 Jul 2021 06:45:30
Mighty reds, last season might suggest differently. There’s a massive drop off in quality when Fabinho and Henderson aren’t available in midfield. Beyond Jota, the cover for the forward positions isn’t that great, fullback cover is a problem, and there’s always the possibility that Adrian might get games if Alisson is injured, specially since the rumour is that Kelleher might be going on loan. We’ve got a great starting 11, but a great squad? That’s red tinted specs there.

20 Jul 2021 09:29:49
VVVV, last season was a huge anomaly so not anything that could go wrong, went wrong and there was literally nothing we could have done to prevent such things as no one knew how the season would play out so not sure why you keep referring to it as some kind of mark. Don't get me wrong, there are always lessons to be learnt and I am sure the club has learned them and are working to prevent as much issues as possible BUT enuff of using last season as some kind of yardstick cos well, it isn't.

Last I checked, Ali had an accidental collision that messed up his shoulder then, he got CV and then the tragedy with his dad passing away. Keleher is no. 2 right now and won't be going out on any stupid loan cos we have all seen Adrian is no longer good enuff so why would Klopp go back to what has clearly failed? As for the forward line, Jota is fit and we are working on getting a forward in and we have 5 CB's on the books with the 6th in Nat Phillips prolly about to earn a move to Brighton. If we get the midfielder and forward we need, we will be set. Chill out, bro. It can't always be doom and glomm cos the club isn't doing wh.

20 Jul 2021 09:31:02
Pressed sent too soon. My last statement to VVVV is that you should relax and see what happens instead of always being doom and gloom about anything that is not going your way in terms of the club's operations.

20 Jul 2021 09:38:10
Spot on, Ed01 regarding Shaw. The guy cannot defend, lacks positional awareness and any team that goes after him with the gaps he leaves behind, will slaughter him and of course, Utd. Example? Our game at OT where we absolutely battered them 4-2 last season.

I have watched the game over and over again over the summer (got bored and besides, it was funny all thru) and the guy had an absolute shocker. The gaps he kept leaving behind for Salah, Trent and Bobbie to run into was staggering. The very first chance of the game was when he stupidly lost the ball to Trent who played Bobbie in but could not connect as Bailly was there to defend.

The guy goes walkabout a lot leaving a poor Lindelof all by himself and he is poor in one v one situations. Shaw was at fault for the 3rd goal where he literally went walkabout, lost the ball to Jota, onto Bobbie, out wide to Trent who shoots and Bobbie scores off the rebound. Trent is a much better defender than a lot of these clowns that pundits rave about like Shaw YET what do we hear? "Oh, Trent can't defend".

20 Jul 2021 09:48:35
OliRed why shouldn't last season be referred? What makes u think VVD will hit the ground running without having any niggles here and there?

We need to be cautious instead of talking big when we have no idea or haven't seen how players will perform.

Once the season starts will have a better idea to know if we are up to the speed or will be another catch up season for us.

Coz CV isn't going anywhere anytime soon neither the situation will be any different to last season except players returning from long-term injuries which is trickier then u think.

20 Jul 2021 10:05:46
tbh kopforever everyone seems to be using the argument oh what if they don't come back just as good or pick up niggly injuries the same can be used for what if they don't? everyone just to quick to be so negative its crazy.

20 Jul 2021 10:09:55
Whilst there are a (very small) number of players I don’t agree with Ed about regarding their quality (Lucas, for instance), this site is simply on its own with regard to player assessments - no one else seems to notice such deficiencies in players like Ed. Shaw is a good player but his weaknesses are simply ignored constantly.

{Ed001's Note - thank you Lowe, I really appreciate that.}

20 Jul 2021 10:11:27
I've peddled this stat out on several occasions.

For the first 1/ 3rd and last 1/ 3rd of the season we were on championship winning form - better than City, Utd, Chelsea, everyone.

The middle 1/ 3rd was relegation form, and I think we're all agreed that it coincided with Klopp taking our best midfielders and putting them in defence.

The only first teamer we have lost from that group is Wijnaldum. We absolutely have to replace him, which I'm sure we'll do, and also we have brought in another top class defender.

I honestly don't understand the doom and gloom.

If we had been average all season, fair enough, but we weren't.

20 Jul 2021 12:05:37
VVVV mate you’ve completely lost your marbles. You’re dealing in pure hypotheticals and believing almost every single dodgy report you see or read, but seemingly only the negative ones. You’re projecting the absolute worst case scenario onto everything without using an ounce of common sense or logic and then come on here to tell us all that we’re all doomed based on things that haven’t even happened yet (and most of them probably never will) .

To put your mind at ease i will remind you:

1) This is largely the same squad that won the league, with a few extra players and reinforcements coming as well. To try and behave as if last season proves anything is simply ridiculous.
2) Players are having their contracts renewed, but some players appear to be a higher priority for renewal than others right now, such as Salah and Henderson. It doesn’t mean they won’t get one, just that negotiations haven’t really begun in earnest as of yet.
3) Liverpool will sign an attacker and a midfielder, but only after we’ve sold some fringe players. Barely any other club has strengthened their squad significantly at this point. Keita has repeatedly been touted as one of those players who could move on for the right price, but i guess those reports don’t count anymore and that he’s definitely signing a new contract.
4) The Kelleher going out on loan stuff was ages ago and it became clear that Adrian staying a bit longer as third choice (where he is in the pecking order right now) would be better as replacing backup goalies is a pain in the backside. Why would Klopp already possess a goalkeeper that he believes to be better than Adrian, only to send him out on loan and leave himself with two goalkeepers rather than the three he requires?
5) Our full back cover has barely had a chance to prove itself and even if Neco or Tsimikas do move on i have full faith in one of the academy boys to step up and make a fist of it. Like goalies its a pain in the backside to find good backup full backs and i’d have the exact same confidence in an academy player than i would in some overpriced squad player like the ones our rivals have previously turned to, such as Zappacosta or Danilo.
6) Donyell Malen has not signed for Dortmund yet, nor does he look any closer to signing for them than he does for us, but i guess that won’t stop you believing what obscure no mark journos and random tabloids say anyway.

The transfer window seems to be stressing you out way more than it should mate and i’d honestly recommend taking a step back, just enjoy your life and stop worrying so much about things out of your control. Liverpool supporters are about as far from pessimistic as you can get so you aren’t going to get much traction with these madman ravings on here. Just enjoy the summer and look forward to the Reds kicking off for the first game in a months time, it’ll still be a team of 11 exceptional footballers ready to give their all for us, what will be will be.

20 Jul 2021 13:10:38
Kloppers mate it's not "Negative" to be "realistic", hence I said how can we "talk big" when we haven't seen LFC play a single league game.

We have to be smart and sensible and wait to make any judgements coz if things don't go well then this site is going to turn in chaos.

I've learned quickly all these years to have low expectations so I can enjoy our success more.

Success has come very little and hard for us all this decades hence I'm always realistic then thinking will perform like couple of seasons back before even kicking a ball. That's dangerous.

20 Jul 2021 14:01:19
Spot on, AW and Kloppers. I could not give a better rebuttal than wht both of you have posted.

Kopforever, Who is talking big? Or are we not allowed to to talk about the great things this team can do based on the actual fact that they have already done them? That is not talking big. That is speaking facts, bro. Learn to tell the difference. If you want to have low expectations then, that is your business and your choice. Don't tell others to do as you do, mate.

You think we won the freaking lot under Klopp cos we had low expectations? Maybe we did BUT NOT this team and manager. No way, man. That team and that manager literally had to complete TWO PERFECT seasons in order to dethrone City.

Virtually TWO 100 point seasons consecutively based on the sheer will, relentlessness, desire and immense talent of these players and this manager who literally refused to lose a game for nearly two years (bar 1 vs City) . You don't achieve all that by having low expectations for yourself. You achieve that by self belief in yourself and the guy standing next to you. That's it and nothing else.

It is okay to have reservations as that is just the way life is BUT one should not allow that to completely blind you from the optimism other people feel esp if it is not far-fetched by any stretch of the imagination. If you do that then, that is of your doing. Let's all have a good summer and enjoy the sunshine and let the club do its job and regardless of what happens, I'm ready to GO for next season with this lads and manager. Peace and Love, my friend.

20 Jul 2021 14:34:23
Correct ed1. I watched the euros and I saw nothing spectacular about the lad, he's a defender and he's not good at defending, never has been and never will be but suddenly he's a 'hero' for being part of the squad to get to the final, my backside. He's an overpaid tool who is far too over rated.

Always appreciate your opinion mate because you know your stuff. Hope you are well, my friend.

{Ed001's Note - good to see you are around Salah, email me if you get a chance mate, I have lost your email.}

21 Jul 2021 09:56:47
Cheers ed1 mate, I have lost your email as well, what was it again? Will drop you a message.

{Ed001's Note - rumours1st@



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